A savage caning

Mistress Varla enjoys a good caning. She has her stable slave’s balls locked into a vice and his hands restrained behind his back. She informs the helpless bitch that he will be receiving a savage caning. She expects him to maintain good slave posture throughout. Then Varla smiles. She knows this bitch will be lucky to remain standing with the sadistic mood Mistress is in. Varla begins delivering cane strokes, one after another. Instant red and purple welts rise up on the bitch’s ass. She runs her hands over the slut’s ass, feeling the heat her cane has left on the slut’s ass, even through her leather glove. It turns her on. She canes the slut even harder. The slut cries for mercy but his suffering only fuels Varla’s sadistic bend. There is no mercy in her dungeon. She finishes the slave’s ass with repeated harsh cane strokes, enjoying each one.


savage cannning