The Mistress are here to have some fun with there bound slave. The Mistress are going to milk this poor slave but not before they torture him first. The Mistress are going to slow tease jerk and edge his cock. The Mistress get the slave to the point of cumming then stop making him go insane. The Mistress get the slave rock hard and ask him if he wants to cum. The Mistress answer for him and let him know he will not be cumming till they tell him to. Nikki teases the loser with her pussy making him want to cum so bad. The Mistress continues to slow jerk and edge the slaves throbbing cock. The slave is finally allowed to cum. The slave is then fed every drip of his man filth.




Esmi has a chore for her slave. The chore is to clean her perfect bare ass. Esmi forces her slave to stick his tongue deep in her asshole and lick and smell all of her essence. Esmi is wearing sexy boots and after she is done having her ass cleaned she decides to give her slave a boot reward. The slave finishes up eagerly eating his Mistress ass then is allowed to jerk off to his Mistress’s boots. Esmi forces the slave to cum on her boots. Now its time for the slaves real reward. For the reward the slaved given a boot worn by his Mistress covered in his own cum to eat.




Clean My Ass Then Clean My Cummy Boots

The slave is bound outside and the mistress’s are here to milk him. The Mistress’s jerk his pathetic cock while verbally humiliating him. Finally the Mistress’s allow the slave to cum then give his balls a hard punch.




A Brutal Milking


The Mistress’s are going to enjoy milking this slave. No enjoyment will come to the slave because while he is milked his cock and balls will be ! The Mistress jerks his cock his cock while violently beating his dick and balls. The Mistress’s give him no pleasure as they milk his pathetic cock. The slave is agony as his cock is jerked while his balls get squeezed and hit. Finally the Mistress’s demand he drain his balls. The slave cums on Mistress Ryan’s hand then force fed to him.


A Painful Jerking

Goddess Brianna has caught a slave out of his cage and has him shackled to a table. Mistress Belle can see how dirty he is knows he must have been running around sucking cock all day. His knees are filthy. The mistress know that cock is the only thing that gets his dick hard. The mistress use there crops to punish him by hitting him all over his body. Goddess Brianna sees his cock getting hard so she gently strokes it. When Goddess Brianna takes her hand off she immediately slaps his ball with her crop. As Goddess Brianna spanks his balls and dick with her crop Mistresses bell spits in his mouth. The Mistresses know how much he likes cum so they decide to drain his dick and make him spill his filth into his own mouth. First the mistress are going to verbally and physically abuse him while they make him beg to eat his own cum. Mistress Belle grabs his cock and vigorously strokes him to the point of cumming. Mistress Belle does not think he has begged for his cum well enough so she edges him instead of letting him blow his load. The Mistresses can see how bad he wants to cum but do not think he is pathetic to cum by there own hands. The mistresses then turn him upside down and make jerk his cock into his own mouth. The Mistresses make him squeeze out every drip out of his cock into cock sucking mouth. The Mistress then make him swallow his load then show Mistresses he has swallowed every drip



Mistresses Alexis Grace and Macy Cartel have had their milking slave bound with his balls locked in a humbler for days, and now they want to drain every last drop of cum from his pathetic balls. The Mistresses toy with his helpless nuts, smacking them and crushing them before jerking his cock, still locked in a humbler, just to cause him pain.

When the Mistresses actually want the bitch to cum, they stand him up and remove the humbler so they can really jerk his pathetic cock. Alexis makes sure the slave cums in her hand because she is going to make sure he eats every drop. With his mouth pried open with a gag, it is not like he had any choice in the matter.


Every Last Drop

Mistreses Esmi and January love the power their feet have over their slaves, making them into compliant bitches begging for an orgasm. But the Mistresses enjoy teasing their slaves way too much to make it easy on them.

Esmi and January rub the arches of their feet up and down the shaft of the slave’s cock, getting him harder and harder as they enjoy the site. When the slave is finally allowed to cum, he shoots all over Esmi’s foot as a tribute to the power it has over him and his pathetic cock.


Milked By Our Fee

Goddess Brianna and Mistress Vanessa have a sex toy slave tied up in the dungeon and ready for their personal use. While Vanessa is horny and wants her pussy worshipped, Brianna enjoys making slave cock into a personal sex toy and making it shoot a load of cum.

Brianna expertly milks the slave’s cock, asking Vanessa if the slave is doing a good job of pleasing her. When Vanessa says no, Brianna grabs the slut’s balls in her hand and squeezes them, laughing and warning him that she will crush them if he does not do a better job. The slave obeys and soon Vanessa enjoys an orgasm from his tongue. Brianna then milks the bitch to completion, his cum load all over her gloves hands. Brianna tells the bitch that they are through with him and will use him again when they want more amusement.


Pussy Licking Sex Toy

Mistress Mia has her slave tied into a bondage chair.  Slave was  in chastity for 28 days.  Mia want see how full his balls are.  Mistress tell the slave if wants a relase, he can..but she  she’ll be punching him full force in the balls immediately afterwards. Mia play with his cock slowly. She realize, that  her soft hands can coax the cum right out of his cock. Sure enough, the male bitch cannot hold inside and shoots his load everywhere on the place. Mistress smiles at slave while she took his balls into her hands and BAM! Lady punches them as much as she can…