Bare Foot in the Garden

Cheyenne is working in her flower garden. She notices her house slave watching her from the window. She pretends not to notice but begins teasing him; flashing her high arches, digging her toes into the dirt and wiggling her lovely toes in the sprinkler. Then she rings the door bell and waits for her servant to answer. Cheyenne demands he fall to his knees and lick her feet clean. She doesn’t want dirt tracked in on her clean floors. As she shoves her foot down her slave’s throat she tells him that for rest of the summer, he’ll be on stand by as her door mat. Every time her door bell rings, he best be on his knees with his tongue out. After all, Cheyenne laughs, “You are just a foot fag, thrilled to put your mouth on such a soft pink part of my body.”