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Stone Cold Balls

Saturday, August 15th, 2009

Mistress Jean has bound a slave to a post outdoors She has left him with a bowl of water..and an excruciatingly tight band around his balls. This bitch has been sent out for castration. Jean explains to Tatiana that it is better for male bitches to be isolated for the gelding process. Just for meanness, Jean has bound the bitch in such a way that his finger tips are touching his balls. She wants the bitch to feel his balls growing cold as they lose circulation. By now the bitch’s balls are literally black. Tatiana eyes the slut’s balls. “How long does it take for them to fall off?” She asks. Jean answerers, “Usually within five days.” Tatiana handles the slave’s ice cold balls, “These things are rotting right off!” Jean smiles. Men are better off without their worthless balls.



Balls in a Jar

Monday, July 27th, 2009

Mistress Jean and Kendra’s slave has begged them not to cane his balls. He made the mistake of telling the Mistresses that his balls were important to him. Now the slut is bound by tight leather straps. Jean taunts the slut with a jar. “Since your balls are so important to you I will put them in here. You can keep this next to your cot and see them every morning.” Kendra laughs at the foolish slut. He should be greatful that the ladies will be removing these worthless mounds of flesh that prevent him from fully giving himself to his Mistresses. Then she lights a cigarette. Kendra has an amazingly cruel streak. She wants to punish the slut’s balls in an extremely cruel manner before relieving him of them. Kendra and Jean smoke, taking slow long inhales as they smile at the slave. This is going to be fun. Kendra grabs the slut’s balls and drives her cigarette out into them. As the slut is still trembling from the surprise of this, Jean grabs his dick and puts her cigarette right on the head. Then Kendra kicks the slut to the floor. Jean puts the castration device around his balls. Kendra holds the jar, “Put them right in here.” She says smirking at the foolish new gelding. 7.5 minutes of amazingly cruel FemDom.



Joy of castration

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009

Jennifer Lemonde has put her would be gelding through the paces. He so desperately wants to be castrated by Ms. Lemonde that he offered his body for ball whipping, caning, and even brutal jolts from a cattle prod. Finally, he has earned the honor of having his balls removed by Ms. Lemonde. Jennifer has strapped him down. She gives him a shot that immobilizes him. However, the slut will feel and be completely aware of the procedure as it is happening. Ms. Lemonde explains that the tubes that feeds his balls will be crushed. The pain will be minimal but distance. “What you will always remember,” Jennifer tells the slut, “Is the sound of that tube being crushed.” After Ms. Lemonde does the honors, she relaxes with a cigarette.



Castrated and Sissified

Saturday, November 22nd, 2008

Jean Bardot has taken one her slave’s to a special program where he will be turned into the perfect sissy maid. The program begins with a castration. The slave is given a shot that will render him immobile. His genital area is numbed. He cannot move or feel but can see and understand everything that is going on. Jean raises the head of the bed so that he will be forced to watch as Veronica removes his balls. After a full recover and months of charm school training, Veronica delivers a perfect sissy maid to Jean Bardot. The sissy has been taught to curtsey, walk, talk and clean like a perfect lady. Veronica explains that hormone treatments are the next step. This will give sissy nice breasts and softer skin. Then she presents Jean with a jar containing the sissy’s balls. Jean smiles. It will make a nice addition to her trophy shelf. Jean and Veronica examine sissy’s proper posture tight waist. They are pleased with the transformation.



Execution of the Balls

Wednesday, November 19th, 2008

Jade and Vivianne have selected a slave for castration. Vivanne grabs up the slut’s balls. “We’ve certainly had a lot of fun with these.” She sighs. Jade smiles coyly, “Let’s have another go around before we take them.” The ladies put the bitch on his knees and kick him square in the nuts. Then they force the slut to stand with his legs open and hands on his head. Jade nails the bitch. When he falls to the ground, she orders him to crawl to the castration stump. The slaves begs the ladies to spare his balls. Jade shoves a black hood sack over the sluts head and ties a rope around his neck to hold it in place. Vivanne picks up the gelding device. The ladies have enjoyed the slut’s balls but it is now time to remove them.



Save your Balls!

Friday, September 26th, 2008

Mistress Jade has just purchased several new slaves from the auction. The problem is that she now has one more slave than there is room for on her farm. She must retire one of her slaves. Retirement on Jade’s farm means castration and shipment to an underground whore house. Jade and Vivian are simply cruel. They already know which slave is getting shipped off. However, they call two bitches out and put them into a sadistic contest with the hope to save their balls. The game begins with ball busting. Jade and Vivian kick and punch the bitches balls. They are amused to see how the bitches actually compete to take the most ball busting. Neither of the slaves want to lose their nuts and be shipped off. Eventually the brute force ball busting takes it tolls and the sluts begin to melt down. Vivian laughs as she stomps on one of the bitches balls. “Do you want these nuts in formaldehyde?” She laughs as Jade demands that he open his legs for more.



The Rule of Castration

Monday, March 17th, 2008

Nina is having a wonderful time visiting Mistress Jean. She is fascinated with Female domination. Nina just has to ask, “Can male slaves be used for sex?” Jean smiles. She knows just what Nina is getting at. Mistress Jean has been keeping a male stud in chastity for well over a month. He is hung and he is prime. “You have to understand the rule.” Jean explains, “When a slave is used for sex, he is castrated immediately once he cums.” After all, a FemDom stable cannot have an arrogant male with bragging rights. Nina laughs. She can’t believe it but she is enthralled. Jean brings the male stud to Nina. Nina rides the slave, fucking him for her enjoyment. The slave starts to plead, “Please don’t make me cum. She will castrate me!” The male doesn’t realize that Nina already knows his fate. “Are you kidding me?” Nina laughs, “I want to see you get castrated!” Nina keeps riding the slave until he can no longer fight his orgasm. Then Nina straddles the slave and feeds him his own cum. “This is what your last orgasm tastes like,” She laughs. Mistress Jean now takes over. The slave has been taken to the “procedure room” and force fed muscle relaxers. As jean places the castration tool around her new gelding she tells him, “The pain will be very distinct but what you will always remember is the sound of the tubes that feed your balls being crushed.”



Castrate me PLEASE!

Monday, November 12th, 2007

Cheyenne is enjoying her slave’s suffering immensely. The slave is utterly helpless, duct taped to a pole with his now bruised balls exposed and vulnerable. Cheyenne picks up her cattle whip. The slave moans. He knows what is coming next. Cheyenne whips his balls with her vicious single tail. Instant black bruises appear. Cheyenne laughs. She rubs her pussy and holds her fingers under the slave’s nose. “Do you see how wet this is making me?” Perhaps the slave has a chance to save himself from castration. If he can hold out for enough ball whipping to bring Cheyenne to orgasm, she’ll spare him. Cheyenne then lays into her slave’s balls with her cane. She canes his aching balls, laughing all the while. The slave is nearly sobbing. He begins begging to be castrated if it means the beating will stop. Cheyenne can’t believe what she is hearing. How selfish can her slave be? She is having too much fun to stop. She picks up single tail and ball whips the slave more. Cheyenne asks the slave if the smell of pussy will have the same affect on him after he’s been castrated. She laughs at the slave. He is so terrified. Then she places the gelding device around his bruised and broken balls. She explains that it will take a while for the male hormones in the slave’s body to be processed out of his system. He’ll not feel the full effect of the castration for weeks. Every day, he’ll feel a little bit different, she laughs. Then, she goes in for the cut, laughing as the slave screams.



Broken Ball Beating

Monday, November 12th, 2007

Cheyenne has her slave duct taped to a pole. Only his cock and balls are exposed. His cock is taped up and out of the way, leaving his balls completely helpless. Cheyenne shoves a orange into the slave’s mouth. If he can hold the orange without spilling juice from it, she’ll only punch his balls. If he cannot maintain is composure under her brutal punches, she’ll kicking his aching balls as well. The slave, who cannot move a muscle to brace himself for this ball beating breaks down almost immediately. He cannot hold the orange. He cannot even breath. Cheyenne laughs as she grabs his balls up and continues to deliver one cruel punch after another. She does not leave recover time but keeps right on going. Then she lays into the slave’s already aching balls with brute force kicks. Cheyenne examines his now lifeless cock and balls. Twisting his cock and balls up like a pretzel, she laughs. He may not even keep castration. Punching him several times more, Cheyenne gloats destroying his balls.



The Life of a Mistress

Monday, October 8th, 2007

The talk of castration and the purpose of male genitalia continues. The ladies light up cigars and begin taunting their slaves. They poke and grab their slave’s balls, musing over the purpose testicles could possibly have. The ladies enjoy ball busting. Perhaps that is one reason to spare a few of their slaves from neutering. Keeping a male stud around for a sperm bank to populate their farm is another. Jean grabs her slave’s balls, forcing him to wince. “Balls make it easy to control them.” She muses. Dietrich grabs a slave’s cock and laughs that her cigar is much larger. The ladies relax with their wine and cigars, surrounded by their male servants. They know they have the ultimate power over their stable.