Slave gets fucked by two mistresses

Mistresses Alexis Grace and Dahlia Rain strut into the dungeon, shoes clicking menacingly on the tile ground, sending echoes directly into the afraid slave’s ears as he views them arriving towards him. The ladies possess him put up and weak, just wherever they desire him.
“Did you inform him that he might have an erection?” asks Dahlia, seeing the afraid but really excited trembling piece of meat’s boner.
“I believe I am going to have a lot of fun fucking you” says Alexis, stroking her dick, but not before adding “and I am going to have a few additional exciting, chopping that horrible thing off” as she stares at his horrible reason for a dick, ashamed.
Alexis has him leaning above a crate using her massive dick when Dahlia watches as well as taunts the dog by talking, giving much more worry in to the dog as he understands how really screwed he will be. Following he is secured up in a crate, the ladies get a smoke, happy. They blow smoke cigarettes at their own weak and banged servant as they guarantee to arrive back again for the dog the next day.