Manhole Stretching

When Mistress Alexis Fawx sees that her slave did not clean her dungeon, she decides that a strict punishment is in order. After berating him for his poor job and slapping him in the face a few times, Alexis tells him his punishment – she is going to fuck him in the ass so hard that she is going to permanently stretch it out!

Alexis proceeds to fuck her bitch hard, using first his cock, then his balls as handles to help force her cock down even deeper into his manhole pussy. As she fucks him, Alexis makes her slave beg for more and promise to do a better job pleasing her. Once she has finished fucking him, Alexis has another punishment left to administer – making her slave suck his own ass juices off of her cock! Alexis just laughs as her bitch gags on his foulness; this is exactly what slaves that do not do as they are told deserve. She walks away in utter contempt of her bitch, telling him that he had better clean her dungeon right – or else it will be even worse for him.