Kendra James and Mistress Mandy have their slave locked into a caning bench. The ladies introduce their slut to their bamboo canes. Instant welts and bruises rise up on the whimpering bitch’s ass. The raised welts heightens the excitement for the ladies. They want to bring their bitch to the breaking point. Kendra demands the slut keep good slave posture. Then she and Mandy lay back in hard and heavy with one cruel stroke after another.


The blondes are at it again. One slave is ordered to pleasure Goddess Parker with a dildo gag while Goddess Alexis whips the other new slave for Parker’s entertainment. Parker loves watching Alexis whip their new slave and gets super wet and demands that the other new slave fuck her harder with that humiliating dildo gag until she cums. Too bad the slave cannot taste her pussy, only smell and see what he is unworthy of having while the other slave is completely marked up and beaten, knowing his place is to be used as a vessel for their sadism so they get off.


Mistress Aleana is angry and calls her slave boy over and drags him over her knee. She torments him with how good her fur coat feels on his skin but it turns out, he does not deserve that pleasure, he deserves a severe OTK punishment for leaving her beautiful fur coat on the floor and not taking it to the dry cleaners. He tries to plea but he knows he is wrong and she dishes out a very harsh OTK that he will not soon forget, making his ass more and more red with each heavy swat and leg locking him into position so he cannot get away.



The slave is stretched out on his back and completely helpless for the She-Gods. He is forced to kiss Natasha’s ass while Mistress Michelle Lacy and Goddess Tangent laugh and torment his cock with various implements including small thin stinging canes, floggers and more. The ladies demand he worship Natasha’s ass and laugh at him struggling to take it for them. He is turned on by their beauty and power but punished for it as his hard-on is used as a target for their sadism.



Goddess Isobel Devi is teaching Raven and Ricky the ways of Femdom. She has a pathetic slave bound to a table as their practice dummy. Isobel teaches the women how to properly cane the slave’s ass and the two women cannot wait to try it themselves. There is nothing like the excitement of young women when they get their first taste of their dominant power and that is what is portrayed here. Ricky gives it a shot and her eyes light up. Raven holds the slave down and looks on with glee. Isobel finally goes full-force on the slave’s ass and really gets the other women excited.



Mistress Michelle Lacy uses a stable bitch to show Mistresses Natalia and Paris the finer points of caning slave meat. After Michelle warms his ass up for them, Natalia and Paris have their fun, then team up to cane the slave’s ass.

As the slave is being caned, Michelle catches one of the caged slaves making fun of the slave being punished, something slaves are strictly forbidden to do, so Michelle decides to make him the new object of the caning lesson. Michelle drags him out of his cage and puts him on a cross for all of the ladies to punish. By the time they are through, his ass is beaten red and he will never make fun of his fellow slaves’ misfortunes again.



Mistress Daisy Ducati and Goddess Raven Bay are usually cruel and sadistic and unleash a merciless beating on Servant 887 The bitch has been controlled over his crate using the hands and ankles cuffed as the girls cane his butt crimson pink leaving beautifully even marks. This is a thing of elegance to the Mistresses’s, there is not a thing greater than a good blank canvas and the screams of their servant following each wack from their cane, The bitch is squirming so a lot Mistress Daisy mounts the dog and whispers to him that this is exactly what provides her enjoyment his screams and suffering as Mistress Raven proceeds to whip him.


Evita Pozzi is as vicious as she is wonderful. The lady submits a servant to a raw caning, boosting immediate pink welts on the slut’s shaking butt. She requires this slut quit his crying and ask for even harsher cane strokes. Any time the lady has had her sense of tormenting this bitch, she places a leash around his balls and makes him crawl backwards back to his crate.

ENTER CLUBDOMhard-femdom-canning

Mistress Brianna and Madame Sade decide it’s time to hard whip servant no. 227. Absolutely nothing becomes the ladies on more than their horrible slaves hurting and beginning with a new unmarked painting. Totally welting and tagging it crimson red as his meows just fascinating them much more. They make the dog ask for each one whip. After that the women enjoy their job and make the bitch kiss and lick their shoes and properly say thanks to them as he is put again in his crate. Mistress Brianna feedback “I simply enjoy having men.”



Mistress Venus Divine and Lady Kylie Rogue move up to this horrible servant in his crate and take him out. Having this sorry excuse for a guy on his knees Goddess Venus and Kylie describe to the dog that since he used to beat his girl these days he is going to be getting the beating instead. They move this useless bitch over and start to cane his butt until he is crying and asking for mercy. Cane following cane his butt gets redder and redder. Empress Kylie then pushes this slave to start counting each and every single swing she takes and he better not skip one or more. Right after Empress Venus and Empress Kylie has made a master piece on this useless pathetic slaves ass, they sit back and enjoy their job as tears go lower this his face.