Request For Chastity

Mistress Cybill Troy has had her slave in chastity for three weeks and has determined to free him – but only so she can destroy his cock and balls suffer! Clothed in an incredibly hot open back latex clothing, Cybill turns on the slave so much that his bound cock throbs up and down, a lot to her enjoyment. But Cybill not at all allows her slave an illegal erection, no matter what the situation.

Cybill starts off by whipping his cock and balls with her riding crop, smiling as her slave squirms in hurt. Sheltered in the stocks, he can only look at as his genitals swell from the whipping. Cybill then switches to a cane, inflicting even harsher pain on his tattered maturity.

Cybill takes his compressed balls into her hand and cruelly crushes them, then uses her spiky nails to cause even more pain on his nuts. She finishes him off with a different crop beating, completely breaking her bitch and leaving him crying in the stocks. This bitch will be suppliant to be kept back in chastity since now on.