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Jean Bardot and Mistress Veronica have prepared their bitch for a brutal single tail whipping. The ladies circle their prey, teasing him with their whips. The bitch begged for the whip. He acknowledged that he needed the beating. Now he is going to get the beating of his life. throw one cruel lash after another, ripping into the slave’s flesh with no mercy. The more the slave cries out, the harder the ladies throw their whips. Jean and Veronica are getting off on the bitch’s suffering. They love forcing the male bitch to answer to their whips. Then, they lay in with brute force lashes. No warm up for this bitch. The bitch begged for the whip. Now he is going to get it. The ladies



Mistress Jean has her eye on a young male pup. Dietrich brings him out of the cage to show off the tricks he can do. The ladies play a game of fetch with the pup. Jean worries the pup is too slow. The ladies put an electronic shocking device around the dog’s balls. Jean holds the remote and sends electrical shocks straight to the pet’s balls every time he is reacting a bit too slow for her liking. Soon Jean shocks the dog’s balls just because his reaction amuses her.



Mistress Jean Bardot, Dietrich and Jade have an evening meeting in the hot tub. They order their slave to clean their feet, arm pits and lovely asses before getting into the hot tub. Then the ladies sip wine and discuss business. Dietrich is interested in knowing which slave’s Jean has her eye on. Would she prefer a masochistic or domestic slave for her stable? As their slaves stand by with serving trays and warm towels, the ladies discuss the purpose of castrating a slave. The Life of a Mistress 2



The talk of castration and the purpose of male genitalia continues. The ladies light up cigars and begin taunting their slaves. They poke and grab their slave’s balls, musing over the purpose testicles could possibly have. The ladies enjoy ball busting. Perhaps that is one reason to spare a few of their slaves from neutering. Keeping a male stud around for a sperm bank to populate their farm is another. Jean grabs her slave’s balls, forcing him to wince. “Balls make it easy to control them.” She muses. Dietrich grabs a slave’s cock and laughs that her cigar is much larger. The ladies relax with their wine and cigars, surrounded by their male servants. They know they have the ultimate power over their stable.



Cheyenne has overheard her slave bragging about giving her his cock. He actually thought he might have a chance at bedding her…or so he bragged. Cheyenne has called him in, ordered him to strip naked and now, with cane in hand, she asks her slave if he’d like to give her his cock. The slave knows immediately what is about to ensue. He begins trembling uncontrollably but admits to wanting to “give Mistress his cock.” Cheyenne grabs up his cock and tells him that she is glad because she really wants his cock. Then Cheyenne administers an unspeakably cruel caning to her slave’s cock. Instant welts arise on the slave’s cock but Cheyenne keeps the brutal strokes coming. She is enjoying herself. Then Cheyenne demands the slave get on his knees and hand his cock and balls to her. The slave is in near tears. He begs for mercy. Cheyenne loves it when slaves beg for mercy. Vulnerability fuels her. The trembling slave presents his cock and balls to Cheyenne. She canes lays back into his cock with no mercy. This is extreme cock abuse. The suffering is quite real.



Mistress Jean is a vision in her red bra and panties. She has her slave’s feet locked to the floor and his arms restrained over his head. She runs her long silky legs up and down his cock and tell him, “You that I am going to kick you in the balls, don’t you?” She teases the slave with a couple of soft kicks, staring him down the entire time. She enjoys the fear in the slave’s face as he anticipates when the kicks will turn brutal. Soon enough he knows! After several harsh kicks from the front, Mistress Jean removes her red stilettos, walks behind the slave. “Now you won’t know when they are coming.” Mistress smiles and lays into his already aching ball sac with her bare feet. Mistress Jean love’s busting balls. She savors every moment.



Mistress Danta arrives at Cheyenne’s studio to find a note on the door: “Please choose a slave to entertain you. The other, feel free to discard.” Mistress Danta discovers two slave’s locked in cages in the dungeon. Their cock and balls are locked in humblers through the cages. The slaves are utterly helpless as Danta evaluates their cocks. Who will sleep at her feet and who will sleep on the floor of their cold cage? Only Mistress Danta’s single tail whip will decide. She whips and smacks their cock and balls to decide which cock is to her liking.



LadyJame Valentine and Mistress Kylie Rogue simply Love to extend out your butt, they strap up using 12\” inch dark strap-ons and screw your horrible servant butt till a person ask to get much more, Following they have completed extending your butt hole to its highest potential they teach you to clean your butt off their cocks using your oral cavity and keep you pleading to get even more.


The new auction slave and the seasoned Clubdom slave are bent over and restrained. They await their painful fate as Michelle Lacy and Goddess Tangent discuss how hard they are going to cane each man. Their auction slave is most likely going back to the slave farm but they want to cane him anyway. Perhaps he might show some glimmer of hope. The two Mistresses cane both slaves. With heavy lightening fast blows, the hits keep coming. The more the women hit them, the more sadistic and happy they become. The two men are definitely in intense pain but the auction slave just trembles and cries for mercy. These women are not having it. Back to the slave farm he goes but they need to punish the head slaver who sold him to them. Paris announces that he has arrived and the women grab him. Tangent face slaps him and kicks him in the balls while Michelle holds him. They scold the slaver and tell him he is to take back that pathetic excuse for a slave and to never sell them such a sorry excuse of a man ever again.


Kendra James and Mistress Mandy have their slave locked into a caning bench. The ladies introduce their slut to their bamboo canes. Instant welts and bruises rise up on the whimpering bitch’s ass. The raised welts heightens the excitement for the ladies. They want to bring their bitch to the breaking point. Kendra demands the slut keep good slave posture. Then she and Mandy lay back in hard and heavy with one cruel stroke after another.