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Mistress Brianna’s spanking Slave

Tuesday, November 18th, 2014

Mistress Brianna’s servant sole purpose in living is to satisfy her. Now Brianna is in a sadistic feeling and seeking to get a bit of exciting. The lady has her servant bound, hands above head plus balls to the ground.Brianna cracks her one tail whip behind the servant and laughs as he shudders. The lady proceeds to execute a terrible whipping. The more the slut moans, the tougher Brianna whips the dog. The lady smiles all the time. Brianna understands she is giving meaning to that bitch’s living. As she operates her sharp nails over his welts the lady dares him to dirty her ground with his cry.






Slaves first Whipping?

Friday, June 20th, 2014

The slave is ready for his Mistress’s wrath. Mistress Jean Bardot and Michelle Lacy have whips on hand to slash and rip the slaves flesh. The Mistress’s make the slave beg for each slash from there whips. The slave whimpers and cries after every whip but the Mistress’s are quick to remind him he is begging for this and it is what pleases them and makes them wet. This is only the beginning of his training and there is so much more pain and suffering to go through.




Enjoy the Balls

Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

Mistress Varla and Aurora have a male bitch strung up and spread eagle. The ladies are in the mood for a little sadism at the expense of this bitch’s balls. Aurora starts in with her riding crop and Varla lays in with her single tail. The terrified male twists and moans as the ladies keep right on whipping his balls. As the purple welts rise up on the bitch’s nuts, Varla smiles and turns up the heat even more. Aurora grabs the slut’s bruised and battered balls and twists them until they nearly fall off. These ladies know how to enjoy a set of balls.







Hot Whipping Wet Pussy

Saturday, January 25th, 2014

Sasha Meow and Mistress Esmi are horny. The drag out a whipping boy and string him up. Nothing turns them on like torturing a helpless man and then using him as a sex toy. Sasha masturbates as Esmi whips the slut with a single tail. Then the male bitch is put on his knees and made to service Esmi with a chin do as Sasha holds the slut in place and demands he get the Goddess off. The slut is not allowed to stop servicing Esmi’s wet pussy until her cum is running down his throat.



Hot Whipping Wet Pussy

Whipped While Pleauring Your Mistress

Monday, January 13th, 2014

Its time to please Mistress Esmi. Mistress Esmi attaches a chindo on her slave so he can fuck her with it. Mistress Calli assist her fellow Mistress by whipping the slaves back making sure he fucks her properly. Mistress Esmi makes the slave fuck her non stop even when Mistress Calli slashes his back. The slaves back lands up getting whip to shreds but that does not stop slave from fucking his Mistress till she cums in his face



Whipped While Pleauring Your Mistress

Beg For More Slashes

Thursday, October 31st, 2013

The slave has his balls locked in stock. Mistress Deanna and Mistress Mia are hungry for . The Mistress Deanna goes on the attack and whips his helpless back non stop. The slaves back is transformed into a canvas of red welts. Mistress Deanna makes him beg for more and takes his mercy calls as cries for more. Mistress Deanna takes this this slave to the breaking pint but continues to keep whipping. Mistress Deanna knows the slave can do nothing but take more and whips because if he were to fall his cock and balls would be ripped off.





Whip The Bitch

Saturday, September 7th, 2013

Mistress Amadahey and Mistress Kendra are armed with whips and are ready to whip the the slave to a pulp. The Slave is completely helpless and has to take one lashing after another. The slaves back gets more and more red with welts as the whippings keep going. The Mistress whip hard and repeatedly. The slave is forced to beg for more and take one painful slash after the other. The Mistress’s do not tire easily and they go on and on.



Whipping Canvas

Thursday, April 18th, 2013

Mistress Venus loves to whip her personal slaves and leave them with marks; she views their bodies as the canvas she uses to make pieces of art with her whip. So she could not care less that her slave is screaming from the pain, shaking as she lashes him again and again. This is all about her enjoyment; he is nothing but an object for her use.


Pound His Gaping Fuckhole

Receive The Whipping

Wednesday, October 17th, 2012


After cruelly bitch slapping their fresh auction slave, Godnesses Kendra and Mistrix go on his trials by trying his ability to take the whip. But the Mistresses are fast upset in his pain tolerance and make a decision to illustrate him how a real slave takes a whipping.


The Mistresses cruelly whip their slave, but he keeps right figure and presents his body for the Mistresses to have a fun. When they are completed, they make the auction slave examine the marks they have left, saying him that this is what they wait for from their slaves.



Request For Chastity

Sunday, October 14th, 2012

Mistress Cybill Troy has had her slave in chastity for three weeks and has determined to free him – but only so she can destroy his cock and balls suffer! Clothed in an incredibly hot open back latex clothing, Cybill turns on the slave so much that his bound cock throbs up and down, a lot to her enjoyment. But Cybill not at all allows her slave an illegal erection, no matter what the situation.

Cybill starts off by whipping his cock and balls with her riding crop, smiling as her slave squirms in hurt. Sheltered in the stocks, he can only look at as his genitals swell from the whipping. Cybill then switches to a cane, inflicting even harsher pain on his tattered maturity.

Cybill takes his compressed balls into her hand and cruelly crushes them, then uses her spiky nails to cause even more pain on his nuts. She finishes him off with a different crop beating, completely breaking her bitch and leaving him crying in the stocks. This bitch will be suppliant to be kept back in chastity since now on.