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Rewarded With Foot Torturer

Monday, November 11th, 2013

The slave is in for a treat today the Mistress’s are going to let him worship there perfect toes and soles. The Mistress’s are all in heels and bare feet with the exception of Mistress Kendra in black sheer stockings. The Mistress’s force the salve on his back and make him clean all six of there stilettos. After the slave has cleaned there shoes Mistress Coral takes off both her heels and makes him worship her bare soles. Mistress Coral shoves her foot down the slaves throat as he worships and makes him gag. Mistress Kendra takes off one of her heels and shoves her stocking clad sole in his mouth. Kendra keeps on the other heel to dig it into the slaves chest. The Mistress’s feel they are doing to much work and the slave is not grateful enough. The Mistress’s decide to make him work for his foot reward. Mistress Venus ties the slave balls with a rope and threatens his cock with a cattle prod. The slave must now reach him self to Mistress Kendra and Mistress Coral’s feet. The slave endures his balls painfully stretching as he worships his Mistress’s feet. After the Mistress have had there feet worshiped the Mistress use him as foot rest




Lesson In Femdom With Aunt Venus PT 2 (Pony Play)

Sunday, November 3rd, 2013

Aunt Venus explains to her niece that having slave transportation is one of the perks of her lifestyle. Mistress Venus shows her niece just how slave transportation works by having a pony ride with her. Mistress Venus has one of her slaves ride them around in her buggie as she whips him and forces him to go faster and faster. The Mistress laugh at there pony and demand for him to go faster and faster. The slave does picks up speed but begins to get tired. Mistress Venus allows him a break but he must amuse her niece and her. The slave is forced to do jumping jacks and pushups while the Mistress await for there next ride. The Mistress are ready to go now and force the slave to pick up the carriage handles back up carry on. The slave must now pick up speed and take them back to Mistress Venus house.




Grateful For Cock

Saturday, November 2nd, 2013

The Mistress have has so much fin destroying this slaves ass they decide to give it a reward. The reward will be big black cock! The Mistress’s first make him lube up there cock by making him suck each one. Then the Mistress bend him over and make him take every inch of there big black members. The slave is grateful for his Mistress’s giving his slut hole there glorious cocks. The slave cries in pain but cant help but to beg for more to please his Mistress’s





Beg For More Slashes

Thursday, October 31st, 2013

The slave has his balls locked in stock. Mistress Deanna and Mistress Mia are hungry for . The Mistress Deanna goes on the attack and whips his helpless back non stop. The slaves back is transformed into a canvas of red welts. Mistress Deanna makes him beg for more and takes his mercy calls as cries for more. Mistress Deanna takes this this slave to the breaking pint but continues to keep whipping. Mistress Deanna knows the slave can do nothing but take more and whips because if he were to fall his cock and balls would be ripped off.





Nothing But A Boot Bitch HD

Tuesday, October 29th, 2013

Mistress’s Deanna And Mistress’s Mia are getting service from there boot bitch. The Mistress’s make the slave clean all the filth off there leather boots. The Mistress make him grovel on his knees and worship there boot. The Mistress then make him lay down as they rub there boots all over his face and mouth. Once the Mistress’s boots are properly cleaned they send him away




Nothing But A Boot Bitch HD

3 Cocks Brutally Fuck One Ass

Sunday, October 27th, 2013

The Mistress’s fuck the slave silly. Make fun of his dick without mercy. Each Mistress’s take turns ramming there big cocks in the slaves man pussy. The Mistress are cruel and vicious and make him beg for more. Mistress Alexia makes sure her cock goes deep by putting him the pile driver position and fucks him. Once the Mistress’s are done they shock the slave with a cattle prod and force him back into his cage. As the Mistress leave they see one of there bound slaves that they completely forgot about. Mistress Coral apologizes for there forgetfulness by shocking the slave with the cattle prod.




Vicious Slapping

Friday, October 25th, 2013

Three gorgeous Mistress’s go at this helpless slave with an intense beating . The Mistress go on a tirade of non stop slapping. The Mistress’s let there slave know his place by giving him one brutal slap after another. The slaves face burns from the constant slaps and gets so hot you could cook an egg over it. The slaps just keep coming and and coming and the slave forced to sit there and take each and everyone that comes his way.





Ballbusting Bruised Balls

Wednesday, October 23rd, 2013

Mistress Alexia is in her tall snake skin boots that have a deadly pointed toe. Mistress Alexia has already made this slaves balls black and blue earlier from the whips she gave them. Mistress Alexia shoes no mercy. Mistress Alexia kicks these pathetic balls hard and swift and even knocks him to ground. Mistress Alexia thinks these balls are good for nothing so she destroys them with on kick after another.





Clean My Ass Then Clean My Cummy Boots

Saturday, October 19th, 2013

Esmi has a chore for her slave. The chore is to clean her perfect bare ass. Esmi forces her slave to stick his tongue deep in her asshole and lick and smell all of her essence. Esmi is wearing sexy boots and after she is done having her ass cleaned she decides to give her slave a boot reward. The slave finishes up eagerly eating his Mistress ass then is allowed to jerk off to his Mistress’s boots. Esmi forces the slave to cum on her boots. Now its time for the slaves real reward. For the reward the slaved given a boot worn by his Mistress covered in his own cum to eat.




Clean My Ass Then Clean My Cummy Boots

Mistress Esmi Hates Cock And Balls

Thursday, October 17th, 2013

Mistress Esmi is extremely bored today. Esmi asks her slave who is an a cage next to just what she should do. Esmi knows her slave is stupid to come up with anything good so she makes him bark like a . Esmi then brings her slave out his cage and forces him to open his mouth . Esmi is smoking a cigarette and after she exhales she spits in her slaves mouth. Esmi then brings her slave to her ball torturing device. Esmi makes the slave stand up and lock his cock and balls in the device. Esmi has a crop in her hands and starts by hitting her slaves cock and balls with her crop. Esmi lets her slave know how pathetic he is and how he deserves every hit to his balls. Esmi asks her slave if he wants to please her? The Slave eagerly says yes and the hit with a non stop with a crop to the balls. Esmi continues to torture this little bitch till his balls are black and blue





istress Esmi Hates Cock And Balls