Buried Dirty Foot Bitch

Off camera, Mistress Jade had been getting aggravated with the camera slave. In every foot worship scene he insisted that she get her feet dirty. Mistress Jade was patient for a good while but then decided to put this passive aggressive slave in his place. She secretly ordered two slaves to dig a shallow grave. Then, taking everyone by surprise, Jade ordered the foot slave into the hole and buried him up to his neck. Jade then began taunting the helpless slave, getting her feet filthy just inches away from the slave’s face and forcing him to lick them clean. Lady Cheyenne was rather surprised by all of this. What is a web mistress to do? Cheyenne picked up the camera and filmed Jade tormenting the slave in a completely unscripted, impromptu scene. Jade spit in the slave’s mouth several times. She shoved her dirty feet into the slave’s mouth and into his throat. Jade laughs at how helpless the slave is. The tortured slave’s face is completely covered with dirt and his tongue full of mud by the time Jade walks away, leaving him in the mess he got himself into.