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Kendra comes in from working in the garden. She has mud all over her feet. She tracks the mud across her white tile floor. Good thing she has the perfect mop. She calls in her slave and tells him to assume the position. She mops up the mud with his tongue. Then she demands he clean her feet as well. She has guests coming over and an wants her feet perfectly clean. Kendra flexs her toes and watches as her slut licks her lovely high arches and in between her soft toes. She looks into his mouth. The slut’s tongue and face are getting dirty and her feet are getting clean. However,teh floor is still dirty and the slut needs to hurry. Kendra grinds the slut’s face into the remaning mud on the floor and demands that he work faster.



Kendra takes great delight in trampling her bitch’s balls. She stands on them with her spikey high heels and flattens them. She drives her sharp heel so deep into the slave’s balls they nearly burst. As the slave cries out in agony Kendra tells the bitch to shut up. “Are you so much of a bitch that you can’t keep your mouth shut while I have my fun?” She says as she grinds her heel in deeper to the slut’s aching nuts. Kendra is surprisingly cruel as tortures the slave’s balls. It is clear from the glow on her face that she loves every minute of her slave’s agony.


Mistress Brandy is a perfectionist. Her house slave has not been meeting her unusually high expectations. She has decided to humiliate and punish him. Brandy brings out a ball gag and ass plug. Both have been converted to feather dusters. For an extra measure, Brandy puts a shock collar around the slut’s balls. She holds up the remote and smiles as she sends a jolts to his nuts. This slut better get busy. Brandy monitors the slut as she begins to dust her home, stretching to reach her furniture with is mouth and ass dusters. She laughs. She enjoys humiliating this bitch. Then she takes a phone call from a girlfriend. She chats with her on the phone as she keeps watchful eye on her slut, shocking his balls now and again when he least expects it. When the slut has finally cleaned her home to her standards, Brandy puts him in the corner. He can stay there until she needs him again.



Mistress A’IE has turned her husband into her submissive bitch. She has become disgusted with “martial equality” and is setting the record straight with her newly collared bitch. She drags his naked body into her bedroom. She lays into him a single tail whip. A’IE grabs up the slave’s balls, “These pathetic balls can’t even produce any more!” She sneers, as she whips her bitch. A’IE gives her bitch a throughout beating, demanding that he beg her for more pain. Then she tells her trembling man bitch to get ready. She is going to fuck him in his slut hole next.



Jaelynn pushes her slut around, laughing at him and taunting him. Then backs him up against a ledge and fires off a series of sharp smacks to his face. The slut’s face grows beat red and Jaelynn smiles. She is thoroughly enjoying herself and she continues to smack this slut’s face.



Mistress Jade has discovered a peeping tom on her slave farm. She isn’t surprised as this little bitch has been spotted snooping before. Jade pulls him out of the barn he is hiding in, backs him against the doors and proceeds to give him the face smacking of his life.



Jean Bardot, Mistress Raina and Jaelynn are enjoying a nice dinner when the subject of sex slaves comes up. Raina and Jaeylenn are feeling a little horny and wouldn’t mind a boy toy to toss around in bed. Jean smiles and informs the ladies that she has a stud that should be prime as he has been in chastity for nearly a month. “And…”Jean adds,” With a devilish grin, “I’ve been starving him too.” Raina and Jaelynn are a bit taken back. “The chastity I understand…but why the starvation?” Jean gives the ladies and answers, “It makes it all the better to fuck with them.” The sex slave is brought in. Jean fingers the key to the chastity device and taunts the slave. What would he like? A long night of being a sex slave or a hardy dinner? Jean smirks as the desperate slave trades away a meal for the opportunity to pleasure the visiting Mistresses. Raina straps a dildo to the slave’s chin. Jaelynn mounts the slave’s cock. The ladies have their way with him, fucking his brains out like there is no tomorrow. Quite unexpectedly the sex slave cums. Jaelynn and Raina have had multiple orgasms but wanted even more. They are angry that the bitch could not hold out longer. Jaelynn rubs the bitch’s cum on his face to shame him. The slave actually has the nerve to ask if the ladies will sneak him some food. Jaelynn laughs, “Your dinner is on your face.” She rubs a dash of cum on the slave’s mouth, “If you are hungry, just lick your lips.” These ladies know how to use and abuse men for their every pleasure!



Sasha has ball bitch tied to her bed. This bitch is going to learn to eat ass. She grabs his balls and squeezes them tightly as she demands he stick her tongue in her sweet hole. When ball bitch doesn’t satisfy her immediately, she smacks his balls and squeezes them even harder. She spits on his balls and considers crushing them with her hands if he doesn’t start eating her ass just right. The bitch struggles to tongue Sasha’s ass to orgasm as his balls depend on it.



Raina has turned her new boy into a foot bitch. She makes him lick the dirt off the bottom of her boots. Then she removes her boots, puts the boy on his back and sits on top of him. As she flexes her beautiful bare feet over his face, she picks up a cattle prod. Oh this foot bitch is going to do a very good job worshipping her lovely high arches. With the cattle prod to his balls, he has great incentive. Raina’s sadistic streak takes over…no matter how well the bitch worships her feet, she can’t resist blasting his balls anyway.



Cheyenne has just taken delivery of a new bitch. She walks in with a single tail to test out her new meat. She rips into the slave’s flesh hot and heavy with cruel lashes from her whip. The bitch cries out for mercy but Cheyenne laughs. “Ask God for mercy. Not ME!” She continues to whip the new bitch, enjoying every sadistic moment. Then she demands the bitch as her for more beating. She will teach the new meat to be grateful for his Mistresses attention..