Foot fetish

Mistress AIE’s slave has been waiting for her in the dungeon to get back from the gym. To his surprise she forces him to worship her sweaty and dirty gym socks! He has no choice but to smell and lick her moist sweaty warm socks in every way she wants him to.




Goddess Shae and her Mistress friend have their boot fag on their manor floor. They laugh at his pathetic existence and decide to have some fun with him. They tell him to worship their boots and have a good laugh. They make him lick their shiny boots and suck on the heels. Then they force him to jerk off onto the boots and lick his filth off of them.



Mistresses Jamie Valentine and Olivia Fox click their shoe heels onto the ground, looking at their scared servant who is stalking below the spanking table. The ladies realize just exactly what to do to the dog. The servant could notice the sound of their shoe high heels clicking louder and louder onto the ground as they approach the dog. The ladies giggle, viewing just how scared he is and finally drag the dog out of there and put him onto his legs. Jamie displays the dog her wet pussy and has him smell it. He hasn’t been permitted to get a female actually since he was very first grabbed ages before. She rejects the dog of it, laughs and the ladies push him to begin licking and worshipping their shoes if he ever desires a opportunity at getting pussy ever again, which he still might never receive.


He’s supposed to be worshipping her shoes but he just cannot help but try to bury his face into her ass. He doesn’t deserve to be in her ass at all. He is not worthy of such a privilege. She punishes him by smothering him with her luscious ass, and then head scissoring him and making him worship her boots just like the horny, lowly bitch he is.



Roxie looks like a princess laying there on the couch talking on the phone with her lover. Her lover tells her that she needs to tell her cuckold husband about him. She smiles and agrees. While she waits for him to come over after work, she snaps her fingers and her little foot slave crawls over. He is so trained, he knows exactly what to do! He worships every inch of her feet while she ignores him. Soon her girlfriend Sophie stops by and laughs and is amazed at how well trained her husband cuckold is and how he’s even locked in chastity. They go to the pool to wait for her lover ro come home



Mistress Dava Foxx dangles her slave’s chastity key in front of him as he worships her feet in an attempt to earn release from his chastity. Of course, the slave keeps screwing up, causing Dava to laugh that he must enjoy being locked up. For fun, Dava orders her slave to call her Master as she belittles him. Dava orders him to hurry up and get her feet clean, as she has a hot date soon. Real men get to date Goddesses like Dava while beta men serve as foot cleaners.



This is a compilation of the hottest foot and boot worship from clubdom. The Mistress’s show there slaves there place is at there feet by making there slaves worship there boots and feet. The slaves will do anything to be near there Mistress’s even its only licking there sweaty feet or tall leather boots. One of the best ways a slave can pamper there Mistress’s is by licking kissing there boots and feet. Watch best parts of of 9 scenes in this boot and foot loving Compilation.





The slave is in for a treat today the Mistress’s are going to let him worship there perfect toes and soles. The Mistress’s are all in heels and bare feet with the exception of Mistress Kendra in black sheer stockings. The Mistress’s force the salve on his back and make him clean all six of there stilettos. After the slave has cleaned there shoes Mistress Coral takes off both her heels and makes him worship her bare soles. Mistress Coral shoves her foot down the slaves throat as he worships and makes him gag. Mistress Kendra takes off one of her heels and shoves her stocking clad sole in his mouth. Kendra keeps on the other heel to dig it into the slaves chest. The Mistress’s feel they are doing to much work and the slave is not grateful enough. The Mistress’s decide to make him work for his foot reward. Mistress Venus ties the slave balls with a rope and threatens his cock with a cattle prod. The slave must now reach him self to Mistress Kendra and Mistress Coral’s feet. The slave endures his balls painfully stretching as he worships his Mistress’s feet. After the Mistress have had there feet worshiped the Mistress use him as foot rest




Mistress’s Deanna And Mistress’s Mia are getting service from there boot bitch. The Mistress’s make the slave clean all the filth off there leather boots. The Mistress make him grovel on his knees and worship there boot. The Mistress then make him lay down as they rub there boots all over his face and mouth. Once the Mistress’s boots are properly cleaned they send him away




Nothing But A Boot Bitch HD