Lady Cheyenne begins with her bitch bent over and restrained. She attacks his balls from behind with repeated hard kicks. The slave is soon waning and cannot hold his weight in an upright position. Cheyenne releases him and begins kicking him again with FULL FORCE blows to his balls. There is no holding back. No mercy. No recovery time. Cheyenne kicks the slave until he is backed against a wall. She holds him up by his cock and punches his aching balls. Then she throws her bitch to the floor and begins kneeing and elbowing his balls. As the slave moans, motionless on the floor, Cheyenne twists his used up cock and balls up like a pretzel. She smacks his swollen balls several times over, laughing all the while. This is brute force ball busting with no mercy and no recovery time in between blows.



Mistress Danta arrives at Cheyenne’s studio to find a note on the door: “Please choose a slave to entertain you. The other, feel free to discard.” Mistress Danta discovers two slave’s locked in cages in the dungeon. Their cock and balls are locked in humblers through the cages. The slaves are utterly helpless as Danta evaluates their cocks. Who will sleep at her feet and who will sleep on the floor of their cold cage? Only Mistress Danta’s single tail whip will decide. She whips and smacks their cock and balls to decide which cock is to her liking.



Lady Cheyenne has her slave strapped down to a bondage bed. She demands the slave jerk off. There is a catch. She has circled his mouth with a zero and made marks 1 through 20 from his neck to his groin. The higher the slave shoots, the less he’ll be punched in his empty ball sac afterwards. If the slave can shoot is male filth into his mouth, he’ll get zero punches to his balls. If the slave can’t shoot his cum past his groin, he’ll get a whopping 20 punches to his empty ball sac. The slave is so nervous as Cheyenne watches him jerk off. She has her hand balled up and his ready to punch. The slave ends up shooting his cum somewhere between 0 and 20. Cheyenne enjoys delivering every brute blow to his empty, helpless ball sac.


Cheyenne has her slave bent over and restrained in a helpless positioned. She has hung multiple weights around his balls. She demands the slave keep his ass presented and the weights on his balls swinging as he lays into him with her single tail whip. Cheyenne cracks her whip on the slave’s ass as he buckles under her brutal lashes. Cheyenne grabs the ball weights and drops them, stretching the slave’s balls with great force. Cheyenne is on fire, basking in her slave’s suffering. She enjoys every moment of whipping her helpless slave boy.


Cheyenne is working in her flower garden. She notices her house slave watching her from the window. She pretends not to notice but begins teasing him; flashing her high arches, digging her toes into the dirt and wiggling her lovely toes in the sprinkler. Then she rings the door bell and waits for her servant to answer. Cheyenne demands he fall to his knees and lick her feet clean. She doesn’t want dirt tracked in on her clean floors. As she shoves her foot down her slave’s throat she tells him that for rest of the summer, he’ll be on stand by as her door mat. Every time her door bell rings, he best be on his knees with his tongue out. After all, Cheyenne laughs, “You are just a foot fag, thrilled to put your mouth on such a soft pink part of my body.”


Lady Cheyenne has her boy strapped to a bondage bed. She teases his cock and balls with her sexy size seven feet. She asks if he’d like to cum. The slut immediately says, “Yes!” Then Cheyenne explains that if her feet can make him cum he’ll get three hard kicks to the balls as soon as he begins to shoot. The slave cannot resist Cheyenne’s bare feet and shoots a load all over himself. As soon as he starts cumming, Cheyenne starts kicking. After every bit of male filth has been spilled, Cheyenne asks if enjoyed himself. Before the stammering slave can answer, Cheyenne delivers a heartless kick to his balls.


This is an incredible ball busting clip. Cheyenne is all worked up after a ball whipping scene. Her ball bitch is secured in a bondage chair. He can’t move a muscle to protect his balls. Cheyenne stands over him and lays into his helpless balls with her stocking foot. The slave moans and nearly melts down but Cheyenne keeps the kicks coming. She slides down the slave’s body, her stocking leg teasing the slave’s cock. For a split second he thinks she may actually be nice to him but Cheyenne lays in with more brutal kicks and gut wrenching ball punches. Throughout this clips Cheyenne is so hot for busting this man’s balls. She can’t get enough.


Cheyenne has her boy pad locked to the floor with his legs in a steel device. There is no escaping her harsh kicks. After she pummels his balls she decides to stand him up and take a running kick. The slave is still breathing so Cheyenne puts him beside her trampoline. She ties up his cock and demands he hold it out of the way as she gets clear brute force kicks to his balls. The ball bitch is utterly helpless as Cheyenne devours his balls with her beautiful but lethal bare feet.



Lady Cheyenne has decided to give her slave 100 cane strokes. She believes strongly in the discipline of male animals. This needs nothing less. She begins with his head and wrists in a stock and his ankles locked to each side. He cannot move a muscle as Cheyenne delivers one cruel cane stroke after another. Cheyenne forces him to count the cane strokes. She laughs as he blunders the counting and lays in even harder. Red and purple welts rise up on the slave’s ass. Cheyenne runs her hands over the slave’s ass, enjoying the warmth. Then she takes the slave out of the stocks and demands that he bend over and spread his ass checks for the last ten strokes. Cheyenne canes him on the tender folds of his ass, demanding his hold still and accept every harsh stroke.



Cheyenne has her slave helplessly restrained. He is in a neck and wrist stock with his ankles restrained spread eagle. He cannot dodge her brute force punch and blows. He can also not see them coming. Cheyenne preys on his helplessness, kicking and punching the slave from every angle. She loves busting his helples balls.