Cuck Training 101

Posted in Uncategorized on August 25th, 2008

Sasha is teaching the new cuck a hard lesson. She has the cuck at the foot of her bed. As Sasha’s studly lover mounts her from behind, she tells the cuck that he can never satisfy a woman like this. Sasha enjoys a long hard fuck from a real man. She cums multiple times on her stud’s hard dick as the cuck is forced to watch. She tells the cuck that he will be eating the stud’s cum. It is all the cuck is good for. After Sasha has been satisfied, she dangles the cum filled condom over the cuck’s face. “This is MAN juice.” She smirks. She sips the stud’s juice from the condom and smiles. Then spit’s it into the cuck’s mouth, telling him how lucky he is to taste a real man. Sasha pours the rest her stud’s man juice on the cuck’s face. The cuck must learn to be grateful for his meager role in a woman’s sex life.



Cum on Her Stocking Feet

Posted in Foot fetish on August 18th, 2008

Mistress Jean is relaxing in bed when she notices a foot faggot spying on her stocking feet. She flexes her stocking feet, showing off the seam on her toes. Jean allows the slut to smell and lick her lovely high arches. She notices that the bitch is getting aroused. Jean laughs and decides to turn the slut out for the foot faggot he is. She places his hard cock between her moist, high arches. The slut’s cock grows even harder. Then Jean sits on the bitch and continues pumping his cock with her stocking feet. Jean laughs as the bitch explodes his male filth all over her stockings. Then she forces him to lick up every last drop. From here on out, this is the only the slut will be allowed to cum!



Nice Day for Ball Busting

Posted in CBT on August 18th, 2008

Mistress Jean is in the mood for a little fun. She spots one of her ground slaves by the pool. Oh, is he in for it. She drags him over and pins him against a fence. Jean then lays into with hard knees and full force kicks to his balls. The slave is holding on to the fence and trying not to fall. When Jean demands the bitch hold his cock up and out of the way and delivers a dead on kick directly to his nuts, the bitch slides down the fence, unable to stand. Jean loves it. She pounces on the slave and grabs up his bruised and aching balls. “They probably don’t work any more…so what do you care?” She laughs as she begins punching the slave’s helpless balls. Then Jean dares the bitch back to his feet. She lays in with a full one kick. The slut is still standing! Jean laughs and nails him again even harder. The slut drops like a fly. Jean smiles. She is glowing. She clearly loves busting nuts.



Stomping out the Balls

Posted in CBT on August 18th, 2008

Cheyenne is ready for a ball busting work out. She has placed a hood over her bitch’s head. He cannot see to brace himself from her gut wrenching blows. Cheyenne punches him in the belly, doubling the bitch over. Then she nails him in the nuts with her bare feet. She holds nothing back, delivering brute force punches and kicks, one after another. When the slut falls to the ground, unable to stand, Cheyenne pounces on top of him. She rips off her boxing gloves, grabs up his aching balls and beats them with no mercy. Cheyenne is having a grand time destroying the slut’s balls. When she has had her fill, she takes a victory pose, flaunting her power of his worthless nuts.



A Clear Shot

Posted in CBT on August 18th, 2008

Jean and Veronica are shooting pool and having a grand time. Their slut is tied by his balls over the pool table. Jean lines up her shot and nails the bitch dead in the nuts. “Good one!” Veronica smiles as she gives Jean a high five. The ladies laugh as they nail the bitch in the nuts, time and time again. This is the way every woman wants to shoot pool.\



The Faggot likes it!

Posted in Strap on on August 18th, 2008

Sasha is certain that this bitch will learn his place. She fits him up with a riding bit and throws him over the dining room table. Sasha is going to drive 9 inches of hard cock in this bitch’s ass and make like it. Sasha takes it slow and deep as she impales this faggot on her huge cock. Sasha humiliates the slut, robbing him of any hope of manhood as she drives her dick into his ass, forcing him to admit that he likes it.



Frying Balls & Riding Face

Posted in CBT on August 18th, 2008

Mistress Sasha continues to train Raina’s cheating husband. At the top of her list is to condition him to be a selfless, sex slave. Sasha has an electronic shocker around the slut’s balls and a dildo gag strapped into his mouth. Sasha forces the bitch to pleasure her with the black cock. Sasha rides the bitch’s face hard, laughing at him as she fries his balls with the remote shocker. At one point, Sasha notices the slut’s cock has gotten hard. She is having none of that. This bitch must learn that a sex slave must work hard to give pleasure with no thought of his own pathetic dicklett. Sasha turns the voltage up and fries the bitch’s balls. As she rides the bitchs’ face to orgasm, she laughs and shocks his balls even more. The frying of his balls as she orgasms on his face will make chastity training much easier.



The Ball Toys

Posted in CBT on August 18th, 2008

Raina’s boy bitch is fully hooded and gagged. He is restrained with hands over head and balls locked into a standing vice. Raina is enthralled with her bitch’s vulnerability. She pinches and pokes his helpless nuts. Then Raina brings out a riding crop and smacks the bitch’s balls until they are purple. Raina’s boy toy wanes and moans as she has a blast putting her new toys to the test. Raina is simply glowing as she explores the female joy of cock and ball torture. After all, all women know what a man’s balls are really for.



Whipping Her New Toy

Posted in Spanking on July 31st, 2008

Raina in on cloud nine, enjoying her new toy. She has finished with a belly caning and ball beating. Now she has him strung up by his wrists and bound to a post. Rainia whips the gagged and bound slave with a single tail. She enjoys touting her authority as he taunts the slut. When the slut begins to whimper and moan, Raina grabs his balls and reminds him that she owns him now. The slut is her toy to torment as she pleases. Raina continues to rip into the slave’s ass, back and shoulders, flaunting her superior position with her new boy toy.



Tongue her ass to orgasm

Posted in Facesitting on July 31st, 2008

Laurie has has gotten really turned on by beating her bitch boy. As he lays exhausted and moaning on the floor after a solid kicking and whipping, she stands over him smiling. The bitch begins begging for a break from the beating. Laurie sits on his face and forces him to smell her ass. She pulls her panties aside and demands the bitch lick her ass. Laurie loves the power she has over her groveling slut. She forces him to drive his tongue deep into her sweet ass hole. She pulls down her panties to show the slut how wet her pussy is getting. The she demands that he tongue her ass hole to orgasm.



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