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Lexi Luna and Kelly Paige just love having their slaves do ALL of the hard work for them, so they can just enjoy being in each other’s company. The lesbian couple knows that they want men to serve their needs and are of no other use. They order and train the two slaves to fuck them the way they need it, some foreplay for them to fuck each other later while the slaves stand by with beverages and fruit.



Mistress AIE’s slave has been waiting for her in the dungeon to get back from the gym. To his surprise she forces him to worship her sweaty and dirty gym socks! He has no choice but to smell and lick her moist sweaty warm socks in every way she wants him to.




Goddess Shae and her Mistress friend have their boot fag on their manor floor. They laugh at his pathetic existence and decide to have some fun with him. They tell him to worship their boots and have a good laugh. They make him lick their shiny boots and suck on the heels. Then they force him to jerk off onto the boots and lick his filth off of them.



“Are you ready to have your ass caned?” the gorgeous blonde Mistress yells. “Yes Mistress’ says the whimpering slave. the beautiful Goddess canes the slave good and hard, repeatedly until he is screaming. His ass is so marked up and he will be feeling that pain each day as he serves her. She is pleased with her sadism.




Kendra, Esmi and Alexa create this bitch lube up their strap ons with his own spit just before they Ram it in his male cooch. Esmi straps a chindo on his face and he should make her get off when the other two ladies get turns pounding his ever so willing butt. They actually use this bitch out. Position after position, lady after lady, every using a turn ramming his cooch pit making him used and crumpled. They place his horrible slut butt returning in the crate.


Goddess Jean and Tatiana have one of their bitch’s suspending from an butt hook with his hands tied up to his cock. These women are going to defeat the slut till they have had their fill. Jean taunts the bitch above the importance of maintaining his stability. Actually as the slut is getting a raw whipping, he needs to be on his feet. Tatiana, in her sexy Russian accent, scolds the slut. The girl so likes the trembling bitch’s fear. Stroke following cruel stroke, the slut is created to take a severe beating. Jean and Tatiana display their feminine authority over the lowly male slut. They joy in the slut’s acceptance of their torment and his desire to please them at all costs.


Hang em High- Whip them Hard

Mistress Dahlia Rain and Harlow Harrison surprise into the dungeon and see their servant slacking off on his cleanup jobs. The guy instantly falls to his legs, obediently and in worry of the 2 far more powerful, higher ladies. The guy attempts to excuse however the ladies get different ideas. They decide to utilize their own strap-ons and penalize the dog. “We are going to bang your hole, and you are NOT going to enjoy it” tells Dahlia with a smirk. Shortly They are shoving their whole strap on dicks in his mouth, creating the dog gag and embarrassing him. Lastly, they bend him over and penalize his another hole with their huge cocks.


Kendra James, Jean Bardot and Mistress Brianna meet on a bitch they have been loking for for a while. This bitch has been used to the barn and shackled to the beams. The women are going to beat this bitch for a great long time. This is the kind of whipping which hold men bitches in their location. Because the women lay in using their single tail whips, the slut starts to tremble. Jean laughs. This bitch much better understand to please. Kendra is becoming switched on my the slut’s hurting. The lady holds backside, splits her whip and provides strong hits to the slut’s backside and butt. Brianna runs her hands above the slut’s elevated welts. They are warm to her feel. She teeth. This is a true turn on. After that the women step back again and beat this bitch also tougher.


Goddess Megan likes embarrassing her servants. She pulls out a new slave and requires that jerk off on her strap on dick. The lady is going to screw this slave using his personal cum. Megan laughs as the slave spills his men filth into his own hands and lubricants her 12″ penis. After that Megan bends the slave above, restrains his balls and will take a cruise on his servant butt. The slave is so ashamed that he is almost crying. Megan requires just how is own cum feels in his butt as she pumps him complete of her penis.



Mistresses Jamie Valentine and Olivia Fox click their shoe heels onto the ground, looking at their scared servant who is stalking below the spanking table. The ladies realize just exactly what to do to the dog. The servant could notice the sound of their shoe high heels clicking louder and louder onto the ground as they approach the dog. The ladies giggle, viewing just how scared he is and finally drag the dog out of there and put him onto his legs. Jamie displays the dog her wet pussy and has him smell it. He hasn’t been permitted to get a female actually since he was very first grabbed ages before. She rejects the dog of it, laughs and the ladies push him to begin licking and worshipping their shoes if he ever desires a opportunity at getting pussy ever again, which he still might never receive.