Slave check By Cane

Godnesses Kendra and Mistrix continue testing the suitability of their new public sale slave as a pain slut, this moment using their canes on his ass and legs. The Mistresses take turns administering harsh cane strokes, after that team up to cane butt ass together.

However the Godnesses are not searching for just any pain slut; they would like one that can truly take what they want to dish out. Mistrix switches to a brutally evil 5 canes at once equipment to administer punishment to the slave’s ass, making him count each stroke. After that Kendra zeroes in on the back of this thighs, savagely punishing them with her stick. His ass might be red-colored, welted, bruised, and swollen, but are the Godnesses the very least bit amazed with their public sale slave?