face smacking

Kendra James, Mistress Esmi and Alexa know how to hurt a man. They thrive on humiliating the weaker sex. The ladies have a male bitch strapped into a bondage chair. Kendra demands that the slut spit on his own cock. Then Esmi begins stroking the bitch’s slut stick. She is going to pull his male filth right out of him. The ladies laugh. What a slut this one is. No matter how the ridicule him, his pathetic cock just gets harder. Esmi knows her soft hands have power of this bitch’s cock. Once the bitch spills his male filth, the ladies begin smacking him in the face and scolding him for being such a helpless slut.





Three gorgeous Mistress’s go at this helpless slave with an intense beating . The Mistress go on a tirade of non stop slapping. The Mistress’s let there slave know his place by giving him one brutal slap after another. The slaves face burns from the constant slaps and gets so hot you could cook an egg over it. The slaps just keep coming and and coming and the slave forced to sit there and take each and everyone that comes his way.





Mistress Vendetta shows Mistress Charli a simple way to keep slaves in line when they misbehave – slap the bitch in the face. Vendetta slaps her bitch with no mercy, rocking his face again and again. She slaps him so hard that he even falls to the ground from the slap – all for Vendetta’s amusement. It does not matter that he has done nothing wrong; he is just a toy for his Mistresses to use.


How To Slap a Bitch

When Mistresses Kendra and Mistrix meet up the latest public sale slaves, they tell them that they were bought for one reason – to be used in harsh and unforgiving slavery. Their skill to perform as slaves and take the punishments Mistresses enjoy delivering will be tested, and if they fail these trials of slavery, they will be disposed of.


The Mistresses choose one of the auction slaves and start his trials. Up first, the Mistresses take turns bitch slapping him until his look is beet red, but the Mistresses are not pleased. When the slave fails the whipping check, the Mistresses take in an experienced slave to show the bitch how a real slave should receive a whipping. The Mistresses make it clear that his presentation will need to get better or he will fail their trials.


The Mistresses team up to bring a brutal caning to the slave’s ass, leaving it extremely bruised and welted, then take his ass with their strapons. The slave tries to take their punishments as greatest he be able to, hoping to stay alive his trials. Will the Mistresses make a decision to keep him – or will he be disposed of?




Mistresses Jade Tiger and Lara Luxe have decided that the best way to teach their slave proper discipline is to slap it right into his face. Jade and Lara order their bitch not to move his face while they slap him, proving to them that he can show discipline, or he will be slapped even harder. The Mistresses then take turns slapping their bitch, amused as he struggles to take the pain and not move.

Jade and Lara then team up for an extensive double slapping, laughing as they knock his head back and forth between them like a pinball. His face beaten to a deep red and on the verge of tears, Jade finishes him off with full force slaps to the face while Lara holds his head firmly in place, giving him no way to escape his punishment.



Mistress Varla is beyond angry with her slave. She begins smacking him in the face and doesn’t stop. As the slut’s face turns beat red Varla keeps right on slapping him. She demands that he grab that useless tool of his and jerk off. Perhaps if he can rid himself of that filth he’ll be able to think a little clear and stop pissing her off. Then, BAM! Varla smacks the slut again. She informs him that she is going to smack him in the face until he can spill that filth. The slave cannot get a break. Varla will not let up with her repeated hard smacks. Finally she shoves the slut to the floor. “That useless dick is broken. We’ll have it removed tomorrow.” Then she lays back in with even more face smacking. Varla stands to leave but, as an after though, she starts kicking him in the nuts HARD. Then Varla walks away leaving the broken slut crumbed in a heap on the floor.


mistress is angry