Foot fetish

Off camera, Mistress Jade had been getting aggravated with the camera slave. In every foot worship scene he insisted that she get her feet dirty. Mistress Jade was patient for a good while but then decided to put this passive aggressive slave in his place. She secretly ordered two slaves to dig a shallow grave. Then, taking everyone by surprise, Jade ordered the foot slave into the hole and buried him up to his neck. Jade then began taunting the helpless slave, getting her feet filthy just inches away from the slave’s face and forcing him to lick them clean. Lady Cheyenne was rather surprised by all of this. What is a web mistress to do? Cheyenne picked up the camera and filmed Jade tormenting the slave in a completely unscripted, impromptu scene. Jade spit in the slave’s mouth several times. She shoved her dirty feet into the slave’s mouth and into his throat. Jade laughs at how helpless the slave is. The tortured slave’s face is completely covered with dirt and his tongue full of mud by the time Jade walks away, leaving him in the mess he got himself into.



Mistress Coral has asked her slave to sweep the front porch of the dungeon. Coral is not pleased with the job he has done. She has taken off her shoes and walked barefoot all over the dirt he missed. She demands the slave lick the dirt off her feet. Her slave gags on the dirt but Coral demands he lick her feet perfectly clean. She laughs about the dirt the slave is collecting on his tongue. She forces her lazy bitch to get in between each and everyone of her lovely toes. When she is satisfied that he has done a good job, she props her feet on him and relaxes.



Lady Cheyenne has just come from her garden. Her feet are still a bit soiled, however dainty in her beaded sandals. She informs her bitch that he is now a foot fag, no longer permitted to look above a woman’s knee. Cheyenne flexes her high arches in her sandals and instructs her foot fag to slide his cock. The tight space between the soul of her foot and her sweaty sandal is nice and warm. It is as close to intercourse as he’ll ever get. She demands he fuck in the only way she will allow. Then she puts him on his back and places his cock in between her bare feet. Cheyenne forces him to have intercourse with her feet. Her slave spills his filth on her toes. Cheyenne then forces him to lick her precious feet clean.



Lady Cheyenne’s slave is bound with duct tape, his balls, helplessly pulled out before him on a small chair. Cheyenne steps on his balls, squashing them flat. She stands on his balls and bounces. Then she strokes his cock with her stocking foot. The slave’s cock gets hard. “I want your cock to get hard so your balls will fill up.” The slave knows why Cheyenne wants his balls to be full but he is such a slut, he can’t hold back. Cheyenne is delighted to have swollen balls to crush. The more swollen with male filth the balls are, the more vulnerable to they are to crush. Cheyenne has a field day, flattening her slave’s aching nuts with full body weight.



Cheyenne is working in her flower garden. She notices her house slave watching her from the window. She pretends not to notice but begins teasing him; flashing her high arches, digging her toes into the dirt and wiggling her lovely toes in the sprinkler. Then she rings the door bell and waits for her servant to answer. Cheyenne demands he fall to his knees and lick her feet clean. She doesn’t want dirt tracked in on her clean floors. As she shoves her foot down her slave’s throat she tells him that for rest of the summer, he’ll be on stand by as her door mat. Every time her door bell rings, he best be on his knees with his tongue out. After all, Cheyenne laughs, “You are just a foot fag, thrilled to put your mouth on such a soft pink part of my body.”


Lady Cheyenne has her boy strapped to a bondage bed. She teases his cock and balls with her sexy size seven feet. She asks if he’d like to cum. The slut immediately says, “Yes!” Then Cheyenne explains that if her feet can make him cum he’ll get three hard kicks to the balls as soon as he begins to shoot. The slave cannot resist Cheyenne’s bare feet and shoots a load all over himself. As soon as he starts cumming, Cheyenne starts kicking. After every bit of male filth has been spilled, Cheyenne asks if enjoyed himself. Before the stammering slave can answer, Cheyenne delivers a heartless kick to his balls.