Ball Busting Virgin

Posted in CBT on September 9th, 2008

Cheyenne is having a blast with a long time fan of her videos. She feels for him as an old friend…AND new prey. Cheyenne’s face lights up when he tells her that his balls have never been busted. She is genuinely surprised to hear it but 100 more times excited. Cheyenne grabs up his balls and lays in with a dead on punches. Then she forces her new boy to his feet and lays with repeated brute force kicks to his nuts. Cheyenne loves how her new prey struggles to stay on his feet. He is trembling but trying determined to take all of the ball busting Cheyenne wants to dish out. When the boy can no longer stand, Cheyenne pushes him down and lays into his bruised balls with repeated bare foot kicks and punches. This is a fantastic ball busting video. Cheyenne has a complete blast in taking this nut slut’s virginity.



Juice the Balls and Fuck the Cock

Posted in CBT on September 8th, 2008

Cheyenne has her bitch restrained in a bondage chair. His balls are wired to an electrical box and Cheyenne is looking angry. Oh no. This bitch knows he is in for it. Cheyenne slips on her black leather gloves and grabs up his balls. Then she kicks up the power on the electrical box. She is out to FRY his nuts. When the bitch starts to squirm, Cheyenne picks up a steel rod and slides into his cock shaft. “You always me to fuck you…didn’t you?” She laughs as she punishes her boy’s cock. Then she picks up a cane. She demands that he beg her to cane is balls, turning up the juice on the electrical unit until her boy is begging for ten cane strokes to his balls. Cheyenne smiles and informs her slut that he did such a good that she will reward him with twenty cane strokes instead of ten. Cheyenne lays into the boy’s balls hot and heavy, delivering well over 20 strokes to his aching nuts. Ball abuse is such a turn on for women!



Foot Bitch’sFried Balls

Posted in CBT on September 7th, 2008

Raina has turned her new boy into a foot bitch. She makes him lick the dirt off the bottom of her boots. Then she removes her boots, puts the boy on his back and sits on top of him. As she flexes her beautiful bare feet over his face, she picks up a cattle prod. Oh this foot bitch is going to do a very good job worshipping her lovely high arches. With the cattle prod to his balls, he has great incentive. Raina’s sadistic streak takes over…no matter how well the bitch worships her feet, she can’t resist blasting his balls anyway.



FaceFucked Boy Toy

Posted in Uncategorized on September 6th, 2008

Raina has her boy toy on his knees. She shows him a gag that has a dildo on each end. Her boy is going to be sucking cock she face fucks him. Raina is going to face fuck the bitch hard. She loves that her cum will be running down the bitch’s face and he will not even be allowed to taste. Maybe she will let him get close enough to smell what he cannot taste. For extra measure, Raina has fitted the boy toy’s balls with an electronic shocking collar. Any time her toy isn’t pleasuring her, his balls will be fried. Maybe she will just fry his balls as she gets close to an orgasm. Raina is having so much fun using her little bitch for sex. *This clip went well over the intended time. Raina was enjoying herself so much…it became up to her when to end this clip. Enoy the bonus minutes in this 11.5 minute clip.*



New Meat-Ball Abuse

Posted in CBT on September 5th, 2008

Cheyenne has now turned the new bitch around and locked his balls into a humbler. She loves how helpless his nuts are. She is going to tear them up. All balls need to be punished! Cheyenne whips his balls until they turn purple. Then she grabs up his tender nuts and squeezes them tightly, driving her finger right into them. The bitch cries out for mercy! Cheyenne can’t believe. “You will not interrupt my fun!” She declares. By the end of the ball beating, Cheyenne puts the bitch on his knees and demands that he actually hand her his balls. She wants to know this bitch can be grateful. Once the bitch hands Cheyenne his balls, she lays into them with a riding crop. Oh, she LOVES it. Then, Cheyenne demands the bitch put his hands on his head and open his left. Cheyenne’s face lights up as the bitch begins to tremble. he knows he is in for a brute force ball kicking. Cheyenne holds nothing back as she nails her new meat in the nuts until he is crumbled in a heap on the floor.



The Bitch is Grateful

Posted in Spanking on September 4th, 2008

Cheyenne has just taken delivery of a new bitch. She walks in with a single tail to test out her new meat. She rips into the slave’s flesh hot and heavy with cruel lashes from her whip. The bitch cries out for mercy but Cheyenne laughs. “Ask God for mercy. Not ME!” She continues to whip the new bitch, enjoying every sadistic moment. Then she demands the bitch as her for more beating. She will teach the new meat to be grateful for his Mistresses attention..



Hell on Balls

Posted in CBT on September 3rd, 2008

Cheyenne loves to wreak havoc on a man’s balls. She is especially delighted when she can lure a bitch into begging for it. Cheyenne’s bitch has just made his bed, anxious to get out of a sound caning, he opted for punishment on his balls. Cheyenne slips on her black leather gloves, jerks up his balls and begins caning them with out mercy. The more the slut cries, the more Cheyenne enjoys this exercise. Then Cheyenne begins slapping and squeezing the slut’s helpless nuts. “Just think,” Cheyenne smiles,”I could pop your worthless balls with one twist of my thumb.” The slut begs for mercy, which just adds fuel to Cheyenne’s fire. This bitch has got to be kidding. There is no mercy at her FemDom estate. Cheyenne picks her cane back up and rips into the sluts balls until he is at the point of tears. Then, she takes three more strikes. Why do men think they have balls anyway?.



Sluts need Hard Caning

Posted in Spanking on September 2nd, 2008

Sasha is certain that this bitch will learn his place. She fits him up with a riding bit and throws him over the dining room table. Sasha is going to drive 9 inches of hard cock in this bitch’s ass and make like it. Sasha takes it slow and deep as she impales this faggot on her huge cock. Sasha humiliates the slut, robbing him of any hope of manhood as she drives her dick into his ass, forcing him to admit that he likes it.



Cuck Training 101

Posted in Uncategorized on August 25th, 2008

Sasha is teaching the new cuck a hard lesson. She has the cuck at the foot of her bed. As Sasha’s studly lover mounts her from behind, she tells the cuck that he can never satisfy a woman like this. Sasha enjoys a long hard fuck from a real man. She cums multiple times on her stud’s hard dick as the cuck is forced to watch. She tells the cuck that he will be eating the stud’s cum. It is all the cuck is good for. After Sasha has been satisfied, she dangles the cum filled condom over the cuck’s face. “This is MAN juice.” She smirks. She sips the stud’s juice from the condom and smiles. Then spit’s it into the cuck’s mouth, telling him how lucky he is to taste a real man. Sasha pours the rest her stud’s man juice on the cuck’s face. The cuck must learn to be grateful for his meager role in a woman’s sex life.



Cum on Her Stocking Feet

Posted in Foot fetish on August 18th, 2008

Mistress Jean is relaxing in bed when she notices a foot faggot spying on her stocking feet. She flexes her stocking feet, showing off the seam on her toes. Jean allows the slut to smell and lick her lovely high arches. She notices that the bitch is getting aroused. Jean laughs and decides to turn the slut out for the foot faggot he is. She places his hard cock between her moist, high arches. The slut’s cock grows even harder. Then Jean sits on the bitch and continues pumping his cock with her stocking feet. Jean laughs as the bitch explodes his male filth all over her stockings. Then she forces him to lick up every last drop. From here on out, this is the only the slut will be allowed to cum!



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