Checking the slaves

When Mistresses Kendra and Mistrix meet up the latest public sale slaves, they tell them that they were bought for one reason – to be used in harsh and unforgiving slavery. Their skill to perform as slaves and take the punishments Mistresses enjoy delivering will be tested, and if they fail these trials of slavery, they will be disposed of.


The Mistresses choose one of the auction slaves and start his trials. Up first, the Mistresses take turns bitch slapping him until his look is beet red, but the Mistresses are not pleased. When the slave fails the whipping check, the Mistresses take in an experienced slave to show the bitch how a real slave should receive a whipping. The Mistresses make it clear that his presentation will need to get better or he will fail their trials.


The Mistresses team up to bring a brutal caning to the slave’s ass, leaving it extremely bruised and welted, then take his ass with their strapons. The slave tries to take their punishments as greatest he be able to, hoping to stay alive his trials. Will the Mistresses make a decision to keep him – or will he be disposed of?