Mistress Daisy Ducati and Goddess Raven Bay are usually cruel and sadistic and unleash a merciless beating on Servant 887 The bitch has been controlled over his crate using the hands and ankles cuffed as the girls cane his butt crimson pink leaving beautifully even marks. This is a thing of elegance to the Mistresses’s, there is not a thing greater than a good blank canvas and the screams of their servant following each wack from their cane, The bitch is squirming so a lot Mistress Daisy mounts the dog and whispers to him that this is exactly what provides her enjoyment his screams and suffering as Mistress Raven proceeds to whip him.


Evita Pozzi is as vicious as she is wonderful. The lady submits a servant to a raw caning, boosting immediate pink welts on the slut’s shaking butt. She requires this slut quit his crying and ask for even harsher cane strokes. Any time the lady has had her sense of tormenting this bitch, she places a leash around his balls and makes him crawl backwards back to his crate.

ENTER CLUBDOMhard-femdom-canning

Mistress Venus Divine and Lady Kylie Rogue move up to this horrible servant in his crate and take him out. Having this sorry excuse for a guy on his knees Goddess Venus and Kylie describe to the dog that since he used to beat his girl these days he is going to be getting the beating instead. They move this useless bitch over and start to cane his butt until he is crying and asking for mercy. Cane following cane his butt gets redder and redder. Empress Kylie then pushes this slave to start counting each and every single swing she takes and he better not skip one or more. Right after Empress Venus and Empress Kylie has made a master piece on this useless pathetic slaves ass, they sit back and enjoy their job as tears go lower this his face.





A fresh servant has been bought at Club Dom and Goddesses Lydia Supremacy and Kendra James are just the Women to break the fresh meat in! Already bruised and crushed from a prior spanking, the servant is hanging hands above head with his legs kept apart with a spreader bar, not able to go or prevent the torments of his Goddesses. Amused, each Mistresses torment and taunt the servant, just before tearing into him using their whips. The lashes stripe his back in a mad mania of strokes, paining a stunning painting for all to enjoy. Overcome by pain, the servant dances about in a feeble try to prevent the suffering delivered on by the horrible whips. A absurd exhibition is put on by the servant, who shows up to even be adjusting his butt in an effort to obtain a few mercy from the scary whips. Nevertheless, as all servants eventually learn, there is in no way any mercy for guy filth at ClubDom. Empress Kendra and Lydia each enjoy their handiwork as these dig their claws into the tender, battered flesh of their new subordinate, causing him to wince and weep out in even more extreme pain. Simply one more day at ClubDom.





Mistress Brianna’s servant sole purpose in living is to satisfy her. Now Brianna is in a sadistic feeling and seeking to get a bit of exciting. The lady has her servant bound, hands above head plus balls to the ground.Brianna cracks her one tail whip behind the servant and laughs as he shudders. The lady proceeds to execute a terrible whipping. The more the slut moans, the tougher Brianna whips the dog. The lady smiles all the time. Brianna understands she is giving meaning to that bitch’s living. As she operates her sharp nails over his welts the lady dares him to dirty her ground with his cry.






Goddes Michelle Lacy and Mistress Brianna choose it’s moment to train this mouthy small servant a lesson. Ladies pull his butt out of the crate, bend him over the stock and proceed to hit the dog using a leather strap. Striking the dog as tough as they can having a laugh at his screams. Michelle paddles the dog using her paddle. Right now deciding its time to cane this slave. Using his ass out again and again they beat his him till it’s raw. Informing him this is the only method he will understand. “You want to serve us, you want to be a good slave? So you’ll do what we say from right now on bitch.





Goddess Natasha Starr, Natalia Starr and Mistress Esmi Lee like one more lovely time at the ClubDom Property as their servant worships their shoes. Mistress Esmi tells “you girls up for a small exciting?” The Goddess’s all agree. Off for a small pleasure ride they go commanding the servant get them to their “rack of meat”. As they appear to the following slave shackled to the caning bench the women notify the slut that it’s moment for their day time work out. Several caning aerobic when ruining his butt. Doing the dog ask for the cane. Proceeding to pitilessly cane the bitches butt again and again, cane stroke right after cane stroke. Totally ruining this bitches butt. The girls high five every other and started to giggle. This bitches time has just started.





Mistress Alina dislikes this loser slaves mutant useless dick. This servant will never be ready to get off Mistress Sasha by screwing her. The just point for the Mistresses to do is to strap a chindo on his face and get the dog screw Mistress Sasha using his face. Empress Alina is really going to give a punishment the servant for owning such a useless penis by canning his bare butt. The lady defeats his ass red while he fucks Mistress Sasha with his chindo. Mistress Sasha needs the servant bang her great using his face as Goddess Alina non stop canes the dog. Mistress Sasha does not believe the servant is screwing her well enough so Alina canes the dog even tougher and quicker. The Mistresses do not permit the slave to go away till he has made his Mistress ejaculate and his ass is red and covered in welts. Mistress Sasha sits down backside with Godess Alina and enjoys a smoke cigarettes right after getting satisfied by her slaves hurting.





Mistress Holly is in a sadistic feeling. The lady has got her servant in a tight down and gagged. Like she chooses up her cane, the lady sizes up the shaking bitch. This will be exciting. Holly proceeds to execute very long and tough strokes to the slut’s butt. Quick red-colored welts rise up on the bitch’s butt. Whenever the guy starts to whimper and moan, Holly holds his balls up and pushes all of them. “Should these be next” She alerts. After that Holly resumes giving stroke following stroke to the slut’s butt. While she sees the bitch is crying and moping she is unmoved. The lady shows the slut that he’ll be licking his tears off her caning bitch.






Mistress Megan is in a particularly cruel mood. She has a stable slave locked into a new caning device. She has invited her sister, Goddess Kristen, to watch while she canes the slut to tears. Megan delivers well over 100 lashes to the slut’s trembling ass. She offers the cane to Kristen, who is happy to partake. By the end of the caning the slave is shaking and melting down. This excites Megan. She continues the beating while Kristen smiles.