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Lady has her boy bent over bed. He is due for a good caning. She has an electronic zapper around his balls to make certain he holds still for his due punishment. As Cheyenne lays into him with long, harsh cane strokes, his ass goes turns lilly white to beat red as. The slave begins to protest but Cheyenne will hear nothing of it. She zaps his balls hard until he settles down and accepts the remaining strokes. Soon raised red welts appear. Cheyenne removes her glove and runs her bare hand across her boy’s ass to feel the heat from her cane. She loves it. She wants more. Cheyenne reaches the 100th cane stroke. She had planned on stopping at 100 strokes but just can’t. She is too turned on at this point. She wants more. Cheyenne lays into her boy with 20 more brutal strokes, enjoying every one.



Lady Cheyenne has just finished caning her willful slave into submission. Now she is determined that he will surrender his balls to her. She demands he hold his cock and balls out for her to cane. The trembling slave holds out his cock and balls as Cheyenne lays into them with her cane. The slave cannot help but pull back. Cheyenne laughs. She is taking matters into her own hands. She puts his balls on a rope and holds them up as she canes them. Then she grabs them up in her hands and squeezes the balls tightly as she canes them even more. She is having too much fun to stop. Finally, he removes her shoes. The slave knows what is coming next. Cheyenne is preparing to kick him in the balls dead on. She drops him on the second kick. As the slave collapses to the floor Cheyenne stands over him and smirks.



Did you ever fantasize about what it would be like to wake up in Lady Cheyenne’s bed? This victim finds himself in a bit of a predicament. Cheyenne has time tied spread eagle to her four poster bed and his ball locked into a humbler as she greets him with her bull whip. Cheyenne beats the slave’s ass and balls brutally as the slave thrashes on her bed, pleading for mercy. Cheyenne is absolutely brutal as she lays into her captives’s balls. She is fueled by his protests, squeezing his balls between her fingers and laughing about popping them. Her slave is somewhat in disbelief as Cheyenne refuses to put down her whip. “What a great way to start out a morning!” Cheyenne exclaims as she continues to beat the slave’s balls brutally.



Cheyenne wants a piece of her slave’s ass and more. She bull whips her bitch from his ass to his balls to his tits. She delights in every raised welt her ruthless whip leaves on her boy’s helpless body. As her slave struggles to maintain composure, Cheyenne keeps the cruel lashes coming. There must be over 100 lashes in all. She marks her boy from head to toe. The slave struggles to plea for mercy but Cheyenne has placed a ball gag in his mouth.



Cheyenne has her slave bent over and restrained in a helpless positioned. She has hung multiple weights around his balls. She demands the slave keep his ass presented and the weights on his balls swinging as he lays into him with her single tail whip. Cheyenne cracks her whip on the slave’s ass as he buckles under her brutal lashes. Cheyenne grabs the ball weights and drops them, stretching the slave’s balls with great force. Cheyenne is on fire, basking in her slave’s suffering. She enjoys every moment of whipping her helpless slave boy.


Lady Cheyenne has decided to give her slave 100 cane strokes. She believes strongly in the discipline of male animals. This needs nothing less. She begins with his head and wrists in a stock and his ankles locked to each side. He cannot move a muscle as Cheyenne delivers one cruel cane stroke after another. Cheyenne forces him to count the cane strokes. She laughs as he blunders the counting and lays in even harder. Red and purple welts rise up on the slave’s ass. Cheyenne runs her hands over the slave’s ass, enjoying the warmth. Then she takes the slave out of the stocks and demands that he bend over and spread his ass checks for the last ten strokes. Cheyenne canes him on the tender folds of his ass, demanding his hold still and accept every harsh stroke.



Cheyenne has her slave in a bondage swing, His ass and balls are completely vulnerable. She lays into his ass and balls with her cane. The slave whimpers and moans. The slave’s suffering only fuels Cheyenne’s sadistic bend. She picks his balls up, squeezes tightly and lays into them with her cane. She canes the bitch’s balls over and over. Cheyenne grabs the slave’s balls up in her hand and flattens them between her gloved fingers as the slave screams.



Cheyenne has her slave locked into an iron cage. She has suspended him from the ceiling. He is utterly helpless. Cheyenne knows this slave has been getting out of chastity and using his cock for improper activity. The consequence? A Cattle prod to the ass, cock and balls. Cheyenne begins sending cruel jolts to the slave’s balls and cock head. The slave is begging for mercy but Cheyenne keeps the jolts coming. Finally, the slave begins begging for Cheyenne to fuck him in the ass. He knows this is the ultimate form of submission. Cheyenne laughs at her desperate bitch. He’d rather have ten inches of dick in his ass than a jolt to his balls. Cheyenne gives him several more brute jolts and then laughs about how much she’ll enjoy fucking his ass anyway.



Lady Cheyenne has her slave strapped to a wheel. She intends to train him to accept a good caning. She warms him up with a floogger and single tail, suede whip. She runs her hand over her slave’s ass now and again to see if he is ready for the cane. She is chomping at the bit to get her cane out. Once the slave’s ass is burning hot, Cheyenne picks up her cane. She lays into him with long, harsh strokes. The slave has a hard time taking the cane but Cheyenne keeps administering one cruel stroke after another. Purple welts rise up on the slave’s ass. Cheyenne then bends her slave over her spanking horse. She places a egg in his mouth and dares him to flinch. He must hold perfectly still as she canes him. If the egg breaks, she’ll know he is flinching. Cheyenne puts her caning boy to the test, enjoying every minute.