Nuke the Nuts

Posted in Uncategorized on June 30th, 2008

Raina is in a nut breaking mood. She starts in on her slave with nasty kicks to his balls. The slave stumbles and then falls to the ground. Raina jumps on him, grabs up his balls and fires off a brute force round of punches to his nuts. Raina demands the slut get back on his feet. She immediately begins kicking him. The bitch falls again. This time Rainia beats the slut’s balls so hard he begs to get back on his feet and take more kicking. For a moment, Raina appears sympathetic. She helps the bitch back to his feet. He must have thought she’d take it a little easy on his nuts. Boy, was he wrong. Once Raina throws the next kick, she wants even more. Raina is getting off on the slave’s suffering. The more he hurts, the more she wants.



A Present 4 the Cuck

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Raina is home from her date. She is glowing and satisfied, after having had not just one but two lovers. Her sissy cuck is looking a little sad. Perhaps his inadequacy as a male has caught up with him. “Cheer up,”Raina laughs, “I’ve brought you a present.” Then she pulls up her dress to reveal the cum seeping through her black panties. She makes the cuck lick her panties and suck all of the cum from them. She removes her panties and tells the cuck her pussy is full of cum. Raina demands her cuck lick it all out. She smiles as her cuck cleans her pussy. She wonders out loud what it must do to her cuck’s ego to stay at home doing laundry as she is out enjoying other men’s company.



A Cuck’s Job

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Raina has a big date. As she relaxes in her bath, she tells her cuck of the hot new stud she has found. She is looking forward to a long night of fucking a real man. Rainia instructs the cuck, who is wearing a sissy pink collar, to lick and clean her feet. Then the cuck is made to shave Raina’s lovely pussy. Finally, Raina instructs the sissy cuck to lick and smell her ass hole. She wants to know everything will be perfect for her big date. Then she laughs and tells the cuck, “Now, clean the bathroom!”



Ball Busting Threesome

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Raina, Veronica and Laurie are quite possibly the most beautiful and cruel ball busters ever. They over take the house slave, grabbing his balls and demanding and explanation for why he should be allowed to keep them. The do not like his balls. They punch, kick, twist and beat his balls until the bitch can no longer stand. As the slave withers and moans in the floor, the ladies pounce on him. Laurie sits on the slave’s face, holding him in place as Veronica and Raina continue on their mission to destroy his balls.



The Power of Her Feet

Posted in Foot fetish on June 30th, 2008

Raina has come from her walk with dirty, sweaty feet. It is a good thing her door mat has been laying in await of his Mistress’s return. Raina wipes her dirty feet on her servant’s face. She demands that he lick and clean every bit of dirt from her lovely toes. Raina taunts her slave with her high arches, amused by the power her soft feet have over him. Then she forces his mouth open and face fucks the bitch with her soft foot.



Jean Bardot and Mistress Veronica have prepared their bitch for a brutal single tail whipping

Posted in Spanking on June 24th, 2008

Jean Bardot and Mistress Veronica have prepared their bitch for a brutal single tail whipping. The ladies circle their prey, teasing him with their whips. The bitch begged for the whip. He acknowledged that he needed the beating. Now he is going to get the beating of his life. throw one cruel lash after another, ripping into the slave’s flesh with no mercy. The more the slave cries out, the harder the ladies throw their whips. Jean and Veronica are getting off on the bitch’s suffering. They love forcing the male bitch to answer to their whips. Then, they lay in with brute force lashes. No warm up for this bitch. The bitch begged for the whip. Now he is going to get it. The ladies



No mercy for the balls

Posted in CBT on June 24th, 2008

Mistress Jean and Veronica lead their bitch boy to the cross by a cock leash. The ladies restrain the bitch to the cross and proceed to whip, cane, twist and torture his cock and balls. Veronica laughs as the slave cries for mercy. Jean twists his dick and nuts up like a pretzel. The ladies are LOVING abusing this bitch’s cock and balls. The slut cries out again for mercy but only one thing will stop the ball abuse. The bitch must beg for a brutal bull whipping. Jean and Veronica beat his pathetic excuse for manhood until they are convinced he truly wants to submit to their single tail whips.



His Balls are Her Toys

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Mistress Veronica demands that her slut kneel on two knees with his hands on his head. Then she drop kicks him from behind. There is no warning, just a brute force kick to his nuts. The slave falls over. Veronica forces him back up and kicks him several more times. Finally the trembling bitch can no longer struggle back to his knees. Veronica loves it! She pounces on him, grabs up his balls and punches them. Laughing she drives her finger right into the slut’s aching ball sac. Then she smacks his balls around, enjoying his helplessness.



Mud, Smoke and Spit

Posted in Uncategorized on June 16th, 2008

Mistress Veronica is on a smoke break. How thoughtful that an ash tray and spittoon has been left in the front yard for her. Veronica grinds her boots into the mud, smiling. While the bitch is at it, he can clean her boots as well. Once the dirt and grime have been licked from her boots, Veronica fills the bitch’s mouth with ashes and spits. She takes long drags from her cigarette and blows the smoke into the bitch’s face. She leaves a burning on ember on the slut’s tongue, then teases him with a load of spit to douse it out. Veronica is sexy, powerful and out right mean!


No More Whipping

Posted in Spanking on June 16th, 2008

Jean Bardot and Mistress Veronica cut loose on a single tail frenzy. With their bitch suspended from the ceiling by his ankles and his wrists tied to his balls, there is nothing to make these ladies stop whipping their bitch. Jean and Veronica cut into the slave’s flesh with one cruel lash after another. They laugh as the bitch cries out in agony. Has he had enough? Ha ha. It doesn’t matter if the bitch wants more. The ladies want to give him more. They shove their high heels into the groveling bitch’s mouth and demand that he suck them off. Then Jean and Veronica start back in with their vicious whips.


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