Chin Strap Bitch

Goddess Brianna and Mistress Belle Noir have put a chin strap dildo on there slave and have made them there chin strap bitch. The Mistress are going to fuck his face to there pleasure and to his humiliation. The Mistresses let him know those pathetic cock and balls he has means nothing to them, Goddess Brianna has attached a ball zapper to him and gives him a good shock to let him know she is serious. Goddess Brianna lets him know he is going to fuck mistress Belle with his chin strap and he better make her cum! Goddess Brianna shocks him as he fucks Mistress belle with his chin strap when he is not doing a good enough job. Mistress Belle likes to see her the slave in pain and it begins to turn her on more. Mistress Belle asks Brianna to keep shocking the slaves because it makes her want to cum. Goddess Brinna turns up the watts on the zapper. Every shock gets Mistress Belle closer and closer to orgasm. Finally Mistress Belle comes to an orgasm all over the slaves face. The Mistresses then force him to the floor for further humiliation. The Mistresses make him kiss there feet as they give him a few more shocks till he is allowed to leave