The Joys of S&M

**This is Classic ClubDom in MP4 for all devices: PC, Mac, Mobile and tablets.* *Mistress Megan and Goddess Victoria are eager to teach Mistress Stevie the joys of S&M. They tie bitch’s balls to his hands and insert an anal hook into his ass before hauling him up on the suspension unit. Victoria and Megan begin beating the slut with there canes, producing nice red stripes on the slut’s ass. Stevie watches hungrily then picks up a cattle prod. She wants in on the action. As the slut is being severely caned Stevie shocks his ass with the cattle prod. The male bitch is in tears as all three ladies ravage him. Then Victoria spins the slut around and puts her hands over his mouth as Stevie lays into his helpless balls with the cattle prod. The more the slut suffers the more turned on the ladies become.