Mistress Vendetta introduces Mistress Charli to one of the estate stable slaves tasked with the job of pleasuring any Mistresses that desires it with an orgasm. Of course, as a lowly slave, he has to do so by using a dildo harness that gags him from speaking, not with his own body in any way.

As the slave serves his purpose as Charli’s human dildo, Vendetta uses her riding crop on his ass to make sure he does not slack off performing his duties. Charli moans with pleasure as the slave’s face bobs up and down, pleasuring her pussy with each stroke. When Charli is abut to cum, she brings herself to a climax using a vibrator. Having served his purpose, the slave will now be ignored until another Mistress has a use for him. He has been nothing but a human dildo, not even allowed to speak.


Charli's Pleasure Slave

Goddess Amadahy and Mistress Vendetta have been training their slave as a domestic servant but have grown tired of his incompetence. When they call for him and he forgets a lighter and an ashtray for them, they decide that he will be used as their ashtray.

Amadahy and Vendetta fill the slave’s mouth with ash as they enjoy their wine, making sure to let their spit drool onto the slave’s face as a reminder of his lowly position. By the time the Mistresses put their cigarettes out on his tongue, his face is covered in ash and drool. The Mistresses just laugh as they order their bitch to swallow everything in his mouth.


Incompetent Ashtray

After having their lowly bitch lick the filth from their boots, Mistresses Esmi and Courtney put their bitch’s tongue to further use. Esmi orders the bitch to grovel at Courtney’s ass and worship it with his tongue, grabbing him by the head and making sure he licks every inch of Courtney’s asshole.

But the Mistresses are far from done with their bitch. They have a slave in need of a milking all locked up in a cage, so they decide to make their bitch do it – with his mouth! The Mistresses laugh as their bitch gags on the cock of the other slave, heartlessly making him suck it deeper and deeper into his mouth. They enjoy the degradation suffered by their bitch as the cum spurts all over his face.


Ass Licking Cock Sucker

Mistress Tristan is horny and has a sex slave locked up in a cage ready for her use. Tristan takes him out and locks him into her bondage chair, then has him worship her breasts until she is horny enough to fuck.

Tristan rides the bitch from the front first, gagging him when he moans too much; after all, this is only about her pleasure. Then she rides the bitch in reverse before leaving him locked in the chair, horny and blue balled, begging for an orgasm that is being denied.


Bondage Chair Fuck

Mistress Alexis Grace loves using slaves as her personal sex toys; it is all about her pleasure and amusement. Alexis shocks her caged bitch using the electric collar locked around his balls, telling him that she wants to be pleasured and he had better please her, or she will lock him in chastity and take away his sex slave privileges.

Alexis slides her pussy up and down the slave’s cock shaft. getting him harder and harder until she rides his cock to an orgasm. But Alexis is not totally satisfied with the slave’s performance, so she shows him his future – a chastity device!


Femdom Sex Slave

Mistresses Coral and Charlotte want to teach their new slave that his life will all be about pain and suffering from now on. Suspended by his ankles, the slave is helpless as Coral whips his ass with her floggers, even using two at the same time on him. But when the Mistresses are done flogging him, they put him into an even worse predicament – arms bound overhead as the Mistresses punish his cock and balls!

By the time the Mistresses are done, the bitch is on his knees, sobbing like a pussy. The Mistresses humiliate him for being so pathetic, then heartlessly order him to lick his own tears from Charlotte’s boot before locking him back in his cage.


Pain Predicaments

Mistress Charlotte orders her slave to clean her ass, but is not very impressed with his performance. So she takes a riding crop to the bitch’s cock, promising that she will correct his behavior and subservience to her.

Charlotte invites her friend Mistress Coral over to assist in the bitch’s training. He will have to use a chin dildo to get Charlotte off, and if his performance is in any way lacking, Coral is going to punish his balls for it! With the added motivation of having his balls squeezed and smacked, the bitch is eventually able to bring Charlotte to an orgasm – but his ordeal is far from over.

Charlotte is unhappy with how he has cleaned the house, so as punishment Coral dunks his head into a sink full of dishwater again and again, laughing at his suffering. Then Coral really shows him what being a bitch is about, taking his ass with her strapon while Charlotte teases him with the sight and smell of her pussy, rubbing her juices right on his nose as Coral pounds his ass. Coral has no pity on the bitch, shoving her dirty cock right into his mouth and making him suck his own ass juices off of it. This is what happens to bitch boys who disappoint their Mistress.


Charlotte's Bitch Boy

Because her husband has taken his training well, Esmi decides to release him from chastity and reward him with an orgasm – but not before she demonstrates her technique of mercilessly teasing a male cock to Simone. Simone decides to have some fun with the cock as well, milking him right to the edge before giving it back to Esmi – who orders the bitch to cum in his own face!

The two Mistresses lift the sissy’s legs into the air, then aim his cum load onto his face and mouth. Esmi makes sure to feed his left over cum to him as both of the Mistresses laugh at how pathetic he looks.

This clip is part of the movie “Husband Training Lessons.”




Esmi's Cum Eating Bitch


Godness Cybill Troy shows how very much she loves using lowly men as her human ashtrays. She enjoys the strength she has to decrease men to inanimate things whose sole purpose is to take her waste with out question or doubt. Cybill knows that she looks so sexy cigarette smoking that all men wish they could be kneeling right before her, having their mouths loaded using ash and spit for her enjoyment.

Cybill enjoys smoking so much that one cigarette is not enough. She puts out the initial one on her ashtray’s tongue, then lighting up one more one to start the procedure once more. By the time Cybill is completed, her slave’s mouth area is a dark mess of throw and ash – just the way she enjoys it.