Sinister Game 4 Chastity Slave

Posted in CBT, Spanking on November 12th, 2007

Lady Cheyenne leads her chastity slave into her parlor with a cock leash. The slave has been in chastity for 30 days and is desperate for a release. Cheyenne toys with the slave, flaunting the key she wears around her neck. Then Cheyenne gives the slave a choice. He can wait another 30 days and then have an orgasm. No strings attached OR he can play a sinister game. He will submit is body for Cheyenne to torture. If his suffering is enough that Cheyenne has an orgasm while she is beating him, he will be allowed to cum. If his suffering is not enough for Cheyenne to have an orgasm while she is beating, he’ll be castrated on the spot.



200 Cane Strokes

Posted in Spanking on November 12th, 2007

Cheyenne has her slave bent over rack. She forces an orange in his mouth and tells him to hold it in his teeth but not to spill a drop. She knows if he goes thrashing about as she is caning him, he’ll spill the juice from the orange. Cheyenne begins caning him severely, right from the beginning. Instant purple and red welts arise on the slave’s ass. The slave cannot hold still. He has failed the test with the orange. Cheyenne laughs, canes him even harder, turning the purple welts to black. Then she ties his balls over his head. Perhaps this will give him incentive to hold still for the caning. Cheyenne continues to administer deep, vicious cane strokes to her trembling slave. She alternates between a bamboo cane and long handles plexi glass cane. The slave is nearly sobbing but Cheyenne keeps laying into his ass, delighting in every sadistic stroke. This is 10 minutes of brutal femdom caning.



Castrate me PLEASE!

Posted in CBT on November 12th, 2007

Cheyenne is enjoying her slave’s suffering immensely. The slave is utterly helpless, duct taped to a pole with his now bruised balls exposed and vulnerable. Cheyenne picks up her cattle whip. The slave moans. He knows what is coming next. Cheyenne whips his balls with her vicious single tail. Instant black bruises appear. Cheyenne laughs. She rubs her pussy and holds her fingers under the slave’s nose. “Do you see how wet this is making me?” Perhaps the slave has a chance to save himself from castration. If he can hold out for enough ball whipping to bring Cheyenne to orgasm, she’ll spare him. Cheyenne then lays into her slave’s balls with her cane. She canes his aching balls, laughing all the while. The slave is nearly sobbing. He begins begging to be castrated if it means the beating will stop. Cheyenne can’t believe what she is hearing. How selfish can her slave be? She is having too much fun to stop. She picks up single tail and ball whips the slave more. Cheyenne asks the slave if the smell of pussy will have the same affect on him after he’s been castrated. She laughs at the slave. He is so terrified. Then she places the gelding device around his bruised and broken balls. She explains that it will take a while for the male hormones in the slave’s body to be processed out of his system. He’ll not feel the full effect of the castration for weeks. Every day, he’ll feel a little bit different, she laughs. Then, she goes in for the cut, laughing as the slave screams.



Broken Ball Beating

Posted in CBT on November 12th, 2007

Cheyenne has her slave duct taped to a pole. Only his cock and balls are exposed. His cock is taped up and out of the way, leaving his balls completely helpless. Cheyenne shoves a orange into the slave’s mouth. If he can hold the orange without spilling juice from it, she’ll only punch his balls. If he cannot maintain is composure under her brutal punches, she’ll kicking his aching balls as well. The slave, who cannot move a muscle to brace himself for this ball beating breaks down almost immediately. He cannot hold the orange. He cannot even breath. Cheyenne laughs as she grabs his balls up and continues to deliver one cruel punch after another. She does not leave recover time but keeps right on going. Then she lays into the slave’s already aching balls with brute force kicks. Cheyenne examines his now lifeless cock and balls. Twisting his cock and balls up like a pretzel, she laughs. He may not even keep castration. Punching him several times more, Cheyenne gloats destroying his balls.



Destroy his Balls

Posted in CBT on November 5th, 2007

Cheyenne and Dietrich are looking for a little fun. They have their slave’s hands and balls tied helplessly behind his back. Cheyenne tells the slave that his balls are going to be destroyed. She puts his foot on his head and shoves his face to the floor. Dietrich comes in from behind with a brutal kick to his balls. The slave drops to the floor. The ladies pick him back up and put him on his knees. Cheyenne locks the slave’s head between her legs as Dietrich goes in for more blows to the slave’s helpless balls. As the slave collapses to the floor, Dietrich locks her legs around his neck. Cheyenne begins kicking and stomping on the slave’s balls so hard that he can’t catch a breath. Dietrich and Cheyenne stand over the slave, laughing at his helpless state. His balls are bruised and he can’t move. He is entirely defeated. The ladies give each other a high five and take a victory pose. Then the slave makes a critical mistake. He asks for mercy. This infuriates the ladies. They rip back into his balls with gut wrenching knees. Then they force him to his feet and kick him until he is barely able to support his weight against the wall. Cheyenne then finishes him off with brutal blows to his already aching and bruised balls. Dietrich laughs as the slave slides down the wall and falls to the floor.



Pinned and Drenched

Posted in Uncategorized on November 5th, 2007

Dietrich invites her unwitting slave to a wrestling match. He has no idea that she is one heck of a wrestler. She takes him down in no time. Then she starts picking on him. She forces him to kiss his knees, she flicks him in the eye lids and laughs at how easily she over powered him. For an extra dose of humiliation, Dietrich spits in the slave’s mouth. Every time she puts him in a new helpless position, she leans down and fills his mouth with her spit. At one point she has the slave in a painful position. He is begging for mercy but Dietrich makes him drink loads of her spit before she’ll even consider letting him go. Dietrich is simply radiant as she taunts her slave with her power and humiliates him with her spit.



Ball Busting or Ass Licking?

Posted in CBT on November 5th, 2007

Dietrich has her slave pinned down. She grabs his balls up in her hand as she hovers her beautiful ass just over the slave’s face. Does he want to be punched in the balls or lick her delicious ass? The slave desperately wants to lick her ass. However, Dietrich has her bitch pinned down so that she is just out of reach. She demands the slave struggle to reach her ass but he can’t. So, she nails him hard in the balls. She keeps right on ball slapping and punching her helpless bitch, taunting him all the while. The slave begins begging for no more ball busting. Dietrich is amused with his desperation. She tells him to put his hands together and pray. He does pray but Dietrich is only fueled by his desperation. She punches the quivering slave in his helpless balls. Then she sits right over top of his face. She tells the bitch that she will give him one last chance to either lick ass or have another round of ball busting. Then she ties his aching balls to a post and stands just out of reach. Dietrich’s slave pulls against the rope, stretching his balls to reach her ass but falls short. Loving the slave’s suffering and desperation, Dietrich smacks and punches the balls slave even more. Sexy and Cruel.



Ball Busting Work Over

Posted in CBT on November 5th, 2007

Cheyenne and Dietrich slave is nothing more than a fuck hole for cock. Dietrich shoves her 10 inch cock down the slut’s throat. Their slut is hesitant to take their cock. Cheyenne shocks the slut’s balls with an electronic ball collar until their slut is begging for cock in his mouth. “Please cum in my mouth!” Their slut cries out in desperation for the electronic zapping on his balls to stop. This isn’t good enough for the Mistresses. “Love our cocks!” Cheyenne says as she drives the dildo mounted on her thigh high boot into the slave’s ass. The ladies force the slave back up with his slut ass and fuck Cheyenne’s cock while taking Dietrich’s dick in his mouth. Dietrich steps back from the desperate slave and smacks him the face until he admits to needing Mistress’s cock.



Boot in the ass

Posted in Strap on on November 5th, 2007

Cheyenne and Dietrich have their bitch strung upside like the perfect punching bag. The ladies lay into the bitch with heavy punches and kicks. They punch and kick the bitch’s belly, cock and balls with full force. The slave moans and pleads as one lady holds the bitch in place and the other kicks him square in the balls. The bitch cries for mercy. The ladies laugh at their bitch’s pleas and go in for more. “Do you like toned legs and abs?” Dietrich asks as she holds the punching bag bitch for Cheyenne to kick. Cheyenne fires off a round of none stop ball kicking and punching. There is a price to pay for being a pig. The ladies drive the point home well. This is one of the best ball punching and kicking videos yet.



Deep Vicious Cane Stokes

Posted in Spanking on October 29th, 2007

Cheyenne leads a slave into the parlor to present him to Dietrich. The slave, Cheyenne, informs Dietrich, is hopeful the ladies will see fit to brand him with their initials. The ladies decide the slave must earn the brand. Cheyenne bends the slave over a chair and lays into him with her cane. She welts his ass with vicious cane strokes as Dietrich watches with amusement. Soon Dietrich joins in. The slave is subjected to severe cane strokes, one right after another. An electric ball collar is attached to the slave’s balls. Every time the slave winces or lose his footing, Cheyenne uses the hand held remote to shock his balls. After the slave has taken well over 100 cane strokes, Dietrich lights a cigarette and drives it out on the slave’s ass. Cheyenne canes the slave’s welted ass even more. Then the slave is made to thank the ladies for the severe caning.



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