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Mistress Coral and Goddess Lexi have pulled one of their bitches from the slave barracks. The ladies are in a particularly cruel mood. They have the male on all fours, his balls locked into in a humbler and his nose on the floor. Lexi begins caning his balls as Coral flogs his shoulders. They laugh at the lowly male. Such mammals need a good beating now and again. The Mistress become more sadistic with every minute, ripping into their bitch’s balls, ass and shoulders with a single tail and bamboo cane. Coral forces the slave to kiss her boot as Lexi beats his bruised ass and balls. Then Lexi straddles the male, sitting on his back and canes the him even harder. Coral gets aroused as she watches her friend abusing the slave. By the time the ladies have quenched their sadistic streak, the slave’s ass and balls are black and blue.



Cheyenne has her slave restrained, hands over head and ankles restrained to the floor. She has his balls in a steel humbler before him with a rope laced through it. She demands that he present his cock and balls for a beating. The slave presents his balls to Mistress but as she begins cutting into his cock and balls with her brutal whip, he drops the rope. Cheyenne picks the rope back up and stuffs it into his mouth. She isn’t going to let up until he can maintain a good slave position for a solid thrashing. “Balls need to be maintained.” Cheyenne informs him. Then she lays into his balls and cock with her crop and whip. She squeezes the slave’s helpless balls and digs her fingers into them. She doesn’t stop until the slave’s balls are deep purple.



Cheyenne has her bitch bolted to the floor. She has him on his knees with his balls locked behind him in a steel humbler. She shoves a ball gag in his mouth and casually informs her boy that she’ll be beating him severely. Cheyenne picks up a cattle whip and lays into her bitches ass, producing instant welts. Then Cheyenne begins whipping her bitch’s balls. Cheyenne’s boy falls to the floor. Laughing she wonders if tying her boy’s balls down will give him incentive to hold still. Cheyenne stretches her bitch’s balls out behind him, putting him in an utterly helpless state. She lays into him with her single tail once more. Cheyenne whips her boy viciously, loving every minute. Then, bridles up her ball bitch. She demands that he put his tongue on the floor to mop a clean path as she drives him down the hallway.



Cheyenne has beaten her slave from knees to shoulders and then blistered his balls with her whip. She has reduced her boy to near tears. Now, she seeks to take his last bit of manhood by demanding he jerk off at her feet. Cheyenne informs her bitch that if he doesn’t spill his filth on the floor she’ll but his balls back into the humbler and whip them again. Her slave spills his filth almost immediately. Cheyenne wipes her feet in his mess and forces her slut to the floor to lick his filth from her shoes. Then she spits into the remaining puddle of cum and shoves her slave’s face to the floor. Cheyenne enjoys watching him lick up every last bit of her spit and his male filth. Cheyenne’s boy knows he’s owned.



Lady Cheyenne has her slave on his knees with his balls locked helplessly behind him in a humbler. She feels his balls and is pleased with how full they are. She’s had her boy in chastity for weeks so that his balls would be nice and plump for their beating. Cheyenne loves beating balls. Today she is in heaven, whipping her slave’s balls so hard they instantly turn purple and produce deep bruises. Cheyenne pokes, prods and squeezes her bitch’s balls, reminding him to be grateful for every day she allows wear them. After all, they are her balls now. She only allows her boy to carry them around when she is not using them for her amusement.



Mistress Thora is ticked off. She’s spent too much time in traffic. Her toast was burned. The dry cleaner ruined her favorite sweater. On top of all of it, her therapist just told her that she needs an anger management plan. Thora has come up with a plan. She has her slave restrained to a cross with his balls restrained behind him in a humbler. She lays into him with a crop, single tail whip and flogger. She whips his ass and back with no mercy. Then she starts in on her slave’s balls with a riding crop. She beats her slave harshly, enjoying every moment. Digging her finger nails into her slave’s fresh wounds, Thora smiles, “I am starting to feel better already. What is a slave’s purpose anyway?” Then she gives her bitch a few more blows to his balls and walks away satisfied.



Lady Cheyenne is furious. Her chastity slave has admitted to jerking once before their meeting. Cheyenne is quite certain he has emptied his balls more than what he is admitting to. She puts his balls in a humbler, hog ties him and whips his cock and balls with a cattle whip. She pauses to feel the fullness of his balls. She knows he is lying. As Cheyenne cuts into his cock and balls with her whip, she reminds him that the only time he is allowed to spill his male filth is on her boot or while she has her strap on cock in his ass. Cheyenne’s slave trembles and moans as she brutalizes his helpers balls with her whip. Then Cheyenne stands him upright and lays into his cock with a riding crop. She promises to blister his cock so that jerking off is so painful, he won’t be tempted. Cheyenne’s slave continues to plead innocence. So, Cheyenne brings out a tablespoon. If her slut can fill it with male filth, she will believe him. Otherwise, She’ll continue punishing his cock and balls. Cheyenne’s slave jerks his hard cock furiously but to no avail. Cheyenne laughs. She knew it all along. Her slut as failed supervised masturbation. As her slut trembles, Cheyenne removes her boots and instructs her slut to place his hands on his head and close his eyes. Her slave nearly breaks down, knowing what is coming next. Cheyenne kicks his cheating balls several times, her slut a good lesson.



Did you ever fantasize about what it would be like to wake up in Lady Cheyenne’s bed? This victim finds himself in a bit of a predicament. Cheyenne has time tied spread eagle to her four poster bed and his ball locked into a humbler as she greets him with her bull whip. Cheyenne beats the slave’s ass and balls brutally as the slave thrashes on her bed, pleading for mercy. Cheyenne is absolutely brutal as she lays into her captives’s balls. She is fueled by his protests, squeezing his balls between her fingers and laughing about popping them. Her slave is somewhat in disbelief as Cheyenne refuses to put down her whip. “What a great way to start out a morning!” Cheyenne exclaims as she continues to beat the slave’s balls brutally.



Mistress Danta arrives at Cheyenne’s studio to find a note on the door: “Please choose a slave to entertain you. The other, feel free to discard.” Mistress Danta discovers two slave’s locked in cages in the dungeon. Their cock and balls are locked in humblers through the cages. The slaves are utterly helpless as Danta evaluates their cocks. Who will sleep at her feet and who will sleep on the floor of their cold cage? Only Mistress Danta’s single tail whip will decide. She whips and smacks their cock and balls to decide which cock is to her liking.



Cheyenne, Coral and Lex are looking incredibly hot in their space fantasy gear. They’ve tied their captive, hands over head, to the beams of their enterprise. Their captive’s balls are locked tightly into a humbler in front of him. The ladies then get out their whips. Coral and Lex slice into his ass while Cheyenne brutalizes his balls. Red and purple welts slave’s ass and balls pop up on the slave’s ass and balls in seconds. The ladies love it. They are feed off each other’s sadistic energy. Within 2 minutes, the captive melts down. Judging from the bruising on his balls, it is no wonder. He must be released. This is a short but hot clip.