human ashtray

Mistresses Kendra and Esmi know you long to serve them as their personal slaves, especially a stud slave who gets to give them pleasure. But they just laugh at you, telling you their is no way that you are good enough to serve them as anything other than their ashtray!

That is all you are good for – a waste receptacle for their ash and spit, a pathetic bitch there for them to blow smoke in your face and laugh at you. And you know that you are lucky that they even bother to use you for that.


Just Our Ashtray

Mistresses Kendra and Elena have been dominating their bitch all day and decide to have a smoke break. Of course, their bitch’s work is not done, as they need an ashtray while they smoke. As he is already at their boots, they order him to clean them as well, laughing as they tell the bitch all the dirty and disgusting places their boots have been.

Just when the bitch thinks Elena’s boot is clean, she ashes her cigarette on it, ordering him to clean it properly. The bitch soon understands that, no matter how well he licks their filthy boots, the Mistresses are just going to keep them dirty with their cigarette ash. The only break the bitch gets from cleaning his Mistress’s dirty boots is when they order him to serve directly as their ashtray. The Mistresses enjoy their relaxation while thoroughly working and humiliating their slave bitch, laughing at their control over him as they degrade him.


Lick Our Ash