“Are you ready to have your ass caned?” the gorgeous blonde Mistress yells. “Yes Mistress’ says the whimpering slave. the beautiful Goddess canes the slave good and hard, repeatedly until he is screaming. His ass is so marked up and he will be feeling that pain each day as he serves her. She is pleased with her sadism.




Goddess Jean and Tatiana have one of their bitch’s suspending from an butt hook with his hands tied up to his cock. These women are going to defeat the slut till they have had their fill. Jean taunts the bitch above the importance of maintaining his stability. Actually as the slut is getting a raw whipping, he needs to be on his feet. Tatiana, in her sexy Russian accent, scolds the slut. The girl so likes the trembling bitch’s fear. Stroke following cruel stroke, the slut is created to take a severe beating. Jean and Tatiana display their feminine authority over the lowly male slut. They joy in the slut’s acceptance of their torment and his desire to please them at all costs.


Hang em High- Whip them Hard

Kendra James, Jean Bardot and Mistress Brianna meet on a bitch they have been loking for for a while. This bitch has been used to the barn and shackled to the beams. The women are going to beat this bitch for a great long time. This is the kind of whipping which hold men bitches in their location. Because the women lay in using their single tail whips, the slut starts to tremble. Jean laughs. This bitch much better understand to please. Kendra is becoming switched on my the slut’s hurting. The lady holds backside, splits her whip and provides strong hits to the slut’s backside and butt. Brianna runs her hands above the slut’s elevated welts. They are warm to her feel. She teeth. This is a true turn on. After that the women step back again and beat this bitch also tougher.


MIstress Deanna Storm is cruel. She loves using and harming males for her personal satisfaction. The lady has a men slave’s balls secured into a solid wood vice. She crops his aching and swollen nuts as his whole body shakes using worry. After that she lays in his butt using her exotic stick. The bitch fear just fuels Deanna’s bend for sadism. She minimizes this bitch to cry, happy all the time.


Lady Eden has got her bitch secured in to a dick and ball control and his hands cuffed behind him. She starts by caning his penis and balls. As the bitch squirms around, Edend hits balls tougher and demands that he remain put. After that Lady starts caning the slut’s butt. The lady huge smiles as immediate welts rise up on the slut’s backside. Eden spins the bitch around and lays back directly into his balls. Quickly the slut begins asking to be spanked on the butt. Eden laughs and gladly complies, laying in also tougher compared to previously. Shortly enough the bitch can not get any more cane strokes on his butt. Eden’s solution to keep on caning the bitch’s butt till he starts asking to get one more caning on his cock. Eden loves placing her slut’s in their location. Her eyes light up with each cruel stick stroke the lady gives.

ask for pain

Lexi Luna and Kelly Paige are smoking and relaxing on top of the crate which secures two servants. “I feel like to whip a bitch now.” “Not a thing becomes my cooch warmer than whipping a servant!” The two ladies ask which servant likes to get whipped. “What is your goal at Clubdom?” The males understand they have to suffer for the enjoyment of the ladies and this is their function. The ladies select a single unlucky servant and he ask to get whipped by them. The smiling nasty sadistic ladies need the servant to get it for them. They ladies spank the slaves and rub their pussies getting off on how significantly the servant is hurting for mistresses. The more the servant ask to become whipped, the more wet the ladies each become.


Disappointed with how he could not handle a whipping too well, Michelle Lacy and Goddess Tangent decide to try caning their slave to see if he can withstand that. Or maybe the women are just in the mood to inflict pain on their pint-sized new slave? Michelle and Tangent take turns administering hard and fast cane strokes. Their slave needs to see that they mean business and will send him back to the slave farm if he cannot tolerate their torments.


The slave is stretched out on his back and completely helpless for the She-Gods. He is forced to kiss Natasha’s ass while Mistress Michelle Lacy and Goddess Tangent laugh and torment his cock with various implements including small thin stinging canes, floggers and more. The ladies demand he worship Natasha’s ass and laugh at him struggling to take it for them. He is turned on by their beauty and power but punished for it as his hard-on is used as a target for their sadism.



Goddess Isobel Devi is teaching Raven and Ricky the ways of Femdom. She has a pathetic slave bound to a table as their practice dummy. Isobel teaches the women how to properly cane the slave’s ass and the two women cannot wait to try it themselves. There is nothing like the excitement of young women when they get their first taste of their dominant power and that is what is portrayed here. Ricky gives it a shot and her eyes light up. Raven holds the slave down and looks on with glee. Isobel finally goes full-force on the slave’s ass and really gets the other women excited.



Mistress Michelle Lacy uses a stable bitch to show Mistresses Natalia and Paris the finer points of caning slave meat. After Michelle warms his ass up for them, Natalia and Paris have their fun, then team up to cane the slave’s ass.

As the slave is being caned, Michelle catches one of the caged slaves making fun of the slave being punished, something slaves are strictly forbidden to do, so Michelle decides to make him the new object of the caning lesson. Michelle drags him out of his cage and puts him on a cross for all of the ladies to punish. By the time they are through, his ass is beaten red and he will never make fun of his fellow slaves’ misfortunes again.