Cry just for Holly’s Cane

Posted in Canning, Spanking, whipping on July 21st, 2014

Mistress Holly is in a sadistic feeling. The lady has got her servant in a tight down and gagged. Like she chooses up her cane, the lady sizes up the shaking bitch. This will be exciting. Holly proceeds to execute very long and tough strokes to the slut’s butt. Quick red-colored welts rise up on the bitch’s butt. Whenever the guy starts to whimper and moan, Holly holds his balls up and pushes all of them. “Should these be next” She alerts. After that Holly resumes giving stroke following stroke to the slut’s butt. While she sees the bitch is crying and moping she is unmoved. The lady shows the slut that he’ll be licking his tears off her caning bitch.






Interrogated and Castrated

Posted in ballbusting, CBT on July 16th, 2014

Jean Bardot and Mistress Alexis Grace are mad. Food has been absent via the servant compound and a single slut is searching well fed. These people are going to get to the bottom of this. The slave is bound to a seat and clothespins are put on his tongue. Alexis blows cig smoke in his face as Jean interrogates the dog. While the slut rejected to give up information, Jean begins ripping the clothespins off one by one. Alexis spits into the slut’s lying lips. There is no chance for the slut to win. If he admits incorrect doing he will be punished. If he does not confess he will be punished. The interrogation does not go well for him. Jean burns his cock with a red hot cig just before castrating the bitch with a gelding system.




Interrogated-and-Castrated Interrogated-and-Castrated1 Interrogated-and-Castrated2

Mistress is Cruel

Posted in Canning, Spanking on July 3rd, 2014

Mistress Megan is in a particularly cruel mood. She has a stable slave locked into a new caning device. She has invited her sister, Goddess Kristen, to watch while she canes the slut to tears. Megan delivers well over 100 lashes to the slut’s trembling ass. She offers the cane to Kristen, who is happy to partake. By the end of the caning the slave is shaking and melting down. This excites Megan. She continues the beating while Kristen smiles.





Humiliation Milking

Posted in face smacking, Milking on July 1st, 2014

Kendra James, Mistress Esmi and Alexa know how to hurt a man. They thrive on humiliating the weaker sex. The ladies have a male bitch strapped into a bondage chair. Kendra demands that the slut spit on his own cock. Then Esmi begins stroking the bitch’s slut stick. She is going to pull his male filth right out of him. The ladies laugh. What a slut this one is. No matter how the ridicule him, his pathetic cock just gets harder. Esmi knows her soft hands have power of this bitch’s cock. Once the bitch spills his male filth, the ladies begin smacking him in the face and scolding him for being such a helpless slut.





Ball Busting Their Bitch

Posted in ballbusting, CBT on July 1st, 2014

Mistress Kendra, Esmi and Alexa are tired of their slave bitch trying to jerk off his pathetic cock without permission. They drag him out to the grounds to make an example of him then deliver so many vicious kicks to his nuts that the slave collapses in agony again and again – only to be ordered back up to take more abuse. These Mistresses do not let up until he is totally broken and writhing in pain on the ground. No more touching that pathetic slut stick for this bitch. Their sadism has to be seen to be believed.





Slaves first Whipping?

Posted in Spanking, whipping on June 20th, 2014

The slave is ready for his Mistress’s wrath. Mistress Jean Bardot and Michelle Lacy have whips on hand to slash and rip the slaves flesh. The Mistress’s make the slave beg for each slash from there whips. The slave whimpers and cries after every whip but the Mistress’s are quick to remind him he is begging for this and it is what pleases them and makes them wet. This is only the beginning of his training and there is so much more pain and suffering to go through.




Slave to Please

Posted in Uncategorized on June 14th, 2014

Alexia Jordon and Kimmy Lee know full well what male bitches are for. Alexia Jordon has the bitch’s balls strapped with an electronic shocker. Kimmy has the bitch fitted with a dildo gag. The male slut is ordered to pleasure Kimmy as Alexia shocks his balls. Kimmy grabs the slut by the back of his head and demands that demands that he pleasures her until her pussy juices are running down this throat. Alexia laughs and keeps right on torturing the slut’s balls.




Enjoy the Balls

Posted in ballbusting, CBT on May 28th, 2014

Mistress Varla and Aurora have a male bitch strung up and spread eagle. The ladies are in the mood for a little sadism at the expense of this bitch’s balls. Aurora starts in with her riding crop and Varla lays in with her single tail. The terrified male twists and moans as the ladies keep right on whipping his balls. As the purple welts rise up on the bitch’s nuts, Varla smiles and turns up the heat even more. Aurora grabs the slut’s bruised and battered balls and twists them until they nearly fall off. These ladies know how to enjoy a set of balls.







The Joys of S&M

Posted in Spanking on March 17th, 2014

**This is Classic ClubDom in MP4 for all devices: PC, Mac, Mobile and tablets.* *Mistress Megan and Goddess Victoria are eager to teach Mistress Stevie the joys of S&M. They tie bitch’s balls to his hands and insert an anal hook into his ass before hauling him up on the suspension unit. Victoria and Megan begin beating the slut with there canes, producing nice red stripes on the slut’s ass. Stevie watches hungrily then picks up a cattle prod. She wants in on the action. As the slut is being severely caned Stevie shocks his ass with the cattle prod. The male bitch is in tears as all three ladies ravage him. Then Victoria spins the slut around and puts her hands over his mouth as Stevie lays into his helpless balls with the cattle prod. The more the slut suffers the more turned on the ladies become.






Edge, Edge, Eat!

Posted in Milking on February 26th, 2014

Kendra James and Charylse have a slut strapped down on his back. The ladies delight in tormenting this male bitch. Charylse teases the slut’s hard cock with her soft hands, getting him right to the edge and then pulling back. Kendra laughs, watching this slut get right to the edge only to be denied. Charylse finally has mercy and allows the male bitch to release his filth. After the slut cums all over himself, he is made to eat his own cum.







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