Men Whiped by Women

Kendra James, Jean Bardot and Mistress Brianna meet on a bitch they have been loking for for a while. This bitch has been used to the barn and shackled to the beams. The women are going to beat this bitch for a great long time. This is the kind of whipping which hold men bitches in their location. Because the women lay in using their single tail whips, the slut starts to tremble. Jean laughs. This bitch much better understand to please. Kendra is becoming switched on my the slut’s hurting. The lady holds backside, splits her whip and provides strong hits to the slut’s backside and butt. Brianna runs her hands above the slut’s elevated welts. They are warm to her feel. She teeth. This is a true turn on. After that the women step back again and beat this bitch also tougher.