Jean Bardot and Mistress Alexis Grace are mad. Food has been absent via the servant compound and a single slut is searching well fed. These people are going to get to the bottom of this. The slave is bound to a seat and clothespins are put on his tongue. Alexis blows cig smoke in his face as Jean interrogates the dog. While the slut rejected to give up information, Jean begins ripping the clothespins off one by one. Alexis spits into the slut’s lying lips. There is no chance for the slut to win. If he admits incorrect doing he will be punished. If he does not confess he will be punished. The interrogation does not go well for him. Jean burns his cock with a red hot cig just before castrating the bitch with a gelding system.




Interrogated-and-Castrated Interrogated-and-Castrated1 Interrogated-and-Castrated2

Mistress Kendra, Esmi and Alexa are tired of their slave bitch trying to jerk off his pathetic cock without permission. They drag him out to the grounds to make an example of him then deliver so many vicious kicks to his nuts that the slave collapses in agony again and again – only to be ordered back up to take more abuse. These Mistresses do not let up until he is totally broken and writhing in pain on the ground. No more touching that pathetic slut stick for this bitch. Their sadism has to be seen to be believed.





Mistress Varla and Aurora have a male bitch strung up and spread eagle. The ladies are in the mood for a little sadism at the expense of this bitch’s balls. Aurora starts in with her riding crop and Varla lays in with her single tail. The terrified male twists and moans as the ladies keep right on whipping his balls. As the purple welts rise up on the bitch’s nuts, Varla smiles and turns up the heat even more. Aurora grabs the slut’s bruised and battered balls and twists them until they nearly fall off. These ladies know how to enjoy a set of balls.







Mistress Kendra and Mistress Esmi have the slaves cock and balls in a torture device. The pain slut will have his balls and cock abused and tormented by his Mistress’s. The Mistress inflict pain on the slave balls and cock with no remorse. Nothing gives more pleasure to the Mistress’s then seeing the slave go through pain and suffering. The Mistress’s love this torture and cant help but to hit slaves balls harder and harder even though he begs for them to stop. When the slave begs for mercy it does nothing but anger the Mistress’s and they take there anger right back on his cock and balls.





Kendra, Coral and Venus hate disgusting balls and want to destroy everyone of them off the face of the planet. The Mistress’s have a slave with a fresh set of balls to destroy. The Mistress’s are all in long pointy leather boots and aim to cause pain and suffering on this slave. Mistress Kendra starts the assault by kicking the slave right in his balls using the toe of her boot. Coral then takes her kicks and Venus is soon to follow. The Mistress’s do not feel they are inflicting enough pain and damage so they kick harder and faster. Each kick does more and more damage leaving visible abrasions on his helpless balls. This slave will never produce offspring after this deadly assault. After the slave balls are completely obliterated the Mistress’s make the slave squeeze and twist his own balls as they discuss there distaste of male genitalia




Slave 6440 needs training on how to be an obedient slave and to do anything his Mistress’s tell him. Kendra,Venus and Coral are going to train him by torturing his cock and balls. Weights are attached to the slaves cock and balls so he feels constant pain. The Mistress’s make the slave swing his cock back and forth so he can really feel the brutal pain of the weights pulling on his cock. The slave is an utter agony as the weights make his cock and balls feel like they are being ripped out. The Mistress’s then make the slave present his cock. Mistress Kendra then uses her crop to slap his cock repeatably. The pain of the weights and vicious hit to his cock with the crop are to much to bear. The slave cries out in pain after every hit onto his cock. Mistress Venus stands by with an electric cattle prod waiting to shock his cock if he disobeys his Mistress’s in anyway. After the slave cock balls are brutally beaten and stretched the Mistress send the slave groveling away.






Esmi is laying on the bed and calls in her house boy to bring her some wine. Esmi’s house boy informs her that she has received a letter from her Aunt Venus.Venus Aunt explains to her niece that she would like to teach her about the dark practices she is involved in. Esmi is excited and heads to her ants house. Venus meets Esmi at her front door. Venus lets Esmi know she is going to teach her skills that will be beneficial now and later on in her life. Venus shows Esmi a bound slave that has had his balls beaten to a pulp. Venus lets Esmi know she has got her a present for her to put on. Esmi is excited and goes to change. Esmi comes out in Dominatrix attire and is ready for her lesson. Venus pulls out a crop and shows Esmi just how to destroy a cock and balls. Venus has Esmi punch his balls when she stops hitting the slaves balls with the crop. Esmi is thrilled to be humiliating and abusing this worthless slave. Esmi later takes over cropping suites and Aunt Venus gives the slave slave one painful slap after the other to the slaves balls.




Mistress Alexia is in her tall snake skin boots that have a deadly pointed toe. Mistress Alexia has already made this slaves balls black and blue earlier from the whips she gave them. Mistress Alexia shoes no mercy. Mistress Alexia kicks these pathetic balls hard and swift and even knocks him to ground. Mistress Alexia thinks these balls are good for nothing so she destroys them with on kick after another.





Mistress Esmi is extremely bored today. Esmi asks her slave who is an a cage next to just what she should do. Esmi knows her slave is stupid to come up with anything good so she makes him bark like a . Esmi then brings her slave out his cage and forces him to open his mouth . Esmi is smoking a cigarette and after she exhales she spits in her slaves mouth. Esmi then brings her slave to her ball torturing device. Esmi makes the slave stand up and lock his cock and balls in the device. Esmi has a crop in her hands and starts by hitting her slaves cock and balls with her crop. Esmi lets her slave know how pathetic he is and how he deserves every hit to his balls. Esmi asks her slave if he wants to please her? The Slave eagerly says yes and the hit with a non stop with a crop to the balls. Esmi continues to torture this little bitch till his balls are black and blue





istress Esmi Hates Cock And Balls

Mistresses Kendra and Esmi are furious with this stable slave for failing to clean their pool properly. They order him to stop and present his balls for punishment.

The two Mistresses take turns delivering full force leg kicks to the slave’s nuts, busting him until he has trouble standing up. Kendra is disgusted by his lack of ball pain tolerance, delivering vicious punches right to his balls until he falls over again. After some more ball kicking, Esmi finishes him off with a series of knees to the nuts, then pushes him into the pool. Maybe now the bitch will clean their pool properly.


Busted Pool Boy