Mistresses Alexis Grace and Dahlia Rain strut into the dungeon, shoes clicking menacingly on the tile ground, sending echoes directly into the afraid slave’s ears as he views them arriving towards him. The ladies possess him put up and weak, just wherever they desire him.
“Did you inform him that he might have an erection?” asks Dahlia, seeing the afraid but really excited trembling piece of meat’s boner.
“I believe I am going to have a lot of fun fucking you” says Alexis, stroking her dick, but not before adding “and I am going to have a few additional exciting, chopping that horrible thing off” as she stares at his horrible reason for a dick, ashamed.
Alexis has him leaning above a crate using her massive dick when Dahlia watches as well as taunts the dog by talking, giving much more worry in to the dog as he understands how really screwed he will be. Following he is secured up in a crate, the ladies get a smoke, happy. They blow smoke cigarettes at their own weak and banged servant as they guarantee to arrive back again for the dog the next day.


Lady Kimylee and Mistress Brianna tie a guy slave into a bondage seat. The women are feeling especially sadistic and start tormenting this helpless bitch. Ladies stroke his penis, driving the dog to grow to be hard. Brianna laughs as the bitch gets stone hard. This lady takes him right to the side and then halts. The servant is scared. The guy understands that if he shoots the men’s dirt, the women will punch the dog in the balls. He attempts to keep back but is no match for their gentle palms. Sure enough, as quickly as the bitch cums, BAM! Brianna nails the dog right in the balls using full power. Just what a method to destroy an orgasm!


MIstress Deanna Storm is cruel. She loves using and harming males for her personal satisfaction. The lady has a men slave’s balls secured into a solid wood vice. She crops his aching and swollen nuts as his whole body shakes using worry. After that she lays in his butt using her exotic stick. The bitch fear just fuels Deanna’s bend for sadism. She minimizes this bitch to cry, happy all the time.


Lady Eden has got her bitch secured in to a dick and ball control and his hands cuffed behind him. She starts by caning his penis and balls. As the bitch squirms around, Edend hits balls tougher and demands that he remain put. After that Lady starts caning the slut’s butt. The lady huge smiles as immediate welts rise up on the slut’s backside. Eden spins the bitch around and lays back directly into his balls. Quickly the slut begins asking to be spanked on the butt. Eden laughs and gladly complies, laying in also tougher compared to previously. Shortly enough the bitch can not get any more cane strokes on his butt. Eden’s solution to keep on caning the bitch’s butt till he starts asking to get one more caning on his cock. Eden loves placing her slut’s in their location. Her eyes light up with each cruel stick stroke the lady gives.

ask for pain

Servant 6440 has been reaching his horrible male stick again with no permission. Goddess Kendra James and Mistress Alexis Grace choose they’re going to have some pleasure using this slave. It’s moment for many extreme ball use and perform Monkey ! Lady Kendra swings it around nailing that slave perfect in the nuts. The mistresses get turns nailing the dog again and again when he is controlled in his straitjacket, hanging from the ceiling in the dungeon. The guy is left dangling helplessly. The Mistress’s laugh as they torment and ruin this servant’s pathetic slut bags Goddess Alexa locks him again in his crate as quickly as they are through ruining his balls.


Goddess Michelle Lacy and Goddess Natalya Sadici are excited to extend out slave #7?s ass. As they stay above their slave?s cage with using 12? cocks the mistress?s tease #7 regarding how a lot he wishes it and how large his guy cooch should be now. Lady Michelle and Natalya take there horrible slave out of his crate and get him lubrication up there cocks using his bang hole. That?s right #7 lubrication it up great due to the fact we are going to fuck your butt into oblivion. After that Mistress Natalya bends her useless servant above his crate and starts to give him a fucking he won’t ignore. After that simply before he believes it might be end, Mistress Michelle?s turn is up. Slave ask and begs for it to finish as Lady Michelle and Lady Natalya simply giggle and notify this pitiful servant that his day is simply starting.



Lexi Luna and Kelly Paige are smoking and relaxing on top of the crate which secures two servants. “I feel like to whip a bitch now.” “Not a thing becomes my cooch warmer than whipping a servant!” The two ladies ask which servant likes to get whipped. “What is your goal at Clubdom?” The males understand they have to suffer for the enjoyment of the ladies and this is their function. The ladies select a single unlucky servant and he ask to get whipped by them. The smiling nasty sadistic ladies need the servant to get it for them. They ladies spank the slaves and rub their pussies getting off on how significantly the servant is hurting for mistresses. The more the servant ask to become whipped, the more wet the ladies each become.


Goddes Megan Jones loves the chastity bitches to be beautyfull. Lady clothes up a male bitch, training him to walk and curtsey such as a great slut. The lady shocks this bitch balls till he gets it just proper.Megan is challenging as she perfects her sissy bitch. The lady has high targets to get that bitch. He is heading to be her blowjob prostitute.


LadyJame Valentine and Mistress Kylie Rogue simply Love to extend out your butt, they strap up using 12\” inch dark strap-ons and screw your horrible servant butt till a person ask to get much more, Following they have completed extending your butt hole to its highest potential they teach you to clean your butt off their cocks using your oral cavity and keep you pleading to get even more.


The new auction slave and the seasoned Clubdom slave are bent over and restrained. They await their painful fate as Michelle Lacy and Goddess Tangent discuss how hard they are going to cane each man. Their auction slave is most likely going back to the slave farm but they want to cane him anyway. Perhaps he might show some glimmer of hope. The two Mistresses cane both slaves. With heavy lightening fast blows, the hits keep coming. The more the women hit them, the more sadistic and happy they become. The two men are definitely in intense pain but the auction slave just trembles and cries for mercy. These women are not having it. Back to the slave farm he goes but they need to punish the head slaver who sold him to them. Paris announces that he has arrived and the women grab him. Tangent face slaps him and kicks him in the balls while Michelle holds him. They scold the slaver and tell him he is to take back that pathetic excuse for a slave and to never sell them such a sorry excuse of a man ever again.