The Twisted Game

Posted in CBT on January 7th, 2008

Lady Cheyenne has her slave restrained to a bondage bed. She offers to let him spill his male filth. Does her horny bitch want to cum? She will allow it. In fact, Cheyenne wants her bitch to come. There is one twist in this game. Once the slut starts to spew his man juice, Cheyenne will punch his balls. Cheyenne puts a vibrator on the slave’s cock. He resists cumming. Cheyenne sits on his face, smothering him with her panties. “Do you smell how hot this is getting me?” Cheyenne asks as the slave starts begging for Cheyenne to stop. He doesn’t want to cum. He doesn’t want his balls busted but it is too late. As the slave spews his male filth Cheyenne lays into his balls with rapid fire punches. Then she squeezes his cock so hard that it looks as if she may crush it. Cheyenne stands over the trembling and terrified slave. She stops on his balls and then, draws her lovely stocking foot back and nails him in his empty, aching ball sac with a dead on kick.



Spiky Ball Trample

Posted in CBT on January 7th, 2008

Mistress Jean and Anastasia pin their ball bitch down with their spiky heels. The laugh at the helpless slave as she struggles to keep his balance. The stomp and flatten his cock and balls with their boots, delighting in the slave’s agony.



Two Dicks, One Hole

Posted in Strap on on January 7th, 2008

Mistress Coral man handles her slutty slave. She throws him on his back and drills his slut hole with her hard strap on cock. She pounds his ass hard as she slaps him in the face with a 12 inch dick. Then Coral gets a devilish look in her eyes. She flashes in the big cock in front of the slut’s face and informs him that she is going to nail his bitch ass with two cocks. Coral shoves the second cock into the slut’s ass, laughing as she fucks him with two dicks at once.



Foot Jerked

Posted in Foot fetish on January 7th, 2008

As Cheyenne relaxes in a lounge chair on the beach, her foot slut is trapped under her lovely size seven feet. She teases him with her high arches and soft soles. Then she forces his cock to explode under her dainty toes. She laughs at the helpless slut. There is no denying that he is a hopeless foot faggot.



The Virgin Caning

Posted in Spanking on January 7th, 2008

Mistress Jean and Anastasia call one of their slaves into the bed room. He has been instructed to bring all of Mistress’s new canes with him. No sooner than the slave has presented the Mistresses with their canes, he is shoved onto the bed. The ladies lay into his tender ass with hard strokes from their canes. The ladies delight in producing instant red and purple welts on the trembling slave’s ass. Anastasia demands the boy hold his feet up and she canes them too. Jean and Ana are glowing as they berate and cane the boy with no mercy.



Cum Face

Posted in Uncategorized on January 7th, 2008

Jean and Anastasia call out their sluttiest slave. He is so full of himself! They demand that he jerk off and empty his disgusting ball sac into a glass. The ladies laugh as their bitch jerks off into a glass. Jean holds the glass up to see how much male filth the cock slave came up with. Anastasia and Jean laugh. Their little stud couldn’t quite deliver. There is no where as much cum as a real man would put out. They demand the humiliated bitch pours and smears the cum all over his face. Then the ladies inform him that he’ll be sent out into public wearing the male filth on his face.



Brutalizing Bruised Balls

Posted in CBT on January 7th, 2008

Mistress Jean’s bitch has been put up on the cross. The bitch’s balls are locked into a humbler and presented before him. Jean whips is cock and ball with a single tail. The bitch winces and moans under Jean’s cruel lashes. Jean has no sympathy. She demands the slave keep his posture straight and present his balls for more brutal whipping. When the slave can no longer support his weight, Jean cuts him down and lays him on his back. Jean crops and whips his bruised and aching cock and balls. She spits on his balls as she continues to brutalize the slave’s pathetic manhood.



Leash Training

Posted in Spanking on December 10th, 2007

Maya and Cheyenne are training one their slaves to walk properly behind Mistress. The slave is to follow Maya with his face close enough to her ass that she can feel his breath. However, the slave’s face is not to touch her lovely ass. The slave strains to keep his nose right at Maya’s ass without bumping into her. He just can’t get it right. Every time the slave makes a mistake Cheyenne canes his ass. Maya and Cheyenne ridicule and cane their slave. Then the Maya instructs the slave to do other tricks, such as sit, beg and roll over. Cheyenne tells the slave to sniff her ass just like a puppy would. Maya and Cheyenne have a wonderful time taunting their slave toy.



Where Your Balls Belong

Posted in CBT on December 10th, 2007

Lady Cheyenne has her slave restrained by his balls. She steps on her slave’s balls with her bare feet. She crushes his cock. She forces the slave’s tied and aching balls between the arches of her lovely feet. Cheyenne laughs as she smashes the slave’s balls between her feet “This is where your balls belong!” Then she demands the slave beg her to kick him in the balls with her sexy, high arched feet. Gulping, the slave complies. Cheyenne kicks the slave twice and then unties the rope so that she can flatten his balls like pancakes under her bare feet.



The Perfect Cuck

Posted in Uncategorized on December 10th, 2007

In this POV, Cheyenne is getting ready for a date. She demands that her “hand maiden” shave her legs and wash her back. Tonight, she will be enjoying a romantic evening with a real man who has a really big cock. She can hardly wait. Is her ass clean enough? Cheyenne demands that her personal slave sniff her ass to be sure that the bath has cleaned her properly. She instructs her “cuck maiden” to shave her legs and lay out the clothing she’ll be wearing for her date. Maybe she will allow her cuck to drink her bath water. Then, as Cheyenne sits at the vanity table to apply make up, she casually, puts on an ankle bracelet with her cuck’s chastity key attached. “You want to what?!” Cheyenne asks the cuck. “You want to come along on my date?!” Cheyenne laughs. “I will do you an immense favor.” She says, “Just before I am fucking my boyfriend’s brains out, I will call you with his address. You can park your car underneath his window and sit there in your chastity device. It is as close to sex as you will ever get.”



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