Mistress is angry

Mistress Varla is beyond angry with her slave. She begins smacking him in the face and doesn’t stop. As the slut’s face turns beat red Varla keeps right on slapping him. She demands that he grab that useless tool of his and jerk off. Perhaps if he can rid himself of that filth he’ll be able to think a little clear and stop pissing her off. Then, BAM! Varla smacks the slut again. She informs him that she is going to smack him in the face until he can spill that filth. The slave cannot get a break. Varla will not let up with her repeated hard smacks. Finally she shoves the slut to the floor. “That useless dick is broken. We’ll have it removed tomorrow.” Then she lays back in with even more face smacking. Varla stands to leave but, as an after though, she starts kicking him in the nuts HARD. Then Varla walks away leaving the broken slut crumbed in a heap on the floor.


mistress is angry