Keyholed Hubby

In this semi, POV, Mistress Jean has just finished playing with a handsome slave in her dungeon. The slave is kneeling before at her throne, begging to cum. Jean has a devilish thought. She knows that her husband has been spying through the keyhole. Since Jean became a dominatrix, she’s reduced her husband to a domestic maid. Wiping other men’s cum from Jean’s dungeon floor the only form of intimacy her husband is allowed. Jean instructs the handsome slave to jerk off on her boot. She will make good use of his huge load. After the slave has shot his cum all over her boots, Jean swings open the dungeon door and catches her spying husband. She belittles him, reminding him that he is now a lowly cleaning bitch. Then she demands that he get down on all fours and lick the cum from her boots. The only place her husband now has in her life is cleaning up her playmate’s cum.