Testicular Agony

Mistress Cybill Troy has only one thought in mind – to inflict as much pain as possible on her slave’s balls until he has totally collapsed at her feet. Bound with ropes, Cybill’s slave is helpless as she lands kick after kick squarely into his nuts. Not only does the rope bondage keep his legs spread and balls exposed, but Cybill is such a sadist that, if her slave tries to fall over from the pain, the rope yanks his balls, hurting him even worse!

Cybill coldly kicks her bitch until he can take the pain no more and puts his head on the floor – but Cybill just keeps kicking him while he is down until he totally collapses, balls blackened and swollen as he gasps in pain. Cybill could not care less about the agony she has just inflicted on her slave’s worthless testicles, laughing at his suffering as she stands over him.