Choking on His Nuts

Domina Lex lays into her slave’s balls with everything she has. She delivers hard kicks straight to his banded balls until he can no longer stand. Then She throws him on the bed and begins kneeing and punching his aching balls. Mistress Coral is watching with delight, egging Lex on. Lex stands over the slave who is struggling to catch his breath and gives him several more hard kicks. The slave attempts to cover his balls but the poor guy can barely move his hands. Lex then gives his balls a full force knee drop. Coral begins laughing at the slave and asks, “Awe, are you choking on your balls?” She decides to get in on the action, standing over the exhausted slave and dropping her ass right onto his balls with full body weight. Coral and Lex are having such fun at their helpless slave’s expense. This is severe, brute force ball busting.