Mistress Brianna’s spanking Slave

Posted in Canning, Spanking, whipping on November 18th, 2014

Mistress Brianna’s servant sole purpose in living is to satisfy her. Now Brianna is in a sadistic feeling and seeking to get a bit of exciting. The lady has her servant bound, hands above head plus balls to the ground.Brianna cracks her one tail whip behind the servant and laughs as he shudders. The lady proceeds to execute a terrible whipping. The more the slut moans, the tougher Brianna whips the dog. The lady smiles all the time. Brianna understands she is giving meaning to that bitch’s living. As she operates her sharp nails over his welts the lady dares him to dirty her ground with his cry.






Leather Strapping Plus Caning The Servant

Posted in Canning, Spanking on October 3rd, 2014

Goddes Michelle Lacy and Mistress Brianna choose it’s moment to train this mouthy small servant a lesson. Ladies pull his butt out of the crate, bend him over the stock and proceed to hit the dog using a leather strap. Striking the dog as tough as they can having a laugh at his screams. Michelle paddles the dog using her paddle. Right now deciding its time to cane this slave. Using his ass out again and again they beat his him till it’s raw. Informing him this is the only method he will understand. “You want to serve us, you want to be a good slave? So you’ll do what we say from right now on bitch.





Spanking One more Rack of Meat (Tough Caning)

Posted in Canning, Spanking on September 22nd, 2014

Goddess Natasha Starr, Natalia Starr and Mistress Esmi Lee like one more lovely time at the ClubDom Property as their servant worships their shoes. Mistress Esmi tells “you girls up for a small exciting?” The Goddess’s all agree. Off for a small pleasure ride they go commanding the servant get them to their “rack of meat”. As they appear to the following slave shackled to the caning bench the women notify the slut that it’s moment for their day time work out. Several caning aerobic when ruining his butt. Doing the dog ask for the cane. Proceeding to pitilessly cane the bitches butt again and again, cane stroke right after cane stroke. Totally ruining this bitches butt. The girls high five every other and started to giggle. This bitches time has just started.





Use his Bitch Butt

Posted in Strap on on September 15th, 2014

Goddess Shae Fatale enjoys emasculating males using her huge strap on dick. She pushes her bitch full of cock as Mistress Vivian hungrily watches, stroking her penis and looking for her move. Shae and Vivian devour this slut using their cocks, having off on the power they have over this bitch.






Pleased for Penis

Posted in Strap on on September 9th, 2014

Mistress Kendra James leads the guy bitch in by his balls. The lady is going to pile push that slut using 12 hard ins. Kendra enjoys doing her slut’s beg for every single inch. The lady rides this bitch such as she is a rodeo. After that she drags away and slaps her bitch in the face using her massive penis. The lady requires that he lick her clean. Kendra rams her dick along the bitch’s throat. While she is pleased she advices the slut to jerk his own dick. She wishes this bitch to ejaculate on her shoes so she can enjoy as he licks up his guy filth. Kendra laughs as the slut complies. She knows that he is thankful for her penis.





Pleased-for-Penis Pleased-for-Penis1

Might the Greatest Balls Succeed 1

Posted in ballbusting, CBT on September 1st, 2014

Mistress Varla and Goddess Aurora get pitted their own males against each other in a activity of ball tug o battle. The loser can be exposed to incredible pressure ball smashing. Each slaves are decided to succeed, almost trimming every other’s balls off. At last, the game is over and the loser is made to stay up and place his hands on his heads, revealing his weak balls. Varla and Aurora lay in with hard and recurring kicks. The slave falls to the floor and pulled back up and put on his shaking knees. The girls provide strike after strike to his disturbed balls. Whenever the slave can no more stay the ladies grab his balls upward and start hurling full power punches.



Might-the-Greatest-Balls-Succeed-1 Might-the-Greatest-Balls-Succeed-2


Get Your Goddes Cum Servant

Posted in ballbusting, Canning, CBT, Spanking on August 25th, 2014

Mistress Alina dislikes this loser slaves mutant useless dick. This servant will never be ready to get off Mistress Sasha by screwing her. The just point for the Mistresses to do is to strap a chindo on his face and get the dog screw Mistress Sasha using his face. Empress Alina is really going to give a punishment the servant for owning such a useless penis by canning his bare butt. The lady defeats his ass red while he fucks Mistress Sasha with his chindo. Mistress Sasha needs the servant bang her great using his face as Goddess Alina non stop canes the dog. Mistress Sasha does not believe the servant is screwing her well enough so Alina canes the dog even tougher and quicker. The Mistresses do not permit the slave to go away till he has made his Mistress ejaculate and his ass is red and covered in welts. Mistress Sasha sits down backside with Godess Alina and enjoys a smoke cigarettes right after getting satisfied by her slaves hurting.





Stretching out Your Anal Hole

Posted in Strap on on August 23rd, 2014

Mistress Sasha and Goddes Alina pitilessly attack this bitch’s butt using their cocks. When Mistress Sasha Sweet pounds the servant using her massive strapon, getting him take it balls deep, Lady Alina will make him gag on her big dark dick till he is choking on it, drool pouring out of his mouth. The much more this slut experiences and shakes in his bondage, the more these heartless Mistresses get off on it. Currently covered in his butt juices. The Mistresses check his Extended out hole.








Male Pussy Receives Punished

Posted in ballbusting, CBT on August 21st, 2014

Shae Fatale plus Alexis Grace emasclulate a masculino servant by placing him in a ball stock and punishing his dick and balls. The girls defeat his cock with a crop. Shae change his manhood such as a pretzel and after that screw the pussy hole on his penis. The bitch cries as Shae bang the whorry hole with a metal rod however his suffer just adds to Shae’s and Alexis’s pleasure. The chained servant watches, not able to stop the treatment.




Male Pussy Receives PunishedMale-Pussy-Receives-Punishe

Slave in Straitjacket fucked with Strap On

Posted in Strap on on August 8th, 2014

Mistress Esmi and Mistress Candie get their straitjacketed slaves pathetic gaping asshole with no mercy. Cruelly banging that bitch till all he could do is weep out from the suffering. Ladies switch his butt over strongly banging the dog a lot more. Esmi and Candie giggle as their own servant is banged to the point of collapsing. Dusty, destroyed and owned the butt slut crawls again to his crate ready to be used once again.




Slave in Straitjacket fucked with Strap On

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