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Goddes Kendra James is in a giving feeling, She likes to give you her TWELVE” inch dark strap on dick, The lady informs you she is going to divided your butt huge open now, And threatens you,that to be head stud at her dungeon you have to be prepared to have your male pussy divided open at all times, Therefore you got much better learn to enjoy it, The lady offers you lubricant up her dick using your own spit and drool, Because she face fucks you to get ready for Butt Splitting 101. Training is in session!

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Kendra, Esmi and Alexa create this bitch lube up their strap ons with his own spit just before they Ram it in his male cooch. Esmi straps a chindo on his face and he should make her get off when the other two ladies get turns pounding his ever so willing butt. They actually use this bitch out. Position after position, lady after lady, every using a turn ramming his cooch pit making him used and crumpled. They place his horrible slut butt returning in the crate.


Kendra James, Jean Bardot and Mistress Brianna meet on a bitch they have been loking for for a while. This bitch has been used to the barn and shackled to the beams. The women are going to beat this bitch for a great long time. This is the kind of whipping which hold men bitches in their location. Because the women lay in using their single tail whips, the slut starts to tremble. Jean laughs. This bitch much better understand to please. Kendra is becoming switched on my the slut’s hurting. The lady holds backside, splits her whip and provides strong hits to the slut’s backside and butt. Brianna runs her hands above the slut’s elevated welts. They are warm to her feel. She teeth. This is a true turn on. After that the women step back again and beat this bitch also tougher.


Servant 6440 has been reaching his horrible male stick again with no permission. Goddess Kendra James and Mistress Alexis Grace choose they’re going to have some pleasure using this slave. It’s moment for many extreme ball use and perform Monkey ! Lady Kendra swings it around nailing that slave perfect in the nuts. The mistresses get turns nailing the dog again and again when he is controlled in his straitjacket, hanging from the ceiling in the dungeon. The guy is left dangling helplessly. The Mistress’s laugh as they torment and ruin this servant’s pathetic slut bags Goddess Alexa locks him again in his crate as quickly as they are through ruining his balls.


Kendra James and Mistress Mandy have their slave locked into a caning bench. The ladies introduce their slut to their bamboo canes. Instant welts and bruises rise up on the whimpering bitch’s ass. The raised welts heightens the excitement for the ladies. They want to bring their bitch to the breaking point. Kendra demands the slut keep good slave posture. Then she and Mandy lay back in hard and heavy with one cruel stroke after another.


Mistress Kendra James leads her male bitch in by his balls. She is going to pile drive this slut with 12 hard inches. Kendra loves making her slut’s beg for every inch. She rides this bitch like she is a rodeo. Then she pulls out and slaps her bitch in the face with her huge cock. She demands that he lick her clean. Kendra rams her dick down the bitch’s throat. When she is satisfied she instructs the slut to jerk his own cock. She wants this bitch to cum on her boots so she can watch as he licks up his male filth. Kendra smiles as the slut complies. She knows that he is grateful for her dick.



A fresh servant has been bought at Club Dom and Goddesses Lydia Supremacy and Kendra James are just the Women to break the fresh meat in! Already bruised and crushed from a prior spanking, the servant is hanging hands above head with his legs kept apart with a spreader bar, not able to go or prevent the torments of his Goddesses. Amused, each Mistresses torment and taunt the servant, just before tearing into him using their whips. The lashes stripe his back in a mad mania of strokes, paining a stunning painting for all to enjoy. Overcome by pain, the servant dances about in a feeble try to prevent the suffering delivered on by the horrible whips. A absurd exhibition is put on by the servant, who shows up to even be adjusting his butt in an effort to obtain a few mercy from the scary whips. Nevertheless, as all servants eventually learn, there is in no way any mercy for guy filth at ClubDom. Empress Kendra and Lydia each enjoy their handiwork as these dig their claws into the tender, battered flesh of their new subordinate, causing him to wince and weep out in even more extreme pain. Simply one more day at ClubDom.





Mistress Kendra James leads the guy bitch in by his balls. The lady is going to pile push that slut using 12 hard ins. Kendra enjoys doing her slut’s beg for every single inch. The lady rides this bitch such as she is a rodeo. After that she drags away and slaps her bitch in the face using her massive penis. The lady requires that he lick her clean. Kendra rams her dick along the bitch’s throat. While she is pleased she advices the slut to jerk his own dick. She wishes this bitch to ejaculate on her shoes so she can enjoy as he licks up his guy filth. Kendra laughs as the slut complies. She knows that he is thankful for her penis.





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Kendra James, Mistress Esmi and Alexa know how to hurt a man. They thrive on humiliating the weaker sex. The ladies have a male bitch strapped into a bondage chair. Kendra demands that the slut spit on his own cock. Then Esmi begins stroking the bitch’s slut stick. She is going to pull his male filth right out of him. The ladies laugh. What a slut this one is. No matter how the ridicule him, his pathetic cock just gets harder. Esmi knows her soft hands have power of this bitch’s cock. Once the bitch spills his male filth, the ladies begin smacking him in the face and scolding him for being such a helpless slut.