Female Domination Movement

Elena is on the phone with a friend, complaining that her husband James is not pleasing her in bed and not making enough money. She asks for the number of the Female Domination Movement, a group of Dominatrixes who specialize in husband retraining. In no time Goddess Deanna has James locked in a chastity device and dressed like a sissy crawling after her!

But Deanna is far from done; she has gotten a stud cock for Elena to enjoy! As Elena enjoys getting fucked by a hard cock, Deanna lounges on the couch getting her boots worshipped by James. But James does get to participate in Elena’s sex life; of course, it is only Deanna making him eat the cum of the stud’s cock from Elena’s pussy!

Deanna moves to the next step of the training, making sure the bitch husband knows who has the cock in the relationship. Deanna fucks the bitch hard and mercilessly while Elena fills his mouth with cock. Elena then makes James kneel and beg to cum; she agrees, but only if he worship her asshole properly. Elena does allow him to cum, but as a slave, jerking off on Deanna’s boot. Of course Deanna makes the bitch clean up his own filth after he cums, slurping cum from her hand like trained pet.

There is one step left in the husband reconditioning program. Deanna orders James to sign over all ownership and control of their marital assets to Elena, then surprises Elena with a vacation to Hawaii with her own personal stud cock – all paid for by James’s credit card!




Female Domination Movement