Aggravated Assault On Your Balls

Kendra, Coral and Venus hate disgusting balls and want to destroy everyone of them off the face of the planet. The Mistress’s have a slave with a fresh set of balls to destroy. The Mistress’s are all in long pointy leather boots and aim to cause pain and suffering on this slave. Mistress Kendra starts the assault by kicking the slave right in his balls using the toe of her boot. Coral then takes her kicks and Venus is soon to follow. The Mistress’s do not feel they are inflicting enough pain and damage so they kick harder and faster. Each kick does more and more damage leaving visible abrasions on his helpless balls. This slave will never produce offspring after this deadly assault. After the slave balls are completely obliterated the Mistress’s make the slave squeeze and twist his own balls as they discuss there distaste of male genitalia