Michelle and Tangent’s Auction Slave 8: Duel Canings

The new auction slave and the seasoned Clubdom slave are bent over and restrained. They await their painful fate as Michelle Lacy and Goddess Tangent discuss how hard they are going to cane each man. Their auction slave is most likely going back to the slave farm but they want to cane him anyway. Perhaps he might show some glimmer of hope. The two Mistresses cane both slaves. With heavy lightening fast blows, the hits keep coming. The more the women hit them, the more sadistic and happy they become. The two men are definitely in intense pain but the auction slave just trembles and cries for mercy. These women are not having it. Back to the slave farm he goes but they need to punish the head slaver who sold him to them. Paris announces that he has arrived and the women grab him. Tangent face slaps him and kicks him in the balls while Michelle holds him. They scold the slaver and tell him he is to take back that pathetic excuse for a slave and to never sell them such a sorry excuse of a man ever again.