Punishment Day

Mistress Coral and Domina Lex have their slave strung up by his wrists. The ladies lay into his helpless body with single tail whips, as his feet dangle off the floor. Coral and Lex whip their slave from his ass to his arm pits, careful not to forget his cock and balls. The beating is BRUTAL. The slave cries out for mercy several times. Their slave pleads that he might pass out. The ladies’ answer is to put his feet on the floor, keeping his wrists secured and feet locked down, all the while, the beating continues. The ladies laugh as they lay into his flesh with their bull whips. Then they light cigarettes. Slowly and methodically, they grind their red hot ambers into his arm pits and into his cock. Coral enjoys hearing the slave’s flesh sizzle as burning cigarettes are driven into his skin. These ladies mean business on punishment day. ***Warning*** This video is not for everyone. This is hardcore and brutal.