Ass worship

The Mistress’s are ready to play with there slave. The Mistress’s force the slave out of his kennel and make him crawl around while they shock him with a cattle prod. The Mistress want there asses cleaned and the slave will be using his tongue to Mistress Esmi’s and Mistress Calypso’s perfect asses. The Mistress bend over and first make the little slut smell there essences’. The Mistress make the slave get deep in there ass’s when then slave does not do what the Mistress’s say he gets shocked! The pathetic bottom feeder is forced to lick up and down his Mistress’s ass’s till they tell him he is done. The Mistress are only somewhat pleased with his licking skills and force so they put him back on his knees and give him some shocks.




Shocking Ass Cleaning

Esmi has a chore for her slave. The chore is to clean her perfect bare ass. Esmi forces her slave to stick his tongue deep in her asshole and lick and smell all of her essence. Esmi is wearing sexy boots and after she is done having her ass cleaned she decides to give her slave a boot reward. The slave finishes up eagerly eating his Mistress ass then is allowed to jerk off to his Mistress’s boots. Esmi forces the slave to cum on her boots. Now its time for the slaves real reward. For the reward the slaved given a boot worn by his Mistress covered in his own cum to eat.




Clean My Ass Then Clean My Cummy Boots

Mistress Trinity has her slave on the ground, pinned beneath her boot and begging to worship her ass. Trinity allows the slave to get on his knees and worship has ass, demanding that he deep clean every inch of it with his tongue.

But first she makes him breath in her ass scent, deeper and deeper, to get him even more excited to clean her ass. Once he starts going, Trinity demands that he keep sticking his tongue in deeper and deeper, grabbing his head to force it in further. Trinity loves to make slaves worship and clean her asshole.


Tongue Clean My Asshole

Mistress Kendra plays a cruel game with her slave, letting him worship Mistress Esmi’s ass as long as he gets ballbusted. Kendra just laughs as she keeps beating the slave’s balls, knowing that he is so desperate to worship Esmi’s perfect ass that he will just keep taking the pain.

Esmi sexually teases the bitch, rubbing her ass up and down his face, making sure that he wants to keep taking the pain for them. The Mistreses enjoy making the bitch suffer for the privilege of worshipping Esmi


Ass Licking Ballbust

Mistress Esmi has a pleasure slave all tied up and ready for her to use. As Esmi rides his hard cock to pelasure her pussy, her friend Mistress January gets more and more excited watching, playing with her pussy, then deciding to ride the bitch’s face as Esmi rides his cock.

Esmi rides the bitch to orgasm, refusing to allow him to cum, then gives him a reward, spraying her squirt all over his face as January gives him a handjob. But just as he is about to cum, January cruelly ruins any chance of him orgasming by squeezing his cock and balls. The Mistresses just laugh at his sexual frustration.


Mistress Esmi's Human Dildo

Mistress Alexis is horny for an orgasm and Mistress Elena has a bitch at the ready for Alexis to use. Elena has locked an electric shocker around his balls so whenever he is not licking well enough, or she just feels like it, Elena can shock his balls. For further incentive, Elena has her riding crop ready to beat his balls as well.

Elena smiles as the bitch licks Alexis’s ass, on his knees with his face buried in her ass. Slave bitches should always be ready to serve the sexual needs of their Mistresses. Elena then orders the bitch to lie down on his back so Alexis can sit comfortably on his face and enjoy her orgasm. After Alexis has climaxed, the Mistresses just laugh at how amusing their ass licking bitch has been, crying out in pain over his shocked and beaten balls.


Ball Shocked Ass Licking Bitch

Elena is pleased with James’s progress as her slave husband, so she releases him from chastity and allows him to worship her ass. Elena humiliates him by making him tell her how wonderful her ass tastes and laughs at him, saying that he will never get to touch her pussy again. Deanna walks in and laughs at how hard the released bitch has gotten just from licking ass, so she decides to show Elena how to let slave husbands cum – by humping the boots of their Mistresses!

Deanna humiliates James the entire time he is humping her boot, making him oink like a pig as his cock fucks the top of her boot. When James cums, Deanna heartlessly orders him to lick up all of his filth off of the boot.

There is one more major lesson, which is signing over financial control and assets to the wife. Once James does this, the stud comes in, saying he is taking Elena off to a vacation in Hawaii. Deanna takes James’s credit card and gives it to the stud, telling him that fucking Elena in Hawaii is all going to be on James’s expense as well.

This clip is part of the movie “Female Domination Movement.”


Female Domination Movement (Ass Worship and Boot Humping