Butt Stretching And Tormenting Their Servants

Posted in Strap on on May 3rd, 2015

Goddess Kylie Rogue is training one more slave a session by banging him in his man pussy with her strap-on tough and hard. When Mistress Kylie is anally tearing her horrible servant and making him count every single thrust she will take, Mistress Venus Divine pulls her useless servant out of the dungeon and into his crate. As Mistress Kylie pounds her right now shouting servant, Mistress Venus starts to cattle push her bitch almost everywhere on his body creating him shout and squirm in his crate. While Mistress is ruining her males ass he looks up and sees Goddess Venus standing above him with her cattle push in her hand. Because this horrible servant has a strap-on rammed deep inside him, he is tormented using the cows prod inches from his face. After they have had their entertaining banging and tormenting this servant, Goddess Venus tells her useless bitch that he is following. They bend over this other horrible slave and start to fuck his ass, but using the 12 strap-on. When Goddess Kylie is extending out this pathetic slaves man pussy Goddess Venus is applying their other useless servant butt a bench when tormenting each of them with her cattle prod; Threatening to zap each of their tongues if they dont obey and do as told. MIstress Venus and Mistress Kylie then choose to create their screw doll bang the some other slave with a chindo strapped on to his face while also becoming anally extended by Mistress Kylie. While every servant is crying in agony coming from being anally destroyed and cattle prodded both Mistresses laugh at how useless and horrible their slaves really are.




Butt Destroying Their Horrible Servant

Posted in Strap on on April 14th, 2015

Mistress Marsha May and Mistress Hope Harper are towering above their horrible servant as they stroke their own 12 strap-on penis. They push the dog to deep throat every single inch of their strap-ons as they push both in his mouth notify the dog this is all the lubrication he is going to receive when they destroy his male pussy. Then Mistress Marsha and Hope bend the dog over and start to rip that guy pussy of his. As this useless servant yowls for mercy Mistress Marsha slaps his face and causes him lick her high heel shoes as Mistress Hope ruins his butt. Simply when he believes it is all over each Mistresses push their 12 strap-ons in his man cooch at the same moment making the dog cry and shout such as he has never ever before.





Horrible Slave’s canning Of A Life Time

Posted in Canning, Spanking on April 1st, 2015

Mistress Venus Divine and Lady Kylie Rogue move up to this horrible servant in his crate and take him out. Having this sorry excuse for a guy on his knees Goddess Venus and Kylie describe to the dog that since he used to beat his girl these days he is going to be getting the beating instead. They move this useless bitch over and start to cane his butt until he is crying and asking for mercy. Cane following cane his butt gets redder and redder. Empress Kylie then pushes this slave to start counting each and every single swing she takes and he better not skip one or more. Right after Empress Venus and Empress Kylie has made a master piece on this useless pathetic slaves ass, they sit back and enjoy their job as tears go lower this his face.





Offer us Your Manhood

Posted in ballbusting, CBT, Spanking on March 24th, 2015

Lady Shae Fatale and Goddess Vivian torment their servant’s dick and balls. Mistress Vivian places her hand above the slave’s mouth to hold him from shouting as Mistress Shae twists the slut’s dick lick a pretzel and pushes his balls. Using this slave closed into his seat and no place to go he is totally afraid and his Mistresses really like each second of it. When they get done twisting and cropping his useless dick, Mistress Shae leans in and spits in his mouth area. Next time pay attention to your Goddess while they give you a order!





Great Clubdom Whipping

Posted in Canning, Spanking, whipping on March 10th, 2015

A fresh servant has been bought at Club Dom and Goddesses Lydia Supremacy and Kendra James are just the Women to break the fresh meat in! Already bruised and crushed from a prior spanking, the servant is hanging hands above head with his legs kept apart with a spreader bar, not able to go or prevent the torments of his Goddesses. Amused, each Mistresses torment and taunt the servant, just before tearing into him using their whips. The lashes stripe his back in a mad mania of strokes, paining a stunning painting for all to enjoy. Overcome by pain, the servant dances about in a feeble try to prevent the suffering delivered on by the horrible whips. A absurd exhibition is put on by the servant, who shows up to even be adjusting his butt in an effort to obtain a few mercy from the scary whips. Nevertheless, as all servants eventually learn, there is in no way any mercy for guy filth at ClubDom. Empress Kendra and Lydia each enjoy their handiwork as these dig their claws into the tender, battered flesh of their new subordinate, causing him to wince and weep out in even more extreme pain. Simply one more day at ClubDom.





Double Butt Stretch out At ClubDom

Posted in Strap on on February 9th, 2015

A couple of bitches stay in their crate waiting for a proper butt banging its a 2-way butt stretch out at ClubDom. Empress Kylie Rogue and Goddess Dava Foxx take these slutty butt slaves out and get them lubrication up their massive dark penis and then bend them over the bang pony and move forward to bang their tiny assholes very long and tough filling them up with Tough Dom penis making them beg for each inch and getting off on the energy they hold over all guys.





Shredding Their own Bitches Butts

Posted in Strap on on January 29th, 2015

Lady Kylie Rogue and Empress Nicki Ortaga choose that they would like to make a bet together with every other. The bet is that Mistress Nicki says she can pound her bitches small man pussy tougher and quicker than Mistress Kylie could with hers. While their bitches move in fear, Mistress Kylie and Goddess Nicki shove their 12” cocks right in their fuck holes. They push them so much down their throats that the hole 12”s totally go away. Mistress Kylie and Empress Nicki then switch their pathetic useless slaves over the sofa and fuck their assess in to oblivion. They weep for mercy, but that just makes their mistress screw them even tougher. Simply if these crying whimpering slaves believe it’s all over they make them get on the ground and Lady Kylie and Mistress Nicki pile push even quicker and tougher. I surprise who won the bet?




The Loser Consumes Cum

Posted in Milking on January 22nd, 2015

Lady Ashley Edmunds and Goddess Lucinda get their bitches pitted next to each other in a jerk off competition. Ladies really want to find who could shoot their own guy filth the furthest. The slaves do their perfect to satisfy their own ladies, however the loser will get licking up all of the cum.





Bradlina Will get Cattle Prodded Plus Banged

Posted in Strap on on January 7th, 2015

Lady Michelle Lacy and Goddes Natalya Sadici grabbed their own servant Bradlina fantasizing related to them and holding his pathetic 2” cock with no approval. I think it’s moment to tell that bitch who’s in charge. GOddes Michelle and LadyNatalya saran cover and duct tape his hands and feet, this slave isn’t moving any where anytime soon. With Bradlina on his legs and elbows Lady Michelle rips away the anal plug they filled his small tiny man pussy with and shoves it in his mouth to hold the dog out of shouting. After that before he understands it Mistress Natalya bangs his butt with her cattle prod sending this horrible slave squirming for his existence. Right after cattle prodding his butt a couple of more times for their personal enjoyment and enjoying him wanting to get out. Ladies choose it’s time to stuff Bradlina’s small man pussy using a thing a lot larger then that bottom plug, their 12” dark cocks. When Mistress Michelle rams the 12” penis in this horrible slaves guy pussy extending it out, Mistress Natalya teases Bradlina using her cattle prod right next to his face harmful to shock him. Right after they get bored of fucking this bitch, Mistress Natalya cattle prods Bradlina right back to his crate.





Butt Servant Screwing

Posted in Strap on on December 12th, 2014

Desperate to please their own Goddess’s, thees slaves beg to get 12′ of tough dark penis, The tougher the woman’s screw them , the much more gaping there assholes grow to be they change them in to absolutely nothing just compliant sex toys for there large tough cocks. Also while the Empress Dava and Mistress Kylie complete screwing the slaves butt, They are not content till they have completely ashamed thees sluts by creating them clean their own butt juice off the dildo’s along with there slutty mouths.





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