Trained 4 the Caned

Lady Cheyenne has her slave strapped to a wheel. She intends to train him to accept a good caning. She warms him up with a floogger and single tail, suede whip. She runs her hand over her slave’s ass now and again to see if he is ready for the cane. She is chomping at the bit to get her cane out. Once the slave’s ass is burning hot, Cheyenne picks up her cane. She lays into him with long, harsh strokes. The slave has a hard time taking the cane but Cheyenne keeps administering one cruel stroke after another. Purple welts rise up on the slave’s ass. Cheyenne then bends her slave over her spanking horse. She places a egg in his mouth and dares him to flinch. He must hold perfectly still as she canes him. If the egg breaks, she’ll know he is flinching. Cheyenne puts her caning boy to the test, enjoying every minute.



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