Price to Pay Bullwhipping

Posted in Spanking on December 3rd, 2007

Cheyenne is simply furious with her personal slave. This is no game! She chains her bitch to her dungeon wall and lays into his back, shoulders and ass with her bull whip. Cheyenne has no mercy. Cheyenne’s slave pleads with Her to believe in his sincerity. Cheyenne is having none of her bitch’s cries for sincerity or mercy. She devours him with her leather bullwhip. “Do you WANT to serve MISTRESS?” Cheyenne demands her trembling bitch to answer.”Then you pay the price and be grateful!” Cheyenne beams as she delivers lash after brutal lash with her single tail whip.



You Get Kicked!!!!!

Posted in CBT on December 3rd, 2007

Lady Cheyenne has caught her personal slave in a lie. After running errands, his receipts and Her change do not match up. Cheyenne is furious! She knows the slave has pocketed a quarter. slaves are not to have money. This slave is hoarding money, hiding a quarter away for himself. Cheyenne rips into her slave’s balls with brute force. She kicks and punches his balls with no mercy. Cheyenne drags her slave to his feet and smacks his face until it is beat red. How dare he disrespect his position with Mistress? Cheyenne is utterly ruthless as she punches and kicks her slave’s balls until he can barely breath. She wants to beat the pride right out of her slave. How can twenty five pennies be worth a brutal ball beating? Cheyenne’s groveling slave finds out fast. This is an 8.5 minute clip. This clip wasn’t meant to go so long but Cheyenne was so furious at her bitch that she couldn’t stop.



Cock Loving Slut

Posted in Strap on on November 26th, 2007

Mistress Jade has her slut pinned to the floor. She slides her 10 inch cock into his slut whole. Jade glows as she pounds her bitch with her thick, hard cock. She rides him like a dirty slut, making him take every inch. Jade hears the slave let our a little moan. She knows what that is. The slut tries to hide it but Jade turns him over to see that he has cum all over her rug! What a cock loving slut! Jade wipes her boot into the slave’s filthy. She demands that he lick his cum off her boot. Then she puts the slut on his back and wipes the remaining filth on the slave’s tongue, as if it were a doormat.



The Balls and Belly

Posted in CBT on November 26th, 2007

Mistress Jade has her slave restrained with his legs apart and his hands cuffed behind his back. His balls are utterly exposed. He is helpless to protect them. Jade then lights in with a round of belly and ball punching. She picks up the slave’s cock to hold it out of the way and punches him several times over. Jade is radiant, enjoying work out. She stand back and delivers several full force kicks to the slave’s aching balls. The lighting in this video is a little dark. The action is outstanding. The price has been adjusted to compensate for the lighting. If you like ball and belly abuse, you will enjoy this video!



Serious Kicking

Posted in CBT on November 26th, 2007

Mistress Jade has her slave in a spreader bar. She demands he place his hands on his head. The trembling slave knows what is coming next. Jade nails him the balls. She kicks him from front to back with brutal force. Then she removes the spreader bar from his feet. Jade intends to kick him so hard that he will crash to the floor. She does just that. She shoves the slave to his knees and finishes him off with a round of non stop blows to his aching balls. Then, Jade gloats. She is quite pleased with herself for busting her slave’s balls.



Lick up your mess

Posted in Foot fetish on November 26th, 2007

Mistress Jade releases her slave from a 30 stint in chastity. She informs him that from now on, this only release will be jerking off at her feet. He is officially under supervised masturbation. Jade feels the slave’s balls. They are so heavy. She instructs the slave to jerk off. Jade watches as her slave spills his filth at her feet. Then she steps in the puddle of cum and demands her slave lick her boot clean. Jade wants every bit of the slave’s mess cleaned up properly. She scoops up more male filth with her boot and laughs as the slave has trouble licking up every last drop. “What is wrong?” Jade laughs, “It is YOUR mess!”



Ass Sniffing Ball Bitch

Posted in CBT on November 26th, 2007

Mistress Jade is striking in her string bikini. She begins with full force bare foot kicks to her slave’s balls. When the slave can no longer stand, Jade tackles him, smothering him with her beautiful ass. She grabs the slave’s balls up and begins punching them. Jade laughs as the slave squirms about under her ass, unable to breath. Then she demands that he smell her sweet as she bitch smacks and punches is aching cock and balls. A lovely ass in his face and soft hands around his balls…the bitch should feel lucky. “This is as close as you get to intimacy with me.” Jade laughs and lands another round of punches on her bitch’s balls.



Jade Loves Ball Abuse

Posted in CBT on November 20th, 2007

Mistress Jade has her bitch restrained with his legs apart, hands behind him and his balls tied helplessly in front of his body. She has even tied his cock up and out of the way, leaving full access to his helpless balls. Jade crops his balls as the slave moans. She likes making her bitch suffer. She informs him that his suffering makes him a better slave. Then she picks up her single tail. She cuts into the slave’s balls with vicious lashes. She picks the slave’s aching balls up in her hand and admires the bruises her whip has left. Then she squeezes and punches the slave’s bruised balls. Jade is enjoying herself too much to stop just yet. She wants more of the slave’s suffering balls. She picks her single tale back up and finishes her bitch off with another found of heartless ball whipping. This was intended to be a 5 minute clip but Jade was having so much fun. She just kept right on going, becoming more sadistic with every moment. She was glowing with the thought of ruining this slave’s balls.



Cum Inside my Tight Feet

Posted in Foot fetish on November 20th, 2007

Lady Cheyenne has caught her slave going through her stocking drawer. She has placed her worn stockings over his head and in his mouth. Then she proceeds to force him “out of the closet.” She is going to turn him out for the stocking foot faggot he is. She teases him with her stocking feet, closing them tight around his hard cock. “Is it tight enough?” She taunts the slave. “Is it moist enough?” Cheyenne laughs as she forces the slave to cum with her tight stocking feet. The slave resists. He doesn’t want to admit that he is a queer for women’s feet. Cheyenne gives him no choice, forcing him to spill his male filth all over her stocking feet and then lick them clean.



Cum in your Face!

Posted in Uncategorized on November 20th, 2007

Cheyenne and Lexi have their slut pinned down. Cheyenne teases his cock with her barefoot. Wouldn’t he like to cum? His dick is rock hard and oozing pre cum. Lexi laughs. “Look at all of that baby cum. Do you want the real thing?” The slave is desperate to cum. The ladies examine his balls. They are so swollen and full. Cheyenne hoists the slave’s legs over his head. If he can cum on his own face and into his mouth, the ladies will allow him to shoot his heavy load. Under Lexi and Cheyenne’s supervision, the slave cums all over his face and in his mouth. Lexi demands the slave stretch his tongue to get every bit off his face. Then Cheyenne scoops up the remaining cum with her toes and makes the slave beg to lick his filth from her feet.



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