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Slave 6440 needs training on how to be an obedient slave and to do anything his Mistress’s tell him. Kendra,Venus and Coral are going to train him by torturing his cock and balls. Weights are attached to the slaves cock and balls so he feels constant pain. The Mistress’s make the slave swing his cock back and forth so he can really feel the brutal pain of the weights pulling on his cock. The slave is an utter agony as the weights make his cock and balls feel like they are being ripped out. The Mistress’s then make the slave present his cock. Mistress Kendra then uses her crop to slap his cock repeatably. The pain of the weights and vicious hit to his cock with the crop are to much to bear. The slave cries out in pain after every hit onto his cock. Mistress Venus stands by with an electric cattle prod waiting to shock his cock if he disobeys his Mistress’s in anyway. After the slave cock balls are brutally beaten and stretched the Mistress send the slave groveling away.






The slave is in for a treat today the Mistress’s are going to let him worship there perfect toes and soles. The Mistress’s are all in heels and bare feet with the exception of Mistress Kendra in black sheer stockings. The Mistress’s force the salve on his back and make him clean all six of there stilettos. After the slave has cleaned there shoes Mistress Coral takes off both her heels and makes him worship her bare soles. Mistress Coral shoves her foot down the slaves throat as he worships and makes him gag. Mistress Kendra takes off one of her heels and shoves her stocking clad sole in his mouth. Kendra keeps on the other heel to dig it into the slaves chest. The Mistress’s feel they are doing to much work and the slave is not grateful enough. The Mistress’s decide to make him work for his foot reward. Mistress Venus ties the slave balls with a rope and threatens his cock with a cattle prod. The slave must now reach him self to Mistress Kendra and Mistress Coral’s feet. The slave endures his balls painfully stretching as he worships his Mistress’s feet. After the Mistress have had there feet worshiped the Mistress use him as foot rest




This clip features some of the hottest caning scenes from multiple cruel mistress’s. The Mistress’s beath there slaves till there asses are nothing more then red bruised hamburger meat. The Mistress’s get pleasure from beating the loser slaves asses and it shows. This all star line up includes Kendra James, Alexis Grace, Macy Cartel, Jean Bardot, Amadahey and more… 15 Min of brutal caning FOR 11.99!!!


Brutal Caning Compilation

Mistress Mia, Mistress Kendra James and Mistress Amadahey stand over there slave. The Mistress’s have canes in there hands and are suited up in long boots stockings and latex. Mistress Kendra starts the brutal assault then the other Mistress’s join in. The Mistress’s do not take it easy on the loser who is bound upside down. You can hear from the slave moans the pain he is in. The Mistress’s just Cain harder and faster. The slave is bound upside down and is completely helpless. The Mistress have perfect access to his ass and take advantage of it. The Mistress make the pathetic slave thank his goddess for this torture. The Mistress beat the slave till his ass is covered in welts.



Mistress Kendra,Mia and Amadahey have there slave in a cage. The slave is fixated with Mistress’s tall leather boots. The Mistress’s need to teach this loser a lesson by forcing the loser worship and clean there sexy boots. The Mistress’s ask there slave if he wants to suck a heel and he eagerly says yes. The Mistress’s demand the slave to crawl under there feet. The Mistress allow the slave to clean there boots after he begs like a good boy. After much begging the slave is allowed to lick there boots. The Mistress instruct and humiliate the slave as he is forced to lick clean every inch of all six boots. All the soil and filth must be cleaned off there boots. To further humiliate the slave the Mistress’s make the loser stroke his little worm cock. The Mistress cant believe how pathetic his cock is and cant help but to laugh at it. The Mistress’s demand he cum on there boots then clean it up with his tongue


Boot Faggot Cleans Six Boots

Mistress Amadahey and Mistress Kendra are armed with whips and are ready to whip the the slave to a pulp. The Slave is completely helpless and has to take one lashing after another. The slaves back gets more and more red with welts as the whippings keep going. The Mistress whip hard and repeatedly. The slave is forced to beg for more and take one painful slash after the other. The Mistress’s do not tire easily and they go on and on.



Mistresses Kendra and Esmi are furious with this stable slave for failing to clean their pool properly. They order him to stop and present his balls for punishment.

The two Mistresses take turns delivering full force leg kicks to the slave’s nuts, busting him until he has trouble standing up. Kendra is disgusted by his lack of ball pain tolerance, delivering vicious punches right to his balls until he falls over again. After some more ball kicking, Esmi finishes him off with a series of knees to the nuts, then pushes him into the pool. Maybe now the bitch will clean their pool properly.


Busted Pool Boy

Mistresses Kendra and Esmi know you long to serve them as their personal slaves, especially a stud slave who gets to give them pleasure. But they just laugh at you, telling you their is no way that you are good enough to serve them as anything other than their ashtray!

That is all you are good for – a waste receptacle for their ash and spit, a pathetic bitch there for them to blow smoke in your face and laugh at you. And you know that you are lucky that they even bother to use you for that.


Just Our Ashtray

Mistress Kendra plays a cruel game with her slave, letting him worship Mistress Esmi’s ass as long as he gets ballbusted. Kendra just laughs as she keeps beating the slave’s balls, knowing that he is so desperate to worship Esmi’s perfect ass that he will just keep taking the pain.

Esmi sexually teases the bitch, rubbing her ass up and down his face, making sure that he wants to keep taking the pain for them. The Mistreses enjoy making the bitch suffer for the privilege of worshipping Esmi


Ass Licking Ballbust

Mistresses Kendra and Elena have been dominating their bitch all day and decide to have a smoke break. Of course, their bitch’s work is not done, as they need an ashtray while they smoke. As he is already at their boots, they order him to clean them as well, laughing as they tell the bitch all the dirty and disgusting places their boots have been.

Just when the bitch thinks Elena’s boot is clean, she ashes her cigarette on it, ordering him to clean it properly. The bitch soon understands that, no matter how well he licks their filthy boots, the Mistresses are just going to keep them dirty with their cigarette ash. The only break the bitch gets from cleaning his Mistress’s dirty boots is when they order him to serve directly as their ashtray. The Mistresses enjoy their relaxation while thoroughly working and humiliating their slave bitch, laughing at their control over him as they degrade him.


Lick Our Ash