Eden’s cruel game

Eden is in the mood for an entertaining game. She has her slave strapped down tightly. “We are going to play a game.” She tells the helpless bitch “You like games, don’t you?” In this game, the odds are in Eden’s favor. If she can control the slut’s cock and force him to cum, she will punch him the balls. If the slut can refrain from cumming, then he has saved himself a serious ball beating. Eden begins stroking the slave’s cock with her soft hands and tender lips. She puts her pussy in the slave’s face, allowing taste how wet this game is getting her. Eden knows that she will win this game and get her way. As expected the slave is no match for Eden. He can’t help but shoot his load. Eden smiles. She grabs his balls up and shakes her head. Then she stands up and towers over the terrified bitch. “Do you know what happens next?” Eden enjoys watching the terror on the slut’s face as she slowly leans over him, picks his balls up and begins punching his empty, aching nuts.


Eden's cruel game