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Battle of the Balls

Wednesday, October 1st, 2008

Mistress Jean has tied three of her best slaves together by the balls. She wants to impress, Jaelynn, a potential slave buyer, with a full blown game of “ball tug of war.” From the gate the slaves begin tugging and pulling against each other, each trying desperately to save their own balls. Then one of the slaves stumbles. He cannot hold his own. Jean unties the disappointing ball bitch and stands the slut him on his feet with is legs wide open and his balls helplessly exposed. Smiling, she shows Jaelynn exactly what kind of treatment losers get on her slave farm. What ensues is non stop, brute force ball busting. The ladies kick and punch the slut’s balls until he can no longer stand. Why not ruin the bitch’s balls at this point? Then they nail him in the nuts even more. When the slut is crumbled in a heap on the ground, holding his broken balls and crying, Jaelynn stands over him and laughs at his ruined balls.



Destruction of the Balls

Sunday, September 28th, 2008

Mistress Raina and Jaelynn have come to visit Jean Bardot’s slave farm. They plan on purchasing a slave or two from the world renowned slave trainer. Jean brings three of her best bitches out for the ladies to examine. Raina would like to evaluate the bitches. She wants a slut who can take a good dose of ball busting. Jean takes the first slave out off of the chain into the field where the ladies can have at his balls. It doesn’t take long for the ladies to get worked up into an all out ball busting frenzy. They kicking, punch and knee the sluts balls until he can no longer stand. Then Jean shoves him to his knees and nails him his aching nuts again.



Ready for Auction

Saturday, September 27th, 2008

Mistress Jean is preparing one of her slave’s for auction. Corporal bitches bring in good money. Jean intends display what a good corporal bitch her boy is by marking him from “ears to ankles.” With a single tail in one hand and a cane in the other, Mistress lays into her bitch hard and heavy. She demands that he brace himself against the ledge as she delivers a brutal but necessary beating. *8 1/2 minutes of a no mercy beating. Jean is stunning.”



Save your Balls!

Friday, September 26th, 2008

Mistress Jade has just purchased several new slaves from the auction. The problem is that she now has one more slave than there is room for on her farm. She must retire one of her slaves. Retirement on Jade’s farm means castration and shipment to an underground whore house. Jade and Vivian are simply cruel. They already know which slave is getting shipped off. However, they call two bitches out and put them into a sadistic contest with the hope to save their balls. The game begins with ball busting. Jade and Vivian kick and punch the bitches balls. They are amused to see how the bitches actually compete to take the most ball busting. Neither of the slaves want to lose their nuts and be shipped off. Eventually the brute force ball busting takes it tolls and the sluts begin to melt down. Vivian laughs as she stomps on one of the bitches balls. “Do you want these nuts in formaldehyde?” She laughs as Jade demands that he open his legs for more.



The Bitch is Grateful

Thursday, September 4th, 2008

Cheyenne has just taken delivery of a new bitch. She walks in with a single tail to test out her new meat. She rips into the slave’s flesh hot and heavy with cruel lashes from her whip. The bitch cries out for mercy but Cheyenne laughs. “Ask God for mercy. Not ME!” She continues to whip the new bitch, enjoying every sadistic moment. Then she demands the bitch as her for more beating. She will teach the new meat to be grateful for his Mistresses attention..



Cum on Her Stocking Feet

Monday, August 18th, 2008

Mistress Jean is relaxing in bed when she notices a foot faggot spying on her stocking feet. She flexes her stocking feet, showing off the seam on her toes. Jean allows the slut to smell and lick her lovely high arches. She notices that the bitch is getting aroused. Jean laughs and decides to turn the slut out for the foot faggot he is. She places his hard cock between her moist, high arches. The slut’s cock grows even harder. Then Jean sits on the bitch and continues pumping his cock with her stocking feet. Jean laughs as the bitch explodes his male filth all over her stockings. Then she forces him to lick up every last drop. From here on out, this is the only the slut will be allowed to cum!



Nice Day for Ball Busting

Monday, August 18th, 2008

Mistress Jean is in the mood for a little fun. She spots one of her ground slaves by the pool. Oh, is he in for it. She drags him over and pins him against a fence. Jean then lays into with hard knees and full force kicks to his balls. The slave is holding on to the fence and trying not to fall. When Jean demands the bitch hold his cock up and out of the way and delivers a dead on kick directly to his nuts, the bitch slides down the fence, unable to stand. Jean loves it. She pounces on the slave and grabs up his bruised and aching balls. “They probably don’t work any more…so what do you care?” She laughs as she begins punching the slave’s helpless balls. Then Jean dares the bitch back to his feet. She lays in with a full one kick. The slut is still standing! Jean laughs and nails him again even harder. The slut drops like a fly. Jean smiles. She is glowing. She clearly loves busting nuts.



Frying Balls & Riding Face

Monday, August 18th, 2008

Mistress Sasha continues to train Raina’s cheating husband. At the top of her list is to condition him to be a selfless, sex slave. Sasha has an electronic shocker around the slut’s balls and a dildo gag strapped into his mouth. Sasha forces the bitch to pleasure her with the black cock. Sasha rides the bitch’s face hard, laughing at him as she fries his balls with the remote shocker. At one point, Sasha notices the slut’s cock has gotten hard. She is having none of that. This bitch must learn that a sex slave must work hard to give pleasure with no thought of his own pathetic dicklett. Sasha turns the voltage up and fries the bitch’s balls. As she rides the bitchs’ face to orgasm, she laughs and shocks his balls even more. The frying of his balls as she orgasms on his face will make chastity training much easier.



Her Rules

Thursday, July 31st, 2008

Mistress Jeans smokes her cigar as she subtly informs a new slave of the rules on her FemDom estate. Jean is stunning, as always, as she dons black leather gloves and discusses chastity and ownership with her new piece. The dialogue in this POV is subtle. Jean is shatteringly sexing as she enjoys her cigar



The Sharing of Bitch boy

Monday, June 30th, 2008

Mistress Veronica has bitch boy strung upside down by his ankles. She spins him around, showing him off to her girlfriends, Laurie and Raina. “Do anything to him, “Veronica says, “He will take any amount of pain.” Veronica is simply glowing as she launches into her bitch with a bull whip. Laurie laughs and starts in with her crop as Raina picks up a cane. The ladies delight in giving the bitch the beating of his life. When the bitch starts to cry, Laurie shoves her foot into his mouth. “Don’t spill a single tear on my floor!” Veronica warns. Then the ladies smile at each other, circle bitch boy and lay into him hot and heavy. WHOA. These ladies are enjoying themselves.