Foot fetish

Esmi has a chore for her slave. The chore is to clean her perfect bare ass. Esmi forces her slave to stick his tongue deep in her asshole and lick and smell all of her essence. Esmi is wearing sexy boots and after she is done having her ass cleaned she decides to give her slave a boot reward. The slave finishes up eagerly eating his Mistress ass then is allowed to jerk off to his Mistress’s boots. Esmi forces the slave to cum on her boots. Now its time for the slaves real reward. For the reward the slaved given a boot worn by his Mistress covered in his own cum to eat.




Clean My Ass Then Clean My Cummy Boots

Mistress Kendra,Mia and Amadahey have there slave in a cage. The slave is fixated with Mistress’s tall leather boots. The Mistress’s need to teach this loser a lesson by forcing the loser worship and clean there sexy boots. The Mistress’s ask there slave if he wants to suck a heel and he eagerly says yes. The Mistress’s demand the slave to crawl under there feet. The Mistress allow the slave to clean there boots after he begs like a good boy. After much begging the slave is allowed to lick there boots. The Mistress instruct and humiliate the slave as he is forced to lick clean every inch of all six boots. All the soil and filth must be cleaned off there boots. To further humiliate the slave the Mistress’s make the loser stroke his little worm cock. The Mistress cant believe how pathetic his cock is and cant help but to laugh at it. The Mistress’s demand he cum on there boots then clean it up with his tongue


Boot Faggot Cleans Six Boots

Mistress Venus has been walking out in the garden and has gotten her feet incredibly muddy and filthy. But Venus does not care because there is always a slave ready fro the degrading task of licking her feet clean. Venus makes sure the bitch cleans all of her feet, including her soles and between her toes, with his tongue. How incredibly humiliating!


Muddy Feet Cleaner

Mistreses Esmi and January love the power their feet have over their slaves, making them into compliant bitches begging for an orgasm. But the Mistresses enjoy teasing their slaves way too much to make it easy on them.

Esmi and January rub the arches of their feet up and down the shaft of the slave’s cock, getting him harder and harder as they enjoy the site. When the slave is finally allowed to cum, he shoots all over Esmi’s foot as a tribute to the power it has over him and his pathetic cock.


Milked By Our Fee

Mistresses Alexis and Elena take off their sweaty nylons so their new eunuch “slave sally” can properly worship their smelly feet. As the two Mistresses enjoy their wine and chat about how much fun it was to destroy this bitch’s manhood, their slave dutifully licks and sucks their feet and toes clean. The Mistresses just laugh about how easy it is to control men and how many more men they are going to emasculate for life, just for their own amusement.

This clip is part of the movie “The Last Ride.”


The Last Ride (Foot Worship)

Mistress January and Mistress Esmi have gotten their feet muddy while walking on the ClubDom estate and need them cleaned. The lucky stable bitch selected to clean them is very happy at the opportunity to impress his Mistresses with his devotion, licking away at all the mud while the Mistresses enjoy the humiliating site.


Muddy Feet Worship

Mistress Alexis knows that you long to jerk off to the thought of worshipping her perfect size 10 feet, feeling her toes and feet in your mouth as she orders you to stroke your pathetic cock. Just imagine the feel of those feet on your cock, her feet rubbing up and down your shaft until you are begging to blow your load.


Jerk To My Feet

Mistresses Kendra and Elena tease their bitch with their feet, laughing as he gets hard in his chastity device as he worships them. They even order him to jerk his cock while in chastity, just to hurt him even more. The Mistresses reduce their bitch to a grovelling foot worshipper while they continue to make out.

This clip is part of the movie “Lesbian Cuckolding.”


Lesbian Cuckolding (Foot Worship)

Mistresses Coral and Charlotte are relaxing after a long day of dominating slaves and are in the mood for some amusement. They order their slave bitch to stand with 2 water jugs suspended from his balls, then order him to crawl around on the floor, dragging the weight behind him and putting excruciating pressure on his nuts as the Mistresses laugh at his pain.

Charlotte wants her feet worshipped, so she orders the bitch to worship her high heels, sucking the spiked heel like it was a cock, before removing her shoe with his teeth. Charlotte then allows him to worship and suck on her toes and feet, but the Mistresses are soon in the mood for some more entertainment. So they order the bitch to stand up, gagged with a shoe, and kick the water jugs to hurt his poor balls even more. The slave can only moan in pain as Coral kicks the jugs, laughing at the agony she is causing.


Amusing Foot Bitch

Mistress Elena De Luca shows off how well she has trained her boot faggot slave to her friend, Mistress Cybill Troy. Elena’s boot bitch starts off by cleaning the bottoms of her boots, then tongue polishes them up and down, trying to earn the privilege of getting to jack off on them and use his cum as boot polish. Elena has her slave demonstrate his licking skills on the bottoms of Cybill’s boots, serving her as her human bootwipe, before ordering him to his knees to jack off on her boots.

Elena and Cybill enjoy humiliating the the slave as he jerks his tiny cock, then Elena gives him permission to cum on her boots. Of course, the boot faggot humbly starts polishing her boots by spreading his cum around with his tongue, then licking it up as the Mistresses laugh at what an utterly pathetic boot faggot he is.