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The Loser Is Whipped To Shreds

Friday, December 6th, 2013

Mistress Kendra has brought a couple of new toys to play with. Mistress Kendra brings the slaves on a leash to Mistress Elana and Mistress Kimmy. The Mistress cant decide which slave they want to brutally beat so they have the slaves play a a gama of rock paper scissors. One of the slaves loses and now he will be brutally whipped. The Mistress stand up the slave and tie him to a post. Mistress Elena and Mistress Kendra whip the slave to sheds. The Mistress force the slave to thank them for there vicious assault on his back.





Cock Weilding Mistress’s

Friday, December 6th, 2013

The slaves are waiting for there cocks. The Mistress know how bad they want to suck on there big Strap-On cocks. One slave gets two cocks shoved into his mouth at once. The Mistress take there turns fucking the slaves up the ass and make them beg for more. Mistress Kendra is an especially good cock wielder and uses it to cause all kinds of pain and destruction to this pathetic slaves man pussy. The Mistress’s finish the slaves off by putting them in the pile driver position and ruthlessly fuck there man pussies.




Cock Weilding Mistress's

Cumshot Cumpilation 15 Cumshot!

Wednesday, December 4th, 2013

This is a Compilation featuring the hottest Mistress’s making one slave cum after the other. Each cumshot is hotter and crueler then the next. The Mistress force one slave to cum after the other by degrading them while stroking there hard cocks. The slaves handjobs are as tormenting as they are ho.! Watch the man filth spilled out of 15 cocks!




Cumshot Cumpilation 15 Cumshot!

Brutalize My Cock

Wednesday, November 27th, 2013

Mistress Kendra and Mistress Esmi have the slaves cock and balls in a torture device. The pain slut will have his balls and cock abused and tormented by his Mistress’s. The Mistress inflict pain on the slave balls and cock with no remorse. Nothing gives more pleasure to the Mistress’s then seeing the slave go through pain and suffering. The Mistress’s love this torture and cant help but to hit slaves balls harder and harder even though he begs for them to stop. When the slave begs for mercy it does nothing but anger the Mistress’s and they take there anger right back on his cock and balls.





Boot And Feet Compilation

Monday, November 25th, 2013

This is a compilation of the hottest foot and boot worship from clubdom. The Mistress’s show there slaves there place is at there feet by making there slaves worship there boots and feet. The slaves will do anything to be near there Mistress’s even its only licking there sweaty feet or tall leather boots. One of the best ways a slave can pamper there Mistress’s is by licking kissing there boots and feet. Watch best parts of of 9 scenes in this boot and foot loving Compilation.





Ass Shredding

Saturday, November 23rd, 2013

Niki Delano and Jamie Valentine know how inflict pain. The Mistress’s use there evil skills to completely shred this losers bare ass. The loser gets one strike after after the other until his ass is nothing more then hamburger meat. The slaves cries are loud but the Mistress’s drown out his screams with sound of there cane’s hitting his bare flesh. The Mistress’s have used his ass as a canvass and marvel at the work they created. After the Mistress are done having there fun they leave the slave bound in stocks with his open wounds exposed.




Edging To The Brink Of Insanity

Thursday, November 21st, 2013

The Mistress are here to have some fun with there bound slave. The Mistress are going to milk this poor slave but not before they torture him first. The Mistress are going to slow tease jerk and edge his cock. The Mistress get the slave to the point of cumming then stop making him go insane. The Mistress get the slave rock hard and ask him if he wants to cum. The Mistress answer for him and let him know he will not be cumming till they tell him to. Nikki teases the loser with her pussy making him want to cum so bad. The Mistress continues to slow jerk and edge the slaves throbbing cock. The slave is finally allowed to cum. The slave is then fed every drip of his man filth.




Aggravated Assault On Your Balls

Friday, November 15th, 2013

Kendra, Coral and Venus hate disgusting balls and want to destroy everyone of them off the face of the planet. The Mistress’s have a slave with a fresh set of balls to destroy. The Mistress’s are all in long pointy leather boots and aim to cause pain and suffering on this slave. Mistress Kendra starts the assault by kicking the slave right in his balls using the toe of her boot. Coral then takes her kicks and Venus is soon to follow. The Mistress’s do not feel they are inflicting enough pain and damage so they kick harder and faster. Each kick does more and more damage leaving visible abrasions on his helpless balls. This slave will never produce offspring after this deadly assault. After the slave balls are completely obliterated the Mistress’s make the slave squeeze and twist his own balls as they discuss there distaste of male genitalia




Training With Cock And Ball Torture

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

Slave 6440 needs training on how to be an obedient slave and to do anything his Mistress’s tell him. Kendra,Venus and Coral are going to train him by torturing his cock and balls. Weights are attached to the slaves cock and balls so he feels constant pain. The Mistress’s make the slave swing his cock back and forth so he can really feel the brutal pain of the weights pulling on his cock. The slave is an utter agony as the weights make his cock and balls feel like they are being ripped out. The Mistress’s then make the slave present his cock. Mistress Kendra then uses her crop to slap his cock repeatably. The pain of the weights and vicious hit to his cock with the crop are to much to bear. The slave cries out in pain after every hit onto his cock. Mistress Venus stands by with an electric cattle prod waiting to shock his cock if he disobeys his Mistress’s in anyway. After the slave cock balls are brutally beaten and stretched the Mistress send the slave groveling away.






Rewarded With Foot Torturer

Monday, November 11th, 2013

The slave is in for a treat today the Mistress’s are going to let him worship there perfect toes and soles. The Mistress’s are all in heels and bare feet with the exception of Mistress Kendra in black sheer stockings. The Mistress’s force the salve on his back and make him clean all six of there stilettos. After the slave has cleaned there shoes Mistress Coral takes off both her heels and makes him worship her bare soles. Mistress Coral shoves her foot down the slaves throat as he worships and makes him gag. Mistress Kendra takes off one of her heels and shoves her stocking clad sole in his mouth. Kendra keeps on the other heel to dig it into the slaves chest. The Mistress’s feel they are doing to much work and the slave is not grateful enough. The Mistress’s decide to make him work for his foot reward. Mistress Venus ties the slave balls with a rope and threatens his cock with a cattle prod. The slave must now reach him self to Mistress Kendra and Mistress Coral’s feet. The slave endures his balls painfully stretching as he worships his Mistress’s feet. After the Mistress have had there feet worshiped the Mistress use him as foot rest