Rewarded With Foot Torturer

The slave is in for a treat today the Mistress’s are going to let him worship there perfect toes and soles. The Mistress’s are all in heels and bare feet with the exception of Mistress Kendra in black sheer stockings. The Mistress’s force the salve on his back and make him clean all six of there stilettos. After the slave has cleaned there shoes Mistress Coral takes off both her heels and makes him worship her bare soles. Mistress Coral shoves her foot down the slaves throat as he worships and makes him gag. Mistress Kendra takes off one of her heels and shoves her stocking clad sole in his mouth. Kendra keeps on the other heel to dig it into the slaves chest. The Mistress’s feel they are doing to much work and the slave is not grateful enough. The Mistress’s decide to make him work for his foot reward. Mistress Venus ties the slave balls with a rope and threatens his cock with a cattle prod. The slave must now reach him self to Mistress Kendra and Mistress Coral’s feet. The slave endures his balls painfully stretching as he worships his Mistress’s feet. After the Mistress have had there feet worshiped the Mistress use him as foot rest