Jean Bardot, Mistress Raina and Jaelynn are enjoying a nice dinner when the subject of sex slaves comes up. Raina and Jaeylenn are feeling a little horny and wouldn’t mind a boy toy to toss around in bed. Jean smiles and informs the ladies that she has a stud that should be prime as he has been in chastity for nearly a month. “And…”Jean adds,” With a devilish grin, “I’ve been starving him too.” Raina and Jaelynn are a bit taken back. “The chastity I understand…but why the starvation?” Jean gives the ladies and answers, “It makes it all the better to fuck with them.” The sex slave is brought in. Jean fingers the key to the chastity device and taunts the slave. What would he like? A long night of being a sex slave or a hardy dinner? Jean smirks as the desperate slave trades away a meal for the opportunity to pleasure the visiting Mistresses. Raina straps a dildo to the slave’s chin. Jaelynn mounts the slave’s cock. The ladies have their way with him, fucking his brains out like there is no tomorrow. Quite unexpectedly the sex slave cums. Jaelynn and Raina have had multiple orgasms but wanted even more. They are angry that the bitch could not hold out longer. Jaelynn rubs the bitch’s cum on his face to shame him. The slave actually has the nerve to ask if the ladies will sneak him some food. Jaelynn laughs, “Your dinner is on your face.” She rubs a dash of cum on the slave’s mouth, “If you are hungry, just lick your lips.” These ladies know how to use and abuse men for their every pleasure!



Jean brings in one of her slaves, leading him by a cock leash. She presents him to Jaylnn, taking care to describe the electronic box that is strapped to the bitch’s balls. Jean hands Jaylnn the remote control. “If he isn’t pleasing you, let him know.” She smiles. After a long day, Jaylnn is ready for relaxation. She grabs the bitch by the back of his neck and pulls him into her pussy. Jaylnn tells the bitch just how to eat her pussy. She takes additional delight in shocking his balls when he isn’t getting exactly right. “You won’t be done until my cum is running down your throat!” She tells the bitch, sending a jolt to his worthless balls.



Mistress Jean has a beating bitch up on a crucifix. She is eager to show Raina and Jaylnn what a good whipping bitch this one is. Jean picks up a single tail and rips into the slut’s back. After several good lashes, she turns the bitch over to Jaylenn and Raina. The ladies eagerly lay into the slut with their canes, delivering stroke after brutal stroke. The bitch begins to cry for mercy and flail against the cross. This does not make Jean Bardot happy. She scolds the slut for crying and lays in harder than ever with a bull whip. The ladies do not stop until they have their fill.



Mistress Jean and Raina have a slut on his knees. They want to turn him out for the cum eating whore he is. The ladies bring in a stud slave with a hard cock and demand the slut slave suck his dick. Raina grabs the bitch and forces his mouth over the throbbing cock. She wants to see him deep throat this dick. Jean demands the slut hold his tongue out as the stud jerks off in his mouth. The ladies laugh. They like a good show. Jean forces the slut to catch all of the cum and then hold it on his tongue. Raina scoops up the cum that has spilled on his face and paints his lips with it. As the bitch is told to swallow the cum, Jean smirks. “Tell me you love cum!” She laughs.



Jean and Raina are glowing after having utterly humiliated Jean’s husband. To ensure he has not an ounce of manly pride left, Jean continues to taunt him with the remote shocker around his balls as Raina laughs. Jean tells Raina that they only way her subby hubby can have an orgasm is at her feet. Then, of course, he is made to lick up his filth. “Is this floor clean enough to eat off of?” Jean asks her bitch. Before the slut can answer, Jean demands, “Then jerk off on this floor and lick it all up” Raina laughs as the slut begins to stroke his dick. “He actually aroused by having you fuck him in the ass!” Jean stands over the bitch with her arms folded and floor tapping on the floor. “You know we do this!” Jeans says as she and Raina watch the slut masturbate . When the slut spews his man juice it not only goes onto the floor but Jean’s boot. Jean pushes the slut’s head down to the floor and forces him to lick his cum from her boot and the kitchen floor. “It is one way to have a clean kitchen floor!” Jean smirks.



Mistress Jean has her bitch bent for a caning. Jaelynn and Raina start in with swift, hard cane strokes. Jean joins them, all of the ladies delivering one severe stroke after another. The bitch begins to whimper but Jean is having none of that. She demands that he maintain proper position for the beating. Jean stands back to admire Jaelynn and Raina’s enthusiasm for the cane. The ladies are having an excellent time striping the bitch’s ass and thighs. After what must be well over one hundred strokes, the bitch begins to beg for mercy. Jean is not pleased. She steps in and asks the bitch what he really wants. Gulping the slut begins to beg for more punishment. The caning commences, harder than ever. *This is one of the most brutal caning videos yet. The ladies are as cruel as they are stunning.



Every Friday Jean Bardot expects her husband’s paycheck on the table, her house perfectly spotless and her bitch ready to be of service. She has brought a friend home on the Friday. She is disappointed that her husband’s paycheck is short and the house is not quite in perfect order…or maybe she is just looking for a reason to show off for her girlfriend. Jean demands that her husband drop his paints. Jean’s friend laughs at the sight of a electronic shock collar on his balls. Jean hands her friend the remote and lets her have fun shocking her subby hubby’s balls. Then Jean slides on her strap on cock. “Every now and then a good husband needs a stiff dick in his ass.” Jean shoves her bitch’s head into the sink, holding his face under the dish water as she fucks him in the ass. “Beg me for more dick!” Jean demands, “Your next breath depends on it!” Jean’s friend beams with delight. She helps hold the bitch under water as Jean drives her dick deep in her hubby’s slut hole. She picks up the remote to the ball collar and shocks the slut. “I never thought I’d get married…but this is fun. I wouldn’t mind having a husband like this!” She laughs.



Mistress Jean has just retired a ball bitch. He can no longer take severe nut busting. She knees him in the nuts several times, taunting him in front of the other slaves. Then she throws the slut on the ground. Jean and Jaelynn stand over the bitch. “You are only good enough to be an ass whore!” Jean tells the bitch. From now on the slut’s only purpose on the farm is to worship and clean the asses of the reigning Mistresses. Jaelynn loves this. She rips off her skirt and sits her lovely bare ass on the slut’s face. Jean folds her arms across her chest and supervises to make sure the ass whore doesn’t disappoint. “You entire tongue in MY ass NOW!” Jaelynn barks as she rides the bitch’s face. Jaelynn forces the slut to smell, lick and love her ass hole. She laughs, “You better get used to the taste and smell of ass!”



Mistress Jean has tied three of her best slaves together by the balls. She wants to impress, Jaelynn, a potential slave buyer, with a full blown game of “ball tug of war.” From the gate the slaves begin tugging and pulling against each other, each trying desperately to save their own balls. Then one of the slaves stumbles. He cannot hold his own. Jean unties the disappointing ball bitch and stands the slut him on his feet with is legs wide open and his balls helplessly exposed. Smiling, she shows Jaelynn exactly what kind of treatment losers get on her slave farm. What ensues is non stop, brute force ball busting. The ladies kick and punch the slut’s balls until he can no longer stand. Why not ruin the bitch’s balls at this point? Then they nail him in the nuts even more. When the slut is crumbled in a heap on the ground, holding his broken balls and crying, Jaelynn stands over him and laughs at his ruined balls.



Jaelynn’s boyfriend is such a slut. She has him in a swing and teases him with her 10 inch strap on dick. Then she slides the cock into his ass and fucks him long and hard. Jaelynn likes a tight ride. She demands her boy hold his ass tight on her dick. Then she jerks him, giving him a cum bath as she buries her dick deep in his ass. What a slut!