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Kendra James and Goddess Charlyse drag a male bitch out and lock his balls in a humbler. It is milking day and the ladies are determined to achieve their goal without allowing the male bitch to enjoy the experience. Kendra and Charylse are quite rough with this slut, all the while extracting his male filth and offering him no enjoyment.







Mistresses Alexis Grace and Macy Cartel have had their milking slave bound with his balls locked in a humbler for days, and now they want to drain every last drop of cum from his pathetic balls. The Mistresses toy with his helpless nuts, smacking them and crushing them before jerking his cock, still locked in a humbler, just to cause him pain.

When the Mistresses actually want the bitch to cum, they stand him up and remove the humbler so they can really jerk his pathetic cock. Alexis makes sure the slave cums in her hand because she is going to make sure he eats every drop. With his mouth pried open with a gag, it is not like he had any choice in the matter.


Every Last Drop

Jennifer Lemonde is on a mission to destroy her slut’s balls. She has just administered a severe whipping to his balls. Now she has her slut in a humbler under her chair. She demands that the slut present her balls for trampling and his cock for beating. Ms. Lemonde drivers her sharp heels into the slut’s cock and balls. She beats his cock with a rubber riding crop. She bends down to inspect the black and blue bruises. Jennifer gets a very serious look in her face. “You should know that I intend to destroy these balls today.” She tells the slut. “This is just the beginning.”



Mistress Laurie has her slut bent over with his balls locked into a humbler. She drives her hard cock into the slut’s ass. She fucks him long and hard, enjoying every minute. Then Laurie puts the slut on his knees. She sees that his dick is hard. Not only did the slut get pumped full of dick but he actually became aroused by it. Laurie laughs, grabs the slut by the back of his neck and drives her dick down the bitch’s throat. She demands that he deep throat her cock as he strokes his own. She wants him to jerk off and prove with a cock loving whore he really is. The slut spills his male filth all over Laurie’s boots. She shoves his head down to the floor and insists that he lick every bit of cum from her boots.



The bitch is now on his feet, hands over head and balls locked into a humbler. Raina and Jaelynn demand he keep his feet on the floor and present his cock and balls. They ladies lay in with a cruel ball caning. The bitch is made to maintain proper slave position as the ladies torture his balls. Raina and Jaelynn simply glow as they remind this bitch of his place in the most painful of ways.



Cheyenne has now turned the new bitch around and locked his balls into a humbler. She loves how helpless his nuts are. She is going to tear them up. All balls need to be punished! Cheyenne whips his balls until they turn purple. Then she grabs up his tender nuts and squeezes them tightly, driving her finger right into them. The bitch cries out for mercy! Cheyenne can’t believe. “You will not interrupt my fun!” She declares. By the end of the ball beating, Cheyenne puts the bitch on his knees and demands that he actually hand her his balls. She wants to know this bitch can be grateful. Once the bitch hands Cheyenne his balls, she lays into them with a riding crop. Oh, she LOVES it. Then, Cheyenne demands the bitch put his hands on his head and open his left. Cheyenne’s face lights up as the bitch begins to tremble. he knows he is in for a brute force ball kicking. Cheyenne holds nothing back as she nails her new meat in the nuts until he is crumbled in a heap on the floor.



Jennifer Lemonde demands has her bitch’s balls locked into a humbler. The boy’s helpless nuts are displayed in front of them. Ms. Lemonde smiles. Not only is going to whip their pathetic balls but she is going to demand that the bitch’s hold up them and present their balls to her. Jennifer whips, crops, beats and squeezes her bitch’s balls. Whenever one of the sluts pulls his balls away from Ms. Lemonde’s vicious beating, she smacks him in the face with a riding crop and spits on him. Ms. Lemonde loves exerting her female power over her lowly ball bitches.



Cheyenne loves torturing her slave’s balls. She is particularly cruel to this slave’s balls as she canes, whips and squeezes them until they are purple. Cheyenne begins with the bitch’s balls locked behind him in a humbler. She whips his helpless nuts with a cattle whip. Then Cheyenne demands the pathetic bitch get on his knees and present his aching balls to her cane. She laughs as the trembling slave complies. Then she throws the bitch on his back and holds him in place with her knees. She canes the slave’s balls until he is literally crying and begging her stop. All the while Cheyenne is glowing. She knows what to do with a man’s pathetic balls.



Then Cheyenne’s slut is secured in bondage boots and suspension cuffs. Cheyenne lays into her slut’s balls with a single tail whip. Her slave moans as he spins around, feigning that he cannot keep his balance. Cheyenne’s response is to whip his backside. Cheyenne is relentless as she beats her slut, refusing to believe his cries for mercy. She demands that he keep his balance and accept her whip. Cheyenne beats the slave with no mercy, producing bruises on his pathetic cock and balls. She stripes the groveling slut’s back with her vicious lashes. Cheyenne removes the humbler from the slaves balls and squeezes them tightly to expose the welts from her cattle whip. Then she shoves the whip into the slave’s mouth. She is disgusted with his lack of gratitude. She leaves the broken and sobbing slave to hang in her dungeon all night.



Mistress Jean’s bitch has been put up on the cross. The bitch’s balls are locked into a humbler and presented before him. Jean whips is cock and ball with a single tail. The bitch winces and moans under Jean’s cruel lashes. Jean has no sympathy. She demands the slave keep his posture straight and present his balls for more brutal whipping. When the slave can no longer support his weight, Jean cuts him down and lays him on his back. Jean crops and whips his bruised and aching cock and balls. She spits on his balls as she continues to brutalize the slave’s pathetic manhood.